Basketball: William van Roij: “In Nyon, there is potential”


BasketballWilliam van Roij: “In Nyon, there is potential”

Côte’s captain believes it will take some time to find harmony in the group, but for him “it’s going in the right direction”. To be checked on Saturday at 5:30 p.m. against Mulhouse au Rocher.

William van Roijk is delighted to find the Geneva lions that he hopes will be “taken”.

Dr. Pierre Millard

Reaching the last Swiss Cup final and with a sixth place finish in the last tournament, BBC Neon, which has strengthened so well this summer, is ready to confirm this season with legitimate ambitions. Côte d’Ivoire’s captain, William van Roij, challenges the players of Stefan Ivanovic Mulhouse (NM1) to a preparatory match (the last before resumption) on Saturday at 5:30 pm at Le Rocher.

William, three weeks before your first league game (October 9th against Monthe in Le Rocher) how are your preparations going so far?

So far, things are going well. Obviously we still have to figure out two or three mods because we’ve changed a lot of players on the team, but we’re on the right track. Aside from two to three players who work on the side and can’t always be there 100% of their time, the team is complete. Wood roads, this is not the case every year.

The club has changed its president (Jerome Darbury took over from Xavier Paredes) but it’s still going on with the same coach and the same philosophy?

definitely! The vice president becomes president and will be very good in his new role, the line doesn’t change, we’re going in the same direction. The features of the club are identical. The coach is a year older and more experienced after a perfect first season in the LNA. There, we have all the paperwork on hand to do something beautiful.

›Almost we have all the cards on hand to do something beautiful.››

William Van Roog, captain of BBC Neon

After the Swiss Cup final and finishing well in sixth place, what do you expect from this season, what are your ambitions?

Confirmation or doing better would be ideal, but it would be complicated because the Swiss clubs moved a lot and all strengthened too. Now, obviously compared to our recent trip and what we think is its value with our workforce, our goal is to do the best we can, as we’ll see.

Are you satisfied with your preparatory matches?

We played four matches on the last Tuesday against Pont de Cheroy of France where we lost by about twenty points. It wasn’t terrible. But I have to admit that a lot of players arrived late. I had to stay apart for two weeks for example and we’ve all been able to train together so far except in small groups. It’s complicated for the coach and our consistency but the harmony will work, I’m sure of that. It will take some time to get into the swing of things and get started right, but eventually everyone will find their place on the team. However we have shown two or three good things so far. I think in Neon, there is potential, it’s just a matter of rhythm.

Behind Friborg, which is still a ghoul, Geneva, which has consolidated its position and Massagno, which is still formidable, can Nyon take fourth place?

Friborg has bolstered itself and Geneva too, but with a new coach this risks changing the group’s work ethic and way of playing. Sometimes we can get all the players we want, but if we can’t make a team, it can be acquired. In any case, we tell ourselves that we will look at all the teams the same way when we play against them. Our goal is to beat them every time bearing in mind that there are formations that have strengthened more than others. we will see.

Unlike many teams, your tournament won’t start until a week later, so does that give you more time to find your auto?

Since there are 11 teams in the tournament, every time there is a rest formation, which will really allow us to have an extra week to prepare. Even if we’re all happy to start the season now, we’ll also be able to dissect all our opponents before facing them, it’s not so bad. In the meantime, on Saturday we play at home against Mulhouse as we hope to get a little closer to what our squad will be when we resume against Munthe.

Coming and going to the rock

departing: Zoccoletti (Massagno), Warden (Lugano), Umipig (Kosovo), Sow (France), Tubac (?), Hayman (stop), Eyenga (BC Boncourt), Charfi (Geneva Lions).

Access : Devante Brooks (USA, Southern Arkansas Muleriders, NCAA II), Colin Dougherty (USA, Irkut, Russia), Ian Kinard (USA/BK Iskra Svit, Slovakia), Axel Ugurtas (Sui/Movistar estudiantes), Titouan Vannay (Sui, Saint -Prex, back to the club), Janick Rothrock (Sui, Saint-Prex)

Stefan Ivanovic can also always count on William Van Roog, Jeff Davor, Mali Ndwi, Jeremy Gonen, Joel Wolfsberg and Regis Bono.

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