Women’s Basketball World Cup

French and American basketball players meet a year later. In Sydney on Monday, September 19, they will not conclude the preliminary round of the Olympic Games as in Tokyo 2020but to finish their preparations for the Women’s Basketball World Cup.

Although the last French-American duel is approaching, 4 out of 12 French internationals will meet the seven-time Olympic champion for the first time. That would also be the case for coach Jean-Amy Tauban, who took over from Valerie Garnier on the tri-color bench last fall. The 64-year-old will have to face his first big challenge since his appointment: a World Cup without some executives.

Sandrine GrodaAnd the indie memeAnd the Olivia Ipopa where Valerian Vukosaljevic are absent and make way for an ambitious new generation to settle in Sydney.

There are more players born in the 21st century than 30 years old out of the 12 players who will participate in the meeting of planets. But this young man does not prevent the Blues from having high ambitions. johannes navyone of the three players with more than 100 selections before the World Cup, explained in an interview with Olympics.com That they had to feed on this external situation.

“We have a renewed group, we do not expect and must take advantage of it. We do not have pressure. We have absentees, but this does not mean that France can do nothing in this competition.”

This World Cup will be the first for the majority of the tricolor group, but that doesn’t mean they lack experience.

Never before has a French team been in such a competition with three players knocked out by the WNBA playoffs. It is for Gabe WilliamsAnd the johannes navy And the Eliana Robert this year. The latter has not even joined the Les Bleues in Australia yet because she is in the final and can claim the title with Las Vegas Aces. For the other two, the campaign was rich with over 20 minutes per game.

The American experience of these players will facilitate the creation of the style of play that Jean-Amy Tauban wanted. With a basketball made of rhythm and intensity, his project is inspired by what is being done across the Atlantic.

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Renewed team without any thieves London 2012

Even players who play in Europe are used to high-stakes matches at the highest level. Most of them have responsibilities within the teams that participate in continental competitions, such as Kendra CherryAnd the Fouthoux Navy where Mary Yves Paget Who participated in the last Euroleague.

Marin Yohannes is the player with the most points for the national team out of the 12 selected and is confident that all players will be important in Australia.

“Even if some girls do not go to the WNBA, it does not mean that they do not have experience. We have been playing in the Euroleague and EuroCup for years and that is definitely important. We all have to benefit from our experience in different tournaments.”

Sarah Michael He will be the captain of Les Bleues and Alexia Chartro The deputy captain. The latter, the best player in France 2021, will be eagerly awaited. She is only 24 years old and has already passed 80 picks. This experience makes her a part of the Bleues, especially since the Tricolores’ performance in the indoor sector will depend on them a lot in the absence of Sandrine Gruda, the best scorer in Bleues history.

With his group, the French team will play without any of the silver medalists at the Braqueuses in London 2012 Olympics for the first time. Enough to approach the 2022 World Cup on new grounds.

two years of Paris 2024This competition will test the next generation of French basketball against the best countries in the world. In the group stage alone, the two teams will meet two semi-finalists for Tokyo 2020: Japan and Serbia. Two opponents that some blues will discover too

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The French national team to prepare for the Women’s Basketball World Cup

  • anise mariam
  • Lisa Berkani
  • Alexia Chartro
  • Kendra Cherry
  • Helena Siak
  • Fouthoux Navy
  • johannes navy
  • Sarah Michael
  • Mary Yves Paget
  • Eliana Robert
  • Anna Tadic
  • Gabe Williams

The program of the French national team in the Women’s Basketball World Cup

  • Thursday, September 22: Australia – France (8:30pm local time / 12:30pm CET)
  • Friday 23 September: France – Canada (6:00 pm local time / 10:00 am CET)
  • Sunday 25 September: Mali – France (2:30 pm local time / 6:30 am CET)
  • Monday 26 September: France – Japan (4:00 pm local time / 8:00 am CET)
  • Tuesday 27 September: Serbia – France (5:30 pm local time / 9:30 am CET)
  • Thursday 29 September: Quarter-finals (if you qualify)
  • Friday 30 September: Semi-finals (if you qualify)
  • Saturday 1 October: Final or third-place play-off (if you qualify)

How to watch France at the Women’s Basketball World Cup

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