Where to see Spain and France and five questions about the Euro final

Denial – all you need to know before the final of the European Basketball Championship between France and Spain on Sunday (8:30 pm) in Berlin.

Where and when do you see Spain and France?

After the small final between Germany and Poland at 5:15 pm, on Canal +, the Blues will face Spain at 8:30 pm to win the European Champion title, at 8:30 pm, on Channel + Sports 360 – The last match of the French national team, George Eddy, commented clearly on m 6. Meeting to follow up directly and commented on our site.

What is the path of the two teams?

After surprising Germany (63-76) in the opening, the Blues dominated Lithuania (77-73), Hungary (78-74) and Bosnia and Herzegovina (81-68) before losing to Slovenia (82-88) from Luke. Doncic on Fire (47 points). Three wins and two defeats for the French on AC in this group stage, and he finished third. He is the French who was blessed by the basketball gods, then expelled Turkey (87-86 AB) and Italy (93-85 AB). miracle! On the other hand, qualifying against Poland (95-54) in the semi-final owes nothing to chance…a show of strength.

If there was no obstacle for Belgium (73-83) in their third match of the European Championship, the Spaniards had four victories in their group (Bulgaria, Montenegro, Georgia, Turkey) before sending off Lithuania (102-94) and Finland (100). -90) and Germany (96-91), not without difficulty, it must be said.

What is the history between the two peoples?

The story of France-Spain, Spain-France, quite a story…This Sunday, it will be the 79th duel between the best enemies of European basketball, with a record clearly pro-Aruga: 52 wins against 26. Since 2011, still the worst: 13 A Spanish victory, two French successes. But what are the successes… The Blues sent Marc Gasol and his co-finalists out in the semi-finals of Euro 2013 before overcoming all of Spain in the quarter-finals of the 2014 World Cup in Madrid, without Tony Parker or Nando de Colo. Beyond the numbers, the rivalry between France and Spain is heating up, even if Lorenzo Brown has some catching up to do. “I don’t know much about this rivalry but I will do some research on the internet when I get back to the hotelThe naturalized leader was released Friday, after Germany’s qualifiers. Rudy Fernandez, a 37-year-old veteran, will tell him all this … Otherwise, the Tricolores will be interested in showing him on Sunday, from the first contacts. Although Evan Fournier believes that “The competition with Spain is more about the elderly. On Friday evening, Boris (Diao), it looked like he had become a player again. He wanted to put on his shorts and shoes and put on some branches‘, laughs. And to add:We are familiar with history but in my heart I have no hatred for them.

What record in the euro?

Spain have been in the last four for the 11th consecutive time at the European Championships, and are aiming for a fourth European title after the 2009, 2011 and 2015 tournaments for what will be their 10th final. France is only at this stage of competition for the third time. The 2011 defeat against Spain, and the 2013 coronation against Lithuania.

Which players will follow in this final?

It ended the exits of Sergio Rodriguez, Sergio Loll and Ricky Rubio, the Gasol brothers. It was a rejuvenated, rejuvenated, brand-new Spain that appeared on the starting line at the 2022 European Basketball Championships. A Spain that can always count on Rudi Fernandez (37), who has often played naughty rounds to France in the past. He would be especially wary of the Hernangomes brothers, Willie and Juancho. The Pelican player in the NBA, his first name is 28 years old. He is the top scorer (17.6 points/game) and bouncer (6.8 lbs/game) for the Spanish team. Two years younger than him, his brother wears the Denver colors, also in the NBA. He has averaged 11.4 points (third) and 5 rebounds (third) since the start of the competition. American point guard Lorenzo Brown, 32, discovered FIBA ​​basketball this summer. First attempt in Masterstroke format: 15.4 points (second) and 7.1 assists (first) average. On the blues side, NBAers Rudy Gobert and Evan Fournier are clearly the players to follow, the tauliers. Gershon Yabusil is on fire (15 points / game). We imagine Thomas Hurtl, the former Barcelona and Madrid national, will be keen to show himself as well.

Who is favourite?

Before the tournament kicks off, most observers mentioned Slovenia, Greece and Serbia among the favorites to win the coronation. France too. Not this new generation of Spain, post-golden, or a bit of it, even if coach Sergio Scarello is still around. The Spain we weren’t expecting there. In contrast, France won the bronze of the World Cup 2019 and silver last summer at the Tokyo Olympics. France that reinvented itself after Gilles Parker and the failure of Euro 2017, even if it was deprived of Nicolas Batum and Nando de Colo this summer. Fournier, Joubert and a large base of medalists from Tokyo, it’s solid. It’s all led by Vincent Colette, in office since 2009 who will take home his seventh medal on Sunday. There is clearly more certainty, experience and talent on the French side. “France will be the favouriteI hope the basketball gods will hear the Orleans native. In any case, the major French sports betting sites are all from his point of view. That doesn’t mean it will be easy, of course. Spain is respectable. In France, we are (very) in a good position to find out.

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