More than just defense, the Blues have reclaimed their identity

The Blues avoided reviving the same nightmare in the third quarter. The victories over Turkey and Italy may have shown the French basketball team’s mental resources – and the hearty abilities of its supporters – but they didn’t offer the best guarantees in defence. Those who made the identity of choosing Vincent Colette during the 2010 decade. Against Poland, Friday, September 16, in the semi-finals of the Eurobasket, Rudi Gobert and his colleagues stated that the power of the three main colors remains his ability to hold back and question his opponent.

The Poles, who shined in the victory over the Slovenian champions in the previous round, are now largely unknown. France made a demonstration, especially in the first period, to derail the surprise of the last four. The fatigue of the quarter-finals – and a workforce less brimming with individual talent – may have helped the trio’s cause. But it was the stifling pressure from the Olympic vice-champion that paved the way for the final.

There was a real defensive effort from the France teamJacques Monclair, beIN Sports consultant and former international, is a guest on franceinfo. The Poles gave up their guns, they actually used a lot of energy against Slovenia in the quarter-finals and were able to bend the intentions of their best players right from the start.

Nine points were ceded in the first quarter, just as much in the second: At the break, the Blues ceded less than one point per minute, which is rare at this level. We had to go back to 1946 to find the last trace of a team with 20 points scored in the first half of the European Championship semi-final. The contrast was even more striking, as 48 hours ago Poland scored 58 units in the first twenty minutes against Slovenia!

The recipe is simple on paper. An initial blade was formed from Andrew Albissi to harass the opposition playmaker, and Terry Tarbe revealed to placate Polish leader Mateusz Bonica. Finally the walls Rudy Gobert and then Moustapha Fall (three counters each) to ensure they appear near the circle, and the authors of several extraordinary counters to pass definitively the desire to approach the French basket. All seasoned with constant intensity by each of the five blues to take turns on the floor. “All the players who entered, without exception, put their butts on the groundHe welcomed coach Vincent Colette to a press conference.

We put a lot of pressure on them, and jumped on them by being too aggressiveAnalyze Evan Fournier. We didn’t want to leave them in secret and crush them.Successful operation with only 23% of Poland shooting at rest, just saved by AJ Slaughter’s three-basket three-pointers.

With this exhausted back guard, France made it much easier than it had been in the previous two games. If the third quarters saw a rush in Turkey and Italy over the Hab, the desire to defend has already been fading since the second quarter. Which they did not allow on Friday. “When we are in a place like this defensively, we know where to go, even if we have trouble setting up our attack early in the game.Cheer up, perfection, Andrew Bessie on Canal+ microphone. After that we got in, but it all started with the defense.” This defense, specifically, has another virtue, offensive. “Every time we steal the balls and knock them out, we can run and get easy baskets that give us confidence‘ asserts the commander.

France, at times too slow with the ball in hand in this competition, finished the match with 62.1% on shot, above all 15/26 from distance, a record in Euro selection history. Against Spain, who are very strong defensively, that would probably be another matter. But this record-breaking match about the core qualities of this team could not have come at a better time.

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