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Saved on the last day of last season, the Paris Basketball team intends to take advantage of this new campaign to settle permanently at the top level. With an invitation to participate in the next European Cup, the club from the capital begins a new era. Find all the information about Paris Basketball, transfers and goals for the 2022-2023 Betclic Elite season.

A review of Paris Basketball last season

The 2021/2022 season was a complicated one for Paris Basketball. He was promoted to the elite in French basketball thanks to his exploits in the playoffs, yet the Parisian club arrived on tiptoe in the Betclic Elite. And rightly so! Despite an ambitious long-term project, the first season was mixed for players in the capital. With a workforce made up of young players like Johan Begarin but also experienced as Amara Sy, preservation was the club’s only objective. And to get there, we had to beat neighbors Boulogne Levallois on the last day of the regular season! With the recent record of 13 wins against 21 defeats, basketball has given Paris itself the right to hold its place and playing a second season there should be much better.

Off-season moves

This is an important step that will happen on the basketball side in Paris. The Parisian club, which holds it in the elite ranks, will contest its first European Championship in its young history (European Cup). With the schedule to be loaded (the first round of the European Cup alone accounts for 18 matches), the capital club decided to increase its workforce. For this, a new coach, Will Weaver, the assistant coach to date in the NBA with the Houston Rockets, arrived. He came to the French capital with two players who played in the G-League last season, Tyrone Wallace and Aamir Simms. Other newcomers (in the foreground) should arrive soon, but at the time of this writing these few lines the signatures are yet to be formalized. The most important thing for the club remains the tricolor extensions of youngsters Ismael Camagati and Johan Begarin, whose departure across the Atlantic may be an option. Good news for basketball in Paris.

In the circle of departures, the club bid farewell to Amara Sy, who is 41 years old and will take the position of sports director of the Parisian organizational structure. Rising star in the summer of 2021, Kyle O’Quinn, who had a disappointing workout, also shone, as did Milan Barbic, DJ Wunderbork and Ryan Powright. A small staff review seemed necessary after last season which was not well controlled.

Access: Tyrone Wallace (Long Island Nets/G-League, 2023), Aamir Sims (Westchester Knicks/J-League, 2023), Will Weaver (Coach, Houston Rockets assistant, 2023), Kilian Malawaya (Amal Asfeel, trainee)

Departures: C building (end of career), Milan Barbic (FOS at sea), DJ Founderberry (Patras / Greece), Ryan Powright (Sarasov / Russia), Kyle Aucoin (Mikawa Seahorses / Japan)

By contract: Axel Toban (2024), Dustin Silva (2024), Gauthier Denis (2024), Kyle German (option activated, 2023), Ismail Kamagat (extension, 2023), Johann Bejarin (extension, 2023)

Paris Basketball Team 2022/2023 squad


succeed: Kyle Allman, Tyrone Wallace, Johan Bejarin, Kilian Malwaya

wings: Axel Toubani, Gauthier Denis, Mohamed Diawara

Attackers force: Aamir Sims Dustin Silva

Axes: Ismail Kamagat

Fitness Trainer: Will Weaver

Club ambitions and standings

The final workforce has yet to be mapped out, but the ambitions are clear: to settle in Betclic Elite and become a major player. For this, the ambition will be to get to the playoffs (top 8) and do a good race in the European Cup (pass 1Verse circular). If the two French players Yohan Bejarin and Ismael Camagati continue to advance this season, the workforce still looks too short to play a major role on the domestic scene as well as in Europe.

Player to watch: Johann Bejarin

Just 20 years old, Johann Bejarin will start his second season at Betclic Elite. Comprising an average of 11.1 points last season, plus 4 rebounds and 1.5 steals, the French giant is likely to make its final season in Europe. Drafted by the Boston Celtics a year ago and very prominent this summer in the Summer League, the young tricolor should take on more responsibilities in the game during this new season. And the confrontations in the European Cup will be a revelation for him before he plunges into the United States. The 2022/2023 season promises to be the hatching season for Johann Bejarin.

Calendar for the 2022-2023 season

D2: 09/27/2022 @Nanterre

D5: 10/11/2022, vs. Monaco

D12: 12/11/2022, @LDLC Asvel

D 13: 12/17/2022, against Boulogne Levallois

D18: 01/21/2023, vs. LDLC Asvel

D20: 02/05/2023 @Monaco

D24: 03/17/2023, against Nanterre

D34: 05/16/2023 @boloney-levallois

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