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Basketball – EuroBasket 2022

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The first 4 from each group qualify for the 1/8 . Finals

Group A: Montenegro, Georgia, Spain, Bulgaria, Belgium, Turkey

Group B: Germany, Hungary, Slovenia, Lithuania, Bosnia, France

Group C: Greece, Estonia, Ukraine, Great Britain, Italy, Croatia

Group D: Netherlands, Finland, Poland, Czech Republic, Israel, Serbia

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Thursday 1 September

Spain Against Bulgaria: 114-87

Bosnia Against Hungary: 95-85

turkey Against Montenegro: 72-68

Slovenia Against Lithuania: 92-85

Belgium Against Georgia: 79-76

France vs. Germany : 63-76, match stats here

In front of more than 18,000 fans committed to their cause, Germany put in an impressive performance and dominated a French team that missed out on the competition. She will have to respond quickly, in this difficult group, on Saturday against Lithuania.

“Both leaders were less than what was expected of them,” he said. “Hopefully they will both go up. And they will.”

Our attack lacks continuity, clear attitudes, we have a real deficit in the quality of passes and in front of a very aggressive defense it is very handicapped. Coach Vincent Colette explained.

Friday 2 September

Israel against Finland: 89-87

Ukraine Against Great Britain: 90-61

Croatia vs. Greece : 85-89

Poland Against the Czech Republic: 99-84

Italia Against Estonia: 83-62

Serbia Against the Netherlands: 100-76

Saturday 3 September

the black Mountain Against Belgium: 76-70

Finland Against Poland: 89-59

Great Britain vs. Croatia : 65-86

Germany Against Bosnia: 92-82

Bulgaria vs. turkey : 87-101

Estonia vs. Ukraine : 73-74

czech republic v Serbia : 68-81

France vs Lithuania: 77-73, match stats here

The Blues beat Lithuania (77-73) after a poor start to the match. Success revives them in the round of 16 race.

Georgia Against Spain: 64-90

Hungary vs. Slovenia : 88-103

Greece Against Italy: 85-81

Netherlands vs. Israel : 67-74

Sunday 4 September

Bulgaria vs. the black Mountain : 81-91

Lithuania vs. Germany : 107-109

Spain vs. Belgium : 73-83

Slovenia vs. Bosnia : 93-97

Turkey vs. Georgia : 83-88

France Against Hungary: 78-74, here are the match stats

Without brilliance and trepidation at the end of the match, Habs scored a second success in this Euro, but for now we remain unsatisfied with the match on offer.

Monday 5 September

Poland vs Israel: 85-76

Croatia vs Estonia: 73-70

Great Britain vs. Greece: 77-93

Czech vs Holland: 88-80

Ukraine vs Italy: 84-73

Serbia Against Finland: 100-70

Tuesday 6 September

Belgium vs. turkey : 63-78

Netherlands vs. Poland : 69-75

Estonia Against Great Britain: 94-62

Bosnia vs. France : 68-81, match stats here

Today we found the qualities, the collective and the strength of the French team that dominated the whole match against a formidable opponent. This win will do a lot for the rest of this European Championship.

Coach Vincent Colette’s reaction:

“We played a serious match. The start was tough because the Bosnians were excellent and motivated. We knew that.

For them, this was a chance to earn their ticket to the round of 16. Now they are back at the wall against Lithuania, if they beat Hungary today.

But we were strong in the second quarter, where we made a difference, especially by being really good against the area defence.

Coming back from the locker room was more difficult, we missed the open shots, we lost our rhythm. They are back but slowly thanks to our defensive efforts.”

Montenegro vs. Spain : 65-82

Greece Against Ukraine: 99-79

Hungary vs. Lithuania : 64-87

Finland Against the Czech Republic: 99-88

Georgia vs. Bulgaria : 80-92

Germany vs. Slovenia : 80-88

Italia Against Croatia: 81-76

Israel vs. Serbia : 78-89

Wednesday 7 September

Turkey vs. Spain : 69-72

Lithuania Against Bosnia: 87-70

Bulgaria vs. Belgium: 80-89

France vs. Slovenia : 82-88, match stats here

A logical but also bitter defeat, questionable refereeing, for the Habs against a team held once again by extraordinary Luka Doncic, 47, a true coach on the ground. Despite this defeat, the Blues advanced to the 1/8 finals where they will face Turkey.

