Preview of Wo Long Fallen Dynasty: Forget Elden Ring, here’s the bombshell of the Souls-like action game!

preview Wo Long Fallen Dynasty: Forget about the Elden Ring, here comes the Souls-like action game bomb!

Out of the shadows, without warning, like a ninja – it’s the case to say it – Wo Long Fallen Dynasty is the new project of Team Ninja, developed among others by Nioh and the latest Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin, arrived in early 2021 There’s no time to stop In terms of action, the Japanese team has already returned with another action game that requires a lot of effort. Over a third of an episode of Nioh with a Mustache, Wo Long embodies a unique proposition. We played there for several hours.

Correctly, Team Ninja is back on the “Like Spirits” track for their new project, Wo Long Fallen Dynasty. Yes there isn’t a third episode of Nioh on the show – at least not yet – but a new license which intends to take us to China is really dark and unwelcoming. A beautiful, brand-new stadium that we’ve been discovering for several hours as part of a preview session on PS5. A chance to understand and control the gameplay and find out what this new adventure has in store for us. On the other hand, on the script side, we came out empty-handed (a story of a dragon and the rise of a lone warrior). Currently, Wo Long is set for “early 2023” on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox Series, and One. Important clarification: It will be available from day one on Game Pass from Microsoft.

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty – Gameplay Trailer

Genre, once again, reinvented

The first point that raises questions with Wo Long is of course the gameplay! After frantic Nioh, what could Team Ninja find fit, once again, into a Souls-like action RPG? After our session, the least we can say is that the studio has achieved something. Wo Long is a file The type of marriage between Nioh | Sekiru With a more defensive and somewhat slower philosophy. “Here, the idea is not to attack and run, and so on,” the project developers told us. “We want to know that you are close to the enemy you are facing.”

First of all, your hero – which will be created from the ground up using the character editor – does not have a stamina bar. He can swing light attacks as he pleases, but swipes, martial arts (the special moves of the weapon in his hand), elemental spells, and dodge will increase the meter in the middle of the screen. This is also the case if you want to fend off a blow or repel your guard’s attack. When the bar in question is at its most extreme, you’re in quite a bit of trouble! Martial arts and spells, able to get you out of the most complex moments, are no longer immediately accessible, and the slightest blow received will paralyze your hero for a few moments – and then defenseless before your enemies.

Yes, you do not want to find yourself in this scenario. But there is a trick. If you manage to banish an opponent’s blow in time, the soul bar – that’s its name – will rise, allowing you to summon longer and special strikes to find yourself on the flank or behind your enemy. From an offensive point of view, it is very important. During our preview, we approached each battle with our guard up, ready to fend off any blow (hence the comparison to Sekiro). All in all, Wo Long Fallen Dynasty is already presenting Very nice sensations, its own gameplay. You’ve seen it, it’s not the only original.

New relationship to settle

First of all, with Wo Long, we find almost the same philosophy as any soul-like person. Each defeated opponent brings you experience (“Ki”) and if you fall in battle, your gain will be halved. The other half is held here by your executioner who is waiting to be corrected! Whether you choose revenge or not, you can spend your XP between the usual stats (Strength, Health, Maintenance) to create your dream hero. Everything happens from different checkpoints, to be activated as you progress.

These are the basics, but Wo Long also puts together an interesting system called morale level. Concretely, the more you win in combat, the higher your “level” | You will increase your strength. Unlike the improved Ki stats, this tip is only temporary and – arguably – specific to a particular region. Note that the system is valid for bad guys too! When a villain kills you, his morale will increase until you defeat him. Note that for some large spells, you must have reached a certain spirit level beforehand.

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty – Homemade gameplay (1080p preview)

More clearly, the longer you remain undefeated, the greater your chance of facing stronger enemies. Basically the morale level resets with each death but with a twist it is possible to increase the bottom line by finding the Marker Flags – hidden in each level. Something to reward exploration, to avoid starting from scratch after your failures and – above all – creating a file Big difference with some opponents. According to Team Ninja, it’s a good way to qualify the game’s difficulty, which still seems challenging. By the way, note that Wo Long will not offer an easy mode when it is released. We have been warned.

The world is more open than Nioh

We finally finish with some details about Wo Long’s level design. Surprise, the levels are more open than in Nioh! Here can the hero Jump, climb certain walls, which gives a great deal of vertical orientation to the preview. The exploration stages are more exciting than in the past, in search of an abundance of equipment (loot is somewhat present) and Landmark Flags. This jump is also useful for combat and a certain aspect of stealth, with the ability to inflict massive damage by jumping on a villain who has yet to discover you.

To go back to the level design: note however that all still meet the type specifications, i.e. twisted paths, and shortcuts to unlocking. It doesn’t matter, it’s a welcome component and fully coherent with the China framework. And besides, as long as we’re talking about the visuals, as far as we can say, Wo Long is making an important move. The demo we were able to try delivers beautiful landscapes, more accomplished | Detailed than in Nioh. So if Team Ninja moves forward in this way, with such diverse animals, we can keep the ‘Pearl’ in 2023.

Our impressions

We were delighted with this first contact with Wo Long! Not only is Team Ninja preparing a new combat system (new and more integrated than Nioh) that promises to be tangible, but the studio is also taking the opportunity to unlock its own level design, carried by beautiful ornamental china. Even the technology works better than the team’s latest projects! Everything to seduce. So yeah, we’re really looking forward to going back to the future.

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