France wins its third European title

Two and a half months after its world title, the French national team won the European gold medal on Sunday 11 September in the Austrian city of Graz.

throughout the tournament, Laetitia GabuAnd the Hortense limousineAnd the Mary Many And the Myriam Decondad They were so good that they led their partners to victory over the Netherlands in the final (21-14), after eliminating Spain (21-11), the European champions, in the semi-finals.

This is the third European title for the French 3×3 basketball team, which they won in the absence of Mary Eve Paget, Which is preparing for the 5×5 Basketball World Cup (September 22 – October 1).

“After the World Cup, we knew it was going to be difficult to continue and we did. We worked and fought for it. I am very proud,” Guapo said at the end of the match.

September 11-9

3×3 Basketball | European Cup | Graz

France/Netherlands European Cup Final Report

The start of the match was very intense and after four matches, Hortense limousine Still not tired, he scores the first point in the game. Laetitia Gabu It is still comfortable to climb into the basket (see below), whether lying down or lying down. Displays the result 3-3 after two minutesbut the Netherlands already has three errors.

As a reminder, from six fouls, the opposing team receives two free throws after each foul committed and after ten fouls, two free throws are associated with possession.

Guapo makes 5-4, and Mary Many Leave no room for the Dutch. Myriam Decondad Participating in the Blue Advance, then Hortense Limousine raised the score to 11-5.

The Dutch defense looks smashed when Gabo, the French 5×5 champion and European Cup winner with Tangos de Bourget this season, heads single-handedly to the basket from the two-point line to make it 15-7. What followed was a feast, with Hortense limousines making their creativity speak, Myriam Decondade their efficiency, Marie Mane their defensive rigor, Laetitia Gabo their genius, and France won before the end of their organizing time, 21-14.

Guabo ends with 35 points, Decondad 27 points, and Limousine 25 points.

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Report from the quarter-finals and semi-finals of France in the European Cup

Earlier today, the France team challenged Lithuania In a trap match, in particular Camille Nasket Very prominent in the tournament that will total 26 points. If the match took too long to settle, Les Bleues took the lead midway through the match, showing off their skill in offensive combos. Above all, they did not allow their opponents to breathe in instant aggression when regaining control.

Guapo (8 points) pleased with his decisive passes with a very precise hand, and Myriam Decondad And the Mary Many It was tough to defend.

They won the match at the end of regulatory time, 18-16terrified at the end of the game.

In the semi-finals, the French opposed the defending champion. They attacked hard and went up 6-1 after three minutes, again thanks to a strong and dynamic defense, especially with Hortense limousine Who gave the impression that he plays on all the balls, both in defense and in attack (6 points).

Myriam Decondad He scored four points, and previously ranked first in the world Laetitia Gabu She once again proved that she is still one of the best players in the ring as she made incursions with her right and left hands, for a total of eight points. They won their first game before the end: 11-21.

The results of the French national team in the European Basketball Championship 3 × 3 in Graz

  • September 9, Group B Match 1 – France / Switzerland: 20-15
  • September 9, Group B, Match 2 – France/Romania: 19-9
  • September 11, Quarter-finals: France-Lithuania: 18-16
  • September 11, semi-finals: France / Spain: 11-11
  • September 11, Final: France/Netherlands: 21-14

The podiums at the 3×3 European Basketball Cup in Graz


  • Gold: Serbia or Latvia
  • Silver: Serbia or Latvia
  • Bronze: Netherlands


  • Gold: France
  • Silver: Holland
  • Bronze: Poland

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