France set off to win their second European title against Spain

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9:06 pm : Remember 2013, the first half didn’t displease Tony Parker who made his teammates proud. France won the match.

9:07 pm : The Spaniards continue to face the French national team, with a particularly good collective speech in three points (73%, against 33% for the Blues). They take the lead to +17 and in the comments, loustic from 29 He had already started summoning spirits.

France – Spain: 25-42
4:10 to play in Q2

9:00 pm. : Once again France was not on a deadline. The mind is lacking and the coach is unable to refill his players…

9:00 pm. : And the Blues once again forgot about the 24sec… They have absolutely no idea what they should do against the Spanish wall. Bang, bang, bang… Juancho Hernangomez scored another award-winning shot: his 4/5 from three points (80%).

France – Spain: 17-35
6:34 to play in Q2

8:57 PM : Only a miracle…

9:01 pm : Already I lost six balls to the Blues… and Spain continues to return the point. The Blues, for their part, are still powerless. Watch this last sequence without firing a shot, and the 24-second siren sounding. The timeout was requested by Vincent Colette, who claimed offensive rebounds from his players.

France – Spain: 14-29
8:21 to play in Q2

(Tobia Schwartz/AFP)

8:57 PM Too bad in the first quarter for the Blues, head and shoulders dominated by Spaniards who are serious in defence. Vincent Colette’s men, led by 23-14, double (again) losing the ball and seem to be struggling to find offensive solutions.

8:50 pm : French attacks are based on individual initiatives, such as Yvan Fournier who cheats before he throws. At the moment, the Spanish defense completely stifles the French offensive.

France – Spain: 11-20
1:25 to play in Q1.

8:54 pm : Guerschon Yabusele begins by dipping into the counterattack. Finally, positive action from the blues in this very complex first quarter. The Spaniards continue their harvest with a step: +9.

France – Spain: 7-16
3:30 to play in Q1.

(Tobia Schwarz/AFP)

8:50 pm : The active hands of Lorenzo Brown … and the first loss of the ball for the Blues, one of their gentle sins since the start of the competition. The Spaniards take advantage of this and the waves roll. The disastrous start of the match between the Blues and Vincent Colette logically calls for time.

France – Spain: 5-14
4:52 to play in Q1.

8:40 pm : Come on Blue!!! Make us dream 🏀🇫🇷

8:50 pm A very big defensive start from the Spaniards who let nothing pass. They are also very aggressive in attack, and again go to the free-throw line, after Rudy Gobert’s first foul, which comes early in the game. Already +6 for Roga.

France – Spain: 3-9
6:23 to play in Q1.

8:38 pm : Come on !!! 💙🤍❤️💪🏻FRABasketballEuroBasket #Final #FRAESP

8:38 pm : Note the presence of Thomas Pesquet in the audience. Nando de Colo, the former international, also expressed his encouragement.

8:49 pm : The Blues’ first offensive combination. The Spaniards returned to the attack led by Lorenzo Brown, who scored 29 points in the semi-final against Germany. Be careful not to let the roga get hot. Willie Hernangomez 2 players vs two free throws.
France – Spain: 1-5
7:31 to play in Q1.

8:35 pm European Champion title on the line 🏆🔵 Andrew Albessi, Thierry Tarbe, Yvan Fournier, Gershon Yabuselli 🔵 Rudy Gobert # TeamFranceBasket | #PassionatelyBlue | #EuroBasket | # espfra

8:46 pm France’s five owners: Bessie, Fournier, Joubert, Tarbe, Yabousel. One of the keys to the match, for the Blues, will be a victory in defense and a renewed demonstration against Poland. Beware in particular of Lorenzo Brown on the Spanish side. Rudy Gobert scores a free throw to start the match, but misses a second.
France-Spain: 1-0, 1 in the first quarter.

(Tobia Schwarz/AFP)

8:31 PM : The European Basketball Championship final between France and Spain has just begun. Come on blue!

8:28 pm : Here we go… #ESPFRA #Eurobasket2022

8:27 PM : Facing the Spaniards, it would be necessary to have “Clarity because they are a formidable team for their intelligence in the game”French coach Vincent Colette commented on our M6 teammates’ microphone. “The challenge is to remain competitive with the Americans, and not let Spain take our place.”

