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“Do you feel like you lost gold or got silver ? “,” calls a journalist, a bit naive, by Yvan Fournier. The blues captain looks up, looks disappointed, and hits. ” I stopped… ” The controversy may be cold, but on Sunday evening there was nothing left but a spectacle of ruin, pure suffering. However, the favorite tricolor team completely missed out on the final, grabbed and tied with massive chains. ‘We weren’t able to’‘, summarizes Andrew Bessie, staring into space.

Spain is the European champion for the fourth time in its history (Photo: FIBA)

The sole survivor of the title of European Vice-Champion, the Gran Canaria leader was sent back exactly eleven years ago, with the impression that he had to take on the untouchable Spain. But at that time, by the leader’s own admission, La Ruga’s list was “fantastic” and full of stars. This year, Sergio Scarello’s rebuilding team, populated by NBA players and strong La Liga elements, has been announced, but not sufficiently armed, that UEFA bucked its initial convictions to naturalize Lorenzo Brown. However, in the end, Spain always wins. Rewarding an innovative idea, a hierarchical system where everything is put in place, from children’s basketball to the national team, to practice the same style of play, train in the same way. Reaching the final of all nine FIBA ​​competitions this summer, La Roja is, quite simply, the best basketball country in Europe. “There is a lot of work behind this finding.”Regards, Sergio Scarello. We have this vision and we are glad it is bearing fruit. »

Juancho Hernangomez on cloud nine

It was supposed to be the EuroBasket for Giannis, Doncic or Jokic, and it’s sure to be the EuroBasket for the stars. It was finally Euros Jaime Fernandez, Jaime Pradella and Alberto Diaz, all these little-known but high-profile Iberians in the collective context of La Roja. It was also Euro Rudi Fernandes, who is still terribly decisive in the final (7 points at 2/3 in 14 minutes) but more respected than ever, at the age of 37. He was above all a Euro for Sergio Scarello, without a doubt the best coach on the continent. When the Blues seemed to have regained momentum, from 26-47 to 46-49, the Italian mind switched cards and suggested new tweaks. At the height of the storm, his timeout was followed by a 9-0 save (46-58, minute 25). “We have to give credit to Spain, who are unwavering and have two or three great attacks behind them.”Vincent Colette sighed. And then, even without a superstar, there was still the ghost of the monsters last year, when Juancho Hernangomes restricted six three-pointers in the first half alone, when he was the highest of his career…six. At his level, he replaces at least one of the Gasol brothers.Metropolitan Coach Approves 92. “What he did was absolutely extraordinary. He was in the zone, there is part of the magic.”

To reach the Holy Grail, Yvan Fournier and the Blues still have to wait (Image: FIBA)

Everything under control, and with complete accuracy, Roja gave a real basketball lesson to the France team. But after worrying all through the euro about their lack of basics, the blues are finally overwhelmed by their original weakness: stray bullets. It was said that it was impossible to win a match in the final stage with 20 loose balls, it’s over. It was said that no team made it to the semi-finals with 20 loose balls, but the French did. But it was really impossible to become a European champion with so many flaws. “Our problem in the tournament finally killed us.”, regrets Vincent Colette. Team France has accumulated bad choices, dangerous passes (in the racket…), incomplete write-offs and many other crippling fouls at this level. Spain scored 35 points on the French stray balls, and the Blues only 7… “This statistic is enough to talk about the match.”The coach confirms. “For Spain, this is the triumph of maturity. »

Most appreciated medal in light of the session

Missing the debates for 17 minutes, the French national team did not give itself a way to be crowned European champions, giving the impression of replaying a film previously seen against La Roja, without violence, as if it had slipped backwards. Once the panic is over, it will be necessary to remember the blues track in order to try to properly estimate this silver. It will be necessary to remember the shortcomings of cologne to gauge progress. We’ll have to remember the rat holes caught in the quarter past eight to get a taste of the reality of getting to the final. We still have to thank Sidi Ousmane and Simon Fontechio for thinking better about the miracle of the new podium. But it is clearly impossible at the moment: the French team lost again to Spain, and this is Spain in addition … And above all, it lost another final, delaying the crowning of a multi-medal generation (world bronze 2019, Olympic silver 2021), the medal European Silver 2022) but it is still untitled. “I have the impression that losing in the final becomes usually “And the plague Gershon Yabusil. “This is what drives me even more crazy.” We now hope that such an opportunity will appear in the future. But before moving on to the World Cup – Olympics sequence, there are already a lot of tears to dry…

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Sep 18 2022 at 10:17 am

“Do you feel like you lost gold or got silver ? ‘, shoots a journalist, a little naive, to Yvan Fournier. The blues captain looks up, looks disappointed, and explodes. “I stopped…” The controversy may be cold, but on Sunday evening there was nothing left but a spectacle of ruin, pure suffering. …

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