UAV Basket: Very positive season report and great prospects for the season that begins!

The Drone Basket held its general meeting on Friday, September 9th.

At the beginning of last season’s Ethical Report and Sports Report, Co-chairs Cécile Orchid and Behringer Labet and members of the bureau wanted to thank all parents and players for their investment in the club and young teams.

Clement Vitro is still in charge of the basketball school and Berenger provides coaching for the U7s, well imparted by Marianne Lafarge.

Thanks were also given to the young people who came to their aid in these categories: Gladys Sobos, Zoe Labourdere, Le Anne Paris, Faustin Lafarge, Chiara Fernandez, Mile Laguzan, Manon Labourdier.
The Co-Chairs would like to thank Emily Garapous for making a fresh start away from the Gears. Emily was one of the “always” there for the guys on Saturday afternoons, especially in judging.

They also extend thanks to Raphaëlle Talbot – who ended her career with an injury – who always gave a helping hand to the drone when she could as well as Inès Jaffres for this Vicoise season, Inès joined the U15 team. Occitania of Gimont.

The co-chairs wish Camille Lambert the best of luck, who will have the best days of the Occitanie coaching team next season.

They thank the big girls for their Pentecost investment as well as Jerome of Café de la Bourse for the first-team receptions after the game.

UAV Basket first organized a 3×3 tournament in Vic Arenas which was a huge success.

The Co-Chairs and Bureau members thank everyone who contributed to this success, the volunteers, Alain Bergamo, the Committee, the Town Hall, the Bullfighting Club, the Tempo Latino.

Last season’s lineup:

15 Kids, 21 Baby Chick (3 teams), 14 Bossin, 12 Benjamins (2 teams), 14 Minis, 13 Under 17 Approved by Castellon FC, 15 Tooths (Approved by Castellon FC for Team 2) ie 119 Licensed Players, 21 Managers and OTMs

The club had a total of 140 licensees all of them.

Loïc Novarine for Team 2 is satisfied with last season. This was the first season in agreement with BCCD.

Team 2 finished 6th in pre-zone, TGE quarter-finals (defeat to 1st).

Clément Vitrou sets a positive budget for Team 1 in terms of results given the limited number of players (13 at the start of the season and 9 at the end with many serious injuries). A still interesting group with a mix of young players and coached executives at the club who, against expectations at the start of the season, almost took them to the next level.

This season, 14 OTM (Official Table Brand) have been licensed and run on weekends in all categories.
The Commission’s Back to School OTM course will be held in Borders on Saturday 18th September 2022.
As every year, a call for applications is launched!

Regarding the referees, 7 young men participated in the training of the CTC referees: Juliette, Zoe, Alizee, Eloise, Ennis, Lucy and O’Reilly. In light of the difficulties in finding referees at the divisional level, revealing and training referees will be a priority for next season.

In terms of coach training, 4 Vicois coaches are registered for the Federal Youth Certification: Marine, Manon, Marie and Lionel. Unfortunately, this training could not be done on the scheduled dates and only Lionel was able to start the course.

Financial Report It was introduced by Treasurer Claire Garros.

The accounts show a profit of €1,278.76

The Drone Basket would like to thank the parents of the little ones who helped the club fund bus transportation as well as sponsors and donors.

The financial report was approved unanimously.

The club would like to thank Town Hall and the department board for the financial assistance provided.

The Co-Chairs, members of the Bureau, Town Hall, Management Committee, and the entire Assembly congratulate Alexia, Christine & Virginie for their investment and the work done in compiling all grant files.

Show new season :

Training resumed on Tuesday, September 6, 2022. All groups benefit from two training slots except for the juniors who only have one chance per week and the younger ones who will have a solution.

Baby Mini Poussines – U7 – U8 – U9 – (2014/2015/2016/2017): Thursday from 5 pm to 6 pm.

Poussines – U10 – U11 – (2012/2013): Monday from 4:30 pm to 6:30 pm and Friday from 4:30 pm to 6 pm.

Benjamines – U12 – U13 – (2010/2011): Tuesday – 5pm-6:30pm and Thursday 6pm-7:30pm.

Minimes – U14 – U15 (2008/2009): Tuesdays from 6pm to 7:30pm and Fridays from 6pm to 7:30pm (with U13s)

Students – U16 – U17 – U18 – (2005/2006/2007): Friday 6:30 pm to 7:45 pm – A castillon

These courses will be provided by Clément VITROU.

Some changes from last season for some categories:

Minis No longer in agreement with BEC (Basket Elusa Club) BCCD (Basket Club Castillon Debats)

Cadets : They currently have one training period. The two co-chairs will be placed in second place. A study is underway to find a solution.

Seniors 2 and 3 : There will be 3 team this year considering the number of players in this category (30 members).

CTC (Regional Clubs Cooperation) will work with Castillon-Debats, who sign the signatures of Manon Bellier and Karen Carrère as well as promote some of the young girls to senior ranks.
Team 2 will develop in the preliminary zone, and team 3 in the division. These two teams will be coached by Loic Novarine.

the elderly : UAV Basket is delighted to mark the return of Melanie Teixeira, Amandine Forignan, Léa Laborde, Liz Cazis, Marion Comognaro, Manon Dupuis and Mathilde Cazeneuve, as well as the returnees from injuries to Marine Garros and Justin Lowry.

She is also proud to welcome Laurie Denox, 29, from Eauze and Anais Beseris, a commission employee who comes from NET’S. These two players will come to offer their expertise, and the goal is to increase the pre-national level.

Barbara Netto The Mayor, congratulated the co-chairs and all the volunteers who made this club a very dynamic association.

They are also pleased that UAV BASKET organized a 3X3 tournament at Vic Arenas which was a huge success.

clouds potties (Deputy Head of Competition Division) The Virginie Possible (Reference 3X3) said they are pleased that the CTC is doing well, as the combination of these three clubs allows all players the ability to train and develop at their level.

They would like to congratulate Alexia, Christine & Virginie for their participation in the compilation of the scholarship application files.

UAV BASKET is a dynamic club in terms of licensees. The 3×3 Tournament in Vic Arenas has been a huge success.

The commission has submitted its request so that the “OPEN PLUS in 3 X 3” (Champions of Each Division in Occitanie) that will take place on the weekend of 23-25 ​​June 2023 at the Vic-Fezensac Arenas can be held.

Emlyn Lavon, The department advisor congratulated the club on its dynamism. It’s a mobile association, setting up things like organizing a 3X3 tournament in the arenas of Vic-Fezensac. This is a great first thing for the club and the introduction of UAV BASKET into the project has allowed the arenas to liven up in a different way.

She, in turn, congratulated Alexia, Christine & Virginie for their work and offered to give other avenues for additional grants.

during the general assembly, Guillaume Pottiez presented the “Coup de coeur” medal from the Steering Committee to Garros . Marinesa UAV Basket player, for her investment in Club Vic-Fezensac and within the Divisional Committee.

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