Basketball. The new face of USLG Cherbourg-en-Cotentin, who launches its 1 national season this Saturday

The 2022-2023 USLG transcript with (top, left to right), Johan Bohn (coach), Desiree Pacabdio, Marion Cockemont, Alexia Potheer, Rosette Mindy, Justin Bathlemy, AJ Timbers, Alex Zazi (assistant coach) and (bottom, From left to right), Coralie Cadarion, Caroline Derian, Armans Kerbaule, Aiden Bellini Combo and Emmy Too Nancy. (© La Presse de la Manche)

New boss, new players, new room… after a Disastrous season 2021-2022 (2 wins in 22 days), USLG is showing a very different face when it comes to kicking off this N1 tournament, this evening Saturday 17 September 2022with angle reception.


Accompanied landing to N1F A series of departures Among the Tango (Ingolfy, Benedetti, Sidibe, Mar. Diop, Matt. Diop, Carlier, Miguel, Westbild, King …). In a bleak context, the lure of the new coach and new players was not easy.

“Most of the girls are no longer around after the season they went through, it was hard to keep them. When I was called, the club was on fire a little bit sportingly.”

Johann Bon Who wasn’t afraid of getting burned

Together with last year’s rare “survivors” (Bowther, Pacabdeo, Mindy, Cockemont…), the new ice technician has already managed to create a “strong” workforce “to start with new bases.”

especially attractive American AJ Timbers who can establish himself quickly in his 5th major in 4th place. “She is capable of shooting from a distance. And her state of mind is good, she is competitive. The other “size” recruit is Burundian Ines Nerziwa (1.93m) who must be on duty ( Editor’s note: Friday, Ice Leaders still don’t know if she’ll be in attendance on Saturday night.)

Man power

If he wants to stay alert, the September picture is still a bit hazy, Johann Bonnet thinks he has something that works well with this workforce. “During the ‘prep’ matches, I saw a group fighting, wetting the shirt, sharing the ball. I think there is a lot of room for improvement,” says the tango coach, driven above all by the desire to create a state of mind, a collective identity for his team.

“Basketball is the most individual team sport. Strong individuals are important, but above all I am looking for cohesion. Everyone should go in the same direction.”

Johann Bon

the group

Leaders: Coralie Cadario (24 years, 1.58m), Armans Kerbaule (18 years, 1.68m), Caroline Derian (23 years, 1.64m)
Backs: Rosette Mindy (23 years, 1.78m), Desiree Pacabdio (26 years, 1.80m), Alexia Potheer (23 years, 1.84m), Marion Cockemont (21 years, 1.80m), AG Timbers (25 years) , 1.78 m), Julie Kosice (23 yrs, 1.72 m), Violet Dupuy (17 yrs, 1.76 m), Linda Domingos (16 yrs old, 1.72 m), Eden Bellenge Kombo (17 yrs old, 1.67 m)
Inside: Justin Bathhelemi (28 years old, 1.85m), Aimee Too Nancy (24 years old, 1.78m), Ines Nerziwa (28 years old, 1.93m)


With Johann Bonnet, it is indisputable to conjure now Boarding or even playoffs.

“How do you set goals when you haven’t played a single official match yet? Normandy who prefers to trust the truth on the ground before declaring his ambitions ‘doesn’t make sense’ sweeps across the Normandy. Start responding on Saturday evening (8pm) at Nordez…

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>>> In the face of the promoted Anglet, USLG makes no secret of its intentions. “We will not put too much pressure on ourselves, but we want to start the season with a victory, to unleash a dynamic. We want to send a message to the public and gain confidence,” warns Desiree Pacabdio. “We may start out as the best player on paper, but a basketball game is played. You have to respect the opponent,” Johann Bonnet.

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