2022 Women’s Basketball World Cup

The French national team, tanned in Tokyo in August 2021 and a European vice-champion in June of the same year, came to Australia to win the second medal in this competition. Without Sandrine Groda, it would be a difficult task in a very difficult group consisting of Australia at home, European champions, Serbia, Japanese vice Olympic champions, Canada and Mali. Presentation on Group B of the 2022 FIBA ​​Basketball World Cup in Australia.

Basketball World Cup 2022: Group of Death

Having presented you with Group A with the United States, now put in Group B, the Group of France, which is the group of death. Without top scorer S. Groda but with Marin-Johannes and Eliana Robert, who has just been crowned WNBA champion with her team in Las Vegas, France will have a lot to do in their group. Fell with Australia from returning Lauren Jackson, Serbia who started a new era, Japan who caused misery for French women twice during the last Olympics, Canada (which beat the three colors in the World Cup 2018) and Mali, confrontations promise conflict! The best 4 teams from this group will cross with the first group.

France aims for the medal

With the title of vice-champion of Europe and a nail in the Olympics, the French team advances in the role of candidate for the medal. However, it will be necessary to dispense with her best player, Sandrine Groda, who is injured and left for the competition. A blow to Jean-Aimé Toupane, but also an opportunity to give more responsibilities to other players like Marine Johannes, Iliana Rupert or Marine Fauthux. With Paris 2024 approaching, the 2022 FIBA ​​Basketball World Cup will be a chance to see a new French team!

France squad

  • anise mariam (LDLC ASVEL Female)
  • Lisa Berkani (Carolo Flames)
  • Alexia Chartro (LDLC ASVEL Female)
  • Kendra Cherry (Basketball Lands)
  • Helena Siak (LDLC ASVEL Female)
  • Fouthoux Navy (Basketball Lands)
  • johannes navy (LDLC ASVEL Female)
  • Sarah Michael (Tango Bourget Basket)
  • Mary Yves Paget (Basketball Lands)
  • Eliana Robert (Tango Bourget Basket)
  • Anna Tadic (tarb)
  • Gabe Williams (LDLC ASVEL Female)

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09/22 France – Australia (12:30 pm)

09/23 France – Canada (10:00 AM)

09/25 France – Mali (6:30)

09/26 France – Japan (8:00 AM)

09/27 France – Serbia (9:30 AM)

Australia, 16 years later

World Champion in 2006, Australia sees big in front of its Sydney crowd. Missed the Olympic tournament last year with a elimination in the quarter-finals, the Australians want to relive the feelings of the past. And for that, Opals saw the return of icon Lauren Jackson. The 41-year-old former world player of the year will come to support Ezi Magbegor in his quest for a new international medal, 4 years after the silver medal at the 2018 World Cup.

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09/22 Australia – France (12:30 pm)

09/23 Australia – Mali (12:30 pm)

09/25 Australia – Serbia (10:00 AM)

09/26 Australia – Canada (12:30 pm)

09/27 Australia – Japan (12:30 pm)

Japan as referee

The author of a dazzlingly beautiful Olympics by only losing to Team USA and winning silver, Japan arrives with big ambitions in Sydney. With the basketball movement continuing to disrupt defenses, and the title far-reaching, the Japanese can think big for the days to come. Led by their leader Rui Machida, Japan has been aiming for a world number one charm since 1975!

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09/22 Japan – Mali (6:00)

09/23 Japan – Serbia (4h00)

09/25 Japan – Canada (12:30 pm)

09/26 Japan – France (8:00 AM)

09/27 Japan – Australia (12:30 pm)

Serbia in a new cycle

European champions last year and then at the foot of the podium in Tokyo, Serbia is entering a new era. The Balkans are still coached by Marina Maljkovic, and the Balkans will now have to dispense with Jelena Brooks and Sonia Vacic, who have retired from the sport. Yvonne Anderson and Jovana Nojek will direct this new team that could do damage during this first round.

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09/22 Serbia-Canada (5.00 time)

09/23 Serbia – Japan (4h00)

09/25 Serbia-Australia (10:00 AM)

09/26 Serbia – Mali (5:30)

09/27 Serbia – France (9:30 AM)

Canada in ambush

Behind the three leaders, Canada will have to do everything in its power to get out of this group of death. out at 1Verse At the Olympics, Canadians will have to level up to reach the 1/4 finals. Under the guidance of Natalie Ashunwa, the Canadian team will have to count on support to eliminate one of this group’s 3 favorites. With an unidentified Kia nurse who hasn’t played for a year, the mission promises to be complex but not undoable.

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09/22 Canada – Serbia (5.00 hours)

09/23 Canada – France (10:00 am)

09/25 Canada – Japan (12:30 pm)

09/26 Canada – Australia (12:30 pm)

09/27 Canada – Mali (8:00 AM)

money to accomplish

The lottery did not spoil the financial team. Falling into the group of death, Mali will be the representative of the African continent. Taking advantage of Nigeria’s disqualification (an additional sporting reason related to the Nigeria Basketball Association) to reintegrate the final table, the Malian squad, carried by Seka Kone and Toti Gandega, arrive in Australia without pressure, with only the desire to make a breakthrough in doing so. Success returns from Oceania.

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09/22 Mali – Japan (6 h 00)

09/23 Mali – Australia (12:30 pm)

09/25 Mali – France (6:30:30)

09/26 Mali – Serbia (5:30)

09/27 Mali – Canada (8:00)

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