Basketball. “In Mondeville, the training center and Ligue 2 one”

Mondeville’s first team assistant coach with Romain Lermitt, Sarah Lou Ruxel Golts, took charge of the training center to replace Dislava Angelova. © Aline Shuttle

Mondville reserve team This Saturday, September 17, 2022 (5:15 p.m.) addresses the first day of the National 2 Women. Promoted at the end of an exceptional season, Mondeville’s youth team will try to confirm their momentum. The Training Center, which succeeded the Training Center that lost its mark last year, is now run by Sarah Lou Roxel Goltze. The latter is still an assistant to Romain Lermitt in Ligue 2 but also coaches youth and coaches in France U18s. Maintenance work.

Sarah, how does Mondeville come close to returning to National 2?

We will play the first four full-team matches since Ligue 2 has yet to resume. So I’d like us to take a place fairly quickly, but the schedule for the start of the season is complicated. We start with Versailles and Trigo. Training positions tend to advance as the season progresses. But we will have ambitions at the beginning of the season.

Can you tell us about the restructuring that the club has done around training?

I only see the positives so far. Today, the Training Center and Ligue 2 are one. This is the professional part of the club. Since the resumption of the second division, seven girls from the center have trained with the first team. This method of action is also found in trainers. I connect the two teams and Romain (L’Hermitte) gets involved in the individual training sessions at the centre.

The arrival of Karla (Hatay, physical trainer, editor’s note) changes a lot of things because it allows us to keep track of 28 players: the center, training partners, and the second division. As I see myself – up to the 28 players, the communication is very simple and the follow-up is improved. We work as a team. Alexis (Jousset, Training Center Assistant, Editor’s Note) is involved in the majority of professional training. There is a real connection.

Young people have been regularly joining the professional team for years. What more does this link have to offer?

What we really want with the guys is for them to play. Seven girls doing preparations with the pros, that’s relatively rare. They are expected to seek playtime and push the girls who are on top. If they are hungry, this will necessarily lead to the withdrawal of the group. The quality of training is completely different at eight or twelve. They put on a crazy intensity.

Seven players training with experienced players such as Sarah (Osfar), Iol (Genok), Sap (Bozna) or Ben (Doodle), this is necessarily beneficial for the youngsters. They are necessarily moving faster. Sarah-Ivana (Kibom Byamu), Clara (Taker), Celine (Riko) trains four times a week with the pros. They will harden faster than if it was just an exercise here and there.

“big challenge”

Are there girls who should be able to win the second division this season?

There are girls who need to find playtime, and that doesn’t mean 30 minutes per game. In the second half of the season, that’s their goal and it’s ours too. Then, as always, it will be on merit. There is talent in this group but it all depends on their work. I know girls have ambition. Ambition is nothing if you don’t work for it.

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We know that the center’s priority is not necessarily the search for titles, but rather the training of future professionals, but is this nevertheless a goal?

This is not what we put on paper when we wrote the project for the coming years. Despite everything, I think it’s still important to incorporate at least the last four to remain attractive.

When you move from a training center to a training center, recruitment is more complex. In fact, nothing has changed. Except on paper, we are no longer a training center. This means that players will naturally be more attracted to training centers. We have to earn their trust and that of parents. If we can prove that despite the fact that we are a training center, we have managed to train young players and get good results, it will show that the quality of work has not changed.

Is it difficult to remain one of the best coaching clubs without having a coaching center?

It’s a big challenge. In terms of legislation, we are still missing some advantages. We are very fortunate that Victor Hugo High School supports us in the best possible way. We are also fortunate to have very dedicated volunteers, especially for shuttles. Only, it is something that we must necessarily highlight today.

When you are a training center, this process is logical and mandatory. For us, this is not an obligation. We have to spend more time explaining, clarifying and persuading. There is a little extra athletic work. We have to talk to the parents, talk to the bipolar, and re-establish the connections that we’ve needed less of in recent years. There is a whole pedagogical work to show that nothing changes for girls.

Personally, everything changes?

I have a lot of things to do and hats to wear. My tasks and responsibilities change, but above all, it is the work engagement that changes. Carla’s arrival took me a huge amount of individual work, mostly physical training with the girls, on communicating with the medical staff and all those things that I was able to manage as an assistant in the second division last season. Alexis (Jousset) is definitely an assistant at the Training Center, but he goes one step further. We involve him in managing the group and he will train NF2, because I can’t be in two places at the same time.

Training, do you like it?

What I love is that it moves faster. When you’ve only trained adults before, you have to accept that some things still need to be learned by girls. On the other hand, at this age, they are sponges: they absorb, understand quickly, learn quickly. that’s cool ! Alexis and I are very complete. I have more experience as a player and coach. He has more federal training. We often want to go about the same thing, but with two different approaches. It brings a lot of things to girls. At the moment, I’m thriving.

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