8:25 pm : French national anthem It resonates in Berlin. And the entire French team is starting to get into its game. Rudy Joubert, eyes closed, is particularly focused. Vice Olympic champions have the opportunity to add a second European title to the tricolor list. Gentlemen, it is up to you to write the history of French basketball.

20:00. : Here we are 🔜⚔️ #TeamFranceBasket | #PassionatelyBlue | #EuroBasket | # espfra

7:56 pm Title: Rudy Fernandez, Boris Diao’s fault, Thomas Hertel shooting. 10 years of intense competition between two of the best European teams and only one will win the gold medal tomorrow 🥇 #TeamFranceBasket | #PassionatelyBlue | #EuroBasket

7:56 pm : For fun and for extra stress, it’s time to go back to the archive. Yesterday, the French Basketball Federation broadcast a very impressive clip, capturing the great hours of the confrontations between France and Spain.

7:52 PM : “The French team is the favourite. They have rebuilt themselves with difficulty, speeded up the matches and showed us their true face with a stifling defence. There will also be a psychological fight. The final, the medal, will go to the team that wants it the most and I hope it will be the French team that wants it the most tonight.” “.

Richard Dacoury, the former French basketball player, gives his impressions before the European final between France and Spain (8:30 pm). And you expect?

7:31 PM : German basketball players haven’t won a European podium in 17 years. This error was corrected after they beat the Poles, in a contested Eurobasket match for third place. Dennis Schroeder and his teammates won easily (82-69) in Berlin. Now it’s time for the final match between France and Spain (8:30pm).

(Tobia Schwarz/AFP)

5:45 pm It is likely to be quiet between France and Spain, this evening in the Eurobasket final. On the opposition, a historical rivalry arose between the two choices. From the demonstration of Pau Gasol to the bloodshed of Nicolas Batum, France Info sums it up in seven dates, with the hope that the coming evening will be braided in gold.

Boris Diao and his colleagues from the French national team, during the match against Spain, in Lille, in the semi-finals of the 2015 European Basketball Championship (MUSTAFA YALCIN / AFP)

(Mustafa Yelcin/AFP)

02:00. : It’s two in the afternoon, so it’s time to make a new point in the news:

Adrien Quatennens, who was targeted by a railing raised by his wife, announced that he was leaving his position as coordinator of rebellious France.

The European Commission has proposed to EU member states to suspend €7.5 billion in EU funding for Hungary. the reason ? Corruption-related risks pending implementation of reforms.

Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin a promise To sign the procedure for recognizing the state of natural disasters in Guadeloupe From next weekend. The island was hit hard by Storm Fiona yesterday.

The ultimate challenge against the intimate enemy, the Euro final against Spain tonight could crown French basketball players for the second time in their history, nine years after the first title.

1:12 pm Do you know Guerschon Yabusele, the new offensive mentor of the French national team? The best scorer for the Blues in this European championship, he played inside Real Madrid a major role in the French team’s march until the final match, this evening, against Spain.

France's Gershon Yabusley during the semi-finals of the European Basketball Championship against Poland in Berlin (Germany) on September 16.  (SOEREN STACHE/DPA via AFP)


11:00 : Hi, thank you for your question. Tonight, M6 broadcasts the Blues Match from 8:30 PM!

11:00 : Hey, is the match broadcast on TV? I wish you a happy day!

09:10 Against Spain in the European Basketball Championship 2022 final this evening, the Blues will want to follow in the footsteps of their seniors: Tony Parker’s squad, who won the European title in 2013 in Slovenia. From this period, only one survivor remains: Thomas Hurtle. The other eleven players had yet to taste this golden happiness.

09:11 It’s nine in the morning, here are the headlines:

#Queen Elizabeth II The popular show is coming to an end and official delegations are pouring in. The public has only a few hours left to gather in Queen Elizabeth’s coffin, before the state funeral scheduled for tomorrow.

A man was found dead in Guadeloupe after Tropical Storm Fiona hit. Orange alert for rain and thunderstorms is still in effect.

A new name, a new direction and a leap into the unknown: La République en Marche officially became the “Renaissance” yesterday, according to the results of a vote revealed in Congress.

The ultimate challenge against the intimate enemy, the Euro final against Spain tonight could crown French basketball players for the second time in their history, nine years after the first title.

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