Germany: Is it time for Dennis Schroeder?

Dennis Schroeder turned 29 on Thursday at a defining moment in his athletic career. The German leader is in a position to win a medal at the European Championships and is looking for a club for next season.

Germany’s top player, Eurobasket’s No. 1 playmaker, is still without a team. Sure, it’s not for a lack of offers, but Schroeder is now a free agent in the NBA after ending his relationship with the Houston Rockets.

The Brunswick native already has 9 NBA seasons under his belt, in the Hawks, Thunder, Lakers, Celtics and Rockets. His last 15 games for Houston have fallen off offensively from his previous performance (10.9 points plus 5.9 assists), but anyone who sees him playing at EuroBasket knows that nothing has been lost in his potency.

“I am focusing on my work in the European Championships, and my agent is focused on his work”, He said.

Photo: FIBA

Germany’s top scorer and best assistant

The wait is long for the German team, which has not won a medal since the World Bronze in 2002 and the European Silver in 2005, led by Dirk Nowitzki both times. It was Dennis Schroeder who took charge of the legend. He often makes his opponents dizzy with his impressive ball speed in the hand, reminiscent of Tony Parker’s.

Those changes in pace will be a challenge in tonight’s semi-finals for Lorenzo Brown, a naturalized Spanish American, who can challenge the German for his place in the Championship’s All-Stars Five as a playmaker. Defensive specialist Alberto Diaz stops Schroeder. Unicaja Málaga center guard was chosen at the last minute due to Sergio Jol’s absence and was instrumental in his devastating work in the closing minutes of close matches.

In the quarter-final against Greece, Dennis Schroeder put the turbo with 26 points and 8 assists, well ahead of his championship average: 20.2 and 7.2 assists.

“Dennis is our leader on and off the field, from every aspect,” says his colleague Johannes Voigtmann.

This was not always the case. The star used to be the center of attention, blew up the German machine more than once. For example, when he hosted his family and some friends at the national team hotel during Euro 2017 – the Germans had then failed in the quarter-finals – or during the 2019 World Cup where Germany completely failed.

“I am made for cash to reply.

Coach Gordon Herbert was at a crossroads when he met Schroeder before the Eurobasket. A risky decision emerged from the two-hour meeting: the playmaker will be the leader of Mannschaft. Bet on the right path to success. Schroeder sets the pace on the field, scores goals and looks for the best positions for his teammates. His leadership is not questioned.

The son of a German father and a Gambian mother hopes that gold will fill his trophy cupboard and possibly increase his market value in the NBA, even if Americans aren’t tied to performance with national teams to hand out salaries.

Photo: FIBA

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