Vincent Colette’s reaction:

โ€œBasketball is a great sport, itโ€™s even more amazing when the players decide how the game ends. Then I canโ€™t talk about the game, itโ€™s impossible. It has to be fair. I have never seen that in 13 years of international competitions.โ€

What can I tell my players? We couldn’t defend our chances. Unfortunately, our best match of the tournament was not rewarded.

Slovenia has Luka Doncic but the French national team has done things that deserve to be judged properly. Tonight it wasn’t like that, it’s a complete disrespect towards us.”

Georgia vs. the black Mountain: 73-81

Hungary vs. Germany : 71-106

Thursday 8 September

Finland Against the Netherlands: 88-67

Croatia Against Ukraine: 90-85

Estonia vs. Greece : 69-90

Czech Republic Against Israel: 88-77

Great Britain vs. Italia : 56-90

Serbia Against Poland: 96-69

Saturday 10 September, Finals 1/8

Turkey vs. France : 86-87 am, match stats here

The Blues approached disaster against Turkey. They were still 10 seconds behind the final whistle, and leveled before being penalized with a foul. Turkey inherits only two free throws for two seconds from the gong and the miracle happens.

The Turkish player is completely in hiding, France snatches an extension and comes to win at the end of the suspense.

‘It was a crazy game’Rudy Gobert hits. “We never stopped fighting and we never gave up, we kept believing in him. Many teams would have given up and we were rewarded.”

Habs will face either the Serbs or the Italians in the quarter-finals.

Slovenia Against Belgium: 88-72

Germany Against Montenegro: 85-79

Spain Against Lithuania: 102-94

Sunday 11 September, 1/8 . Finals

Greece Against the Czechs: 94-88

Finland Against Croatia: 94-86

Ukraine vs. Poland : 86-94

Serbia vs. Italia : 86-94

Tuesday 13th September 1/4 Finals

Spain against Finland: 100-90

Germany Against Greece: 107-96

Wednesday 14 September 1/4 Finals

France Against Italy: 93-85, match stats here

Miracle Episode 2! After coming back from very far against Turkey, tonight’s Blues are back from Hell against Italy. Authors of the good first half, Vincent Colette’s men encountered a huge air pocket during the second.

The Italians take advantage of this, get back to the score and move on. 20 seconds after the end of the match, they lead by two points and receive two free throws, and Fontecchio, the match’s top scorer, can send his team to the semi-finals.

Tricolores are brought down but the miracle happens, as happened against Turkey. The Italian missed twice, grabbed the extension blues and then made the difference thanks to Heurtel and Gobert.

This time around, the Azzurri are the ones to cry, while the Blues qualify for the semi-finals.

Slovenia vs. Poland : 87-90

A big surprise with this victory for the Poles, in the snatch, over Slovenia, the top candidate, led by the formidable Luka Doncic.

Friday September 16th, 1/2 finals

Germany vs. Spain : 91-96

France Against Poland: 95-54, here are the match stats

Surprised winners from Slovenia, who played with Doncic dwindling, the Poles exploded in full against a French team that was finally released.

Returning twice from Hell in the 1/8, and then the quarter, Vincent Collet players took matters into their own hands from the start of the match, before widening an increasingly large gap.

Far superior, in all respects, to Poland there, France, blessed by the gods on this euro, can go for gold!

Vincent Colette’s reaction:

“We started strong and didn’t release the pressure on the ball. At some point, the Poles couldn’t stand that pressure anymore. We had ups and downs, especially in attack, but the second half was more consistent.

We gained confidence and our shots started popping up. Beyond the victory, what I remember is the way we played from the start with determination and will. The team defensive effort was amazing, putting all the players with their butts on the ground.

This new final is a great opportunity that we want to seize.”

Sunday 18 September, 3rd place final

Germany Against Poland: 82-69

Sunday 18th September Final

France vs. Spain : 76-88, match stats here

France dominated from the start of the match the Iberian defense, unable to spread their game, they will run after the score throughout the final and logically lose to Juancho Hernangomes and his teammates.


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