Vincent Colette The Art of Bouncing Without Noise

keep calm. solid as usual. Except no. Because with these sweatshirts, it’s hard not to lose your temper. Off the bench, coach Vincent Colette is more anxious than usual as he embarks on this emotional roller coaster imposed on him by his players in a fast-paced European Championship.

In the round of 16 against Turkey, they had already done so, qualifying on the wire after snatching extra time in the unexpected last seconds. In the quarter against Italy, the same: The score was scored in the max at the end of the match for superhuman extensions.

And here they are in the semi-finals on Friday, September 16 against Poland, a surprise guest. A new top for Vincent Colette, who, apparently, never ceases to enrich an expanding list of winners. Since taking office in 2009, this is the seventh time he has led his forces to the last four in twelve international competitions.

orange ball baby

All this was written very early in the head of a little boy who was already dreaming under the basket installed in the family garden in Montivilliers, on the outskirts of Le Havre. Because basketball was just about everything.

His father Andre, after playing, coached the local club team, Amicale Laïque, which he would later head. So Vincent is the orange ball kid, the passion of a lifetime. Moreover, he knows very quickly, from his early years as a player, that after his career, he will not leave it. Throughout his 18 years on the court (the 1982 French champion with Le Mans), he enjoys participating, serving and often speaking with the smallest clubs he goes to. He’s a playmaker on the court, and he’ll be the men’s captain on the bench.

from which type? ” Machine “And the “chess player”And the “Good knowledge”And the “Perfectionist”Players’ comments on the guy often go in the same direction, to the point of giving Coach Colette a reputation as a stern egotist.

This is not entirely wrong, because he loves to master his subject and always deepen his knowledge of the game. In 2020, after the break Painful, poorly lived and completely undigestedLeaving last year, with FC Strasbourg where he spent ten years, in addition to his tenure with the national team, Vincent Colette has applied himself to what he calls “Thrift Break”. This is it “A lot of work on mental preparation”and the last day “Very important personal development”. And then hours upon hours of expert craving watching the matches. To do better, as always.

Maturity and participation

“The interrogation is systematic, even if we win”, repeats often. The leitmotif led his career with the Blues from the start, when he arrived in 2009, with the aim of restoring order at home and finally tapping into the talent of a golden generation with Tony Parker and Boris Diaw. It will take two years for everything to be fine, and for the French cadres in the NBA to finally perform in the blue: silver at Euro 2011, gold in 2013, bronze at the 2014 worlds, and bronze again at Euro 2015 in France. Beautiful series.

But then back down to earth. A disappointing sixth place in the Rio Olympics and above all a disastrous twelfth place in the European Championships in 2017, the first failure after Tony Parker’s retirement, firing the team fiercely without any solidarity. Call to order: absolutely nothing is obtained.

Vincent Collette still retained the confidence of federal leaders to begin Reconstruction. Then he has the intelligence to revise his methods, and open up by expanding the management team. A great complicity was born with his new assistant, Pascal Donadio, who today has changed to “true friendship”.

Vincent Colette is also aware that he is more involved with his players. Talking about “mature” Regarding him, he is 59 years old. Rediscover Alchemy: Bronze at the 2019 worlds and silver at the recent Tokyo Games, this Olympic medal that was still missing from his hunting list. This does not prevent him from giving himself only a small part in the collective success.

“Of course, the coach affects performance, but in often very small percentages. I don’t know if it’s 10 to 15%, but it’s not much more than that.harsh in Le Figaro After the medal in Japan. Fake modest? Can. However, if this 15% is enough to maintain the distinction until Paris in 2024, that word is gold.


Polish Surprise

Annoying, this euro? at least. The competition giants have fallen one by one, to the point that only the Blues are the top favorites in the last four. After eliminating Serbia in the Round of 16 and wiping out Greece by Germany in the quarter-finals, Slovenia’s star Luka Doncic collapsed on Wednesday 14 September against Poland (87-90), who found themselves in the continental semi-finals. For the first time since… 1969.

The Blues will face the Polish Surprise on Friday, September 16 at 5:15 pm (the match will be broadcast on +360 and unencrypted on W9). In the other semi-final, Germany will face Spain at 8:30 pm.

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