EuroBasket. Before the final, don’t forget France-Spain

As is clear. On Sunday, September 18, the 2022 European Basketball Championship final will see France vs Spain. Back to the top of the competition that has characterized European basketball since the beginning of the twenty-first century. Before this new Franco-Spanish duel, take a look at the biggest matches between France and Spain in recent years.

Euro 2005: Bronze medal and Jill Parker debut

This is the first confrontation between France and Spain in the twenty-first century. This match is also the birth certificate for France’s Generation Team led by Tony Parker. After losing to Greece in the semi-finals, the Blues find the resources to bounce back and win the bronze medal. First medal for Tony Parker, Boris Diaw and Florent Petros with the blues. Not the last.

Euro 2011: The Blues are very tender in the final

During one of the most difficult European Championships in history, the French national team had an impeccable career. Aside from the stinging defeat in the group stage against the Iberians (69-96), Habs won in particular against Lithuania and Serbia during this first round. The Blues qualified in the quarter-final against Greece, by eight points (64-56) before defeating Russia (79-71) by the same margin. In the final, Joachim Noah’s squad found that Spain had been undefeated since the start of the competition. But against the Spanish fleet led by Juan Carlos Navarro (27 points) and the Gosol brothers, the French are very fair (98-85). The blues are satisfied with a logical silver medal.

2012 Olympics: France is very close to a dream

The French team, still led by Tony Parker, passes close to the final four of the Olympics during this London meeting. Vincent Colette’s players lead by three quarters before diving completely in the final minutes, scoring just six points in the final quarter. “We missed the title, take it to myself because I was so clumsy at the end”, commented “TP” at the end of the match. Frustrated with the outcome of the encounter, the Blues ended up playing unsportsmanlike against Ronnie Turiaf, guilty of a major foul on Rudy Fernandez and against Nicolas Batum, mistaken for Juan Carlos Ferrero.

Pau Gasol and the Spaniards knocked out the Blues in the quarter-finals of the Olympic Games in London. | Photo: Timothy A. Clary/AFP

Euro 2013: France breaks the Spanish curse

Arguably the heyday of the Tony Parker era. However, this Euro in Slovenia does not start in the best way for France. Slowly, the Blues fell three times in the group stage against Germany, Lithuania and Serbia. In the quarter-finals, Vincent Colette’s players dealt their first big blow by defeating Slovenia (72-62), the host country. Two years after losing the European Championship final, and a year after the quarter-finals of the Games, the Blues find Spain and they want revenge. But the game starts poorly. The Hab was moved in the first period. On the other hand, Marc Gasol is at the top of his game. During the second quarter, the Blues scored only six points and trailed by fourteen lengths in the first half (34-20). At break, ‘TP’ is talking in the locker room. Speech went down in history. The Blues made the final two quarters of a high flight, snatched the extension and finally won by three points (75-72) against the Spaniards K.-O. Upright. Winners of the final in Lithuania, the French achieved their first and only European Championship crown so far.

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Euro 2015: The dream went home

In 2015, the Blues hosted the European Championship and found their great Spanish rival in the semi-finals for a new chapter in the joint rivalry. Tony Parker’s squad maintained two successes against the Iberians – Euro 2013 and the 2014 World Cup – and advanced against the Spaniards. At Stade Pierre-Morroy in Lille, Vincent Colette’s players started their strength and still had an eleven point lead in the third quarter… before gradually retracting. The Blues won the extension in Batum’s last award-winning shot, but 40-point composer Paul Gasol carried the hit (80-75, AP). Once again France is frustrated with La Roja.

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