A look back at the first 3×3 basketball final in Paris

This summer, Paris lived to the beat of 3×3 basketball until its grand finale on August 22, when the women’s and men’s teams under the gaze of four champions from the French team faced off on the new ‘Leo’. Back to a unique moment.

It’s not until 6 pm in the stadiums of Léo Lagrange (12e) And it’s really warm. Tonight is two basketball finals, in a 3 vs. 3 mode. On the one hand, the girls on the other. Each team competes for the title of winner in the capital’s first 3×3 tournament.

Chacha vs Banten

This evening, Chacha met Banten. Chacha for Charenton, Pantin for Pantin. The girls play the first final, without anyone holding back before the eyes of an audience consisting mainly of other basketball players. The game is fast, the ball flies to the basket and .. you enter it! One more point for Team Chacha who will lead Banten throughout the match. All under the eyes of two rulers who left no mistake.

Because 3×3 basketball has been an Olympic discipline since 2020. This sport has long been practiced with friends, and now it is subject to strict rules. For example, players develop on a half-court basketball court and play with one basket. Teams consist of three members and one substitute.

Whistle, call to order. “12 seconds of possession, not one more, that’s the norm!” The ball is passed to the opposing team. You have to play fast and pass or try to score, all during a 10-minute match. Before leaving the field for the second final.

Mishima in front of Paris Stadium

The boys' 3x3 final, Mishima in white, against a stadium in red

Now it’s the boys’ turn to get to the ring. Here, too, the game is very fast, the score is progressing quickly, the difference is in the neck and neck. Suddenly, a certain excitement seized the audience. Four members of the French basketball team have just arrived on the field.

Vincent Poirier, Timothy Loew Caparrot, Yvan Fournier and Guirchon Yabusel came to watch the final and cheer on the players. A small dose of extra pressure for the finalists playing the last five minutes of a match.

One minute before the end, there is complete equality. Finally, Playground Paris won a stunning immersion a few seconds before the final whistle. “Gamewinner! »The commentator shouts. In other words, the winning basket is scored. The audience exploded with applause, and the players of the French national team rushed onto the field to congratulate the winners.

Emini, one of the two judges in the men’s final, appreciates the organization of the event and the good atmosphere that prevails there. “I have been an international referee in 5×5 basketball for 15 years, but I have also refereed 3×3 for 5 years. I am happy to share my experience and benefit from this kind of event.”

The French basketball team cheers the players

Yvan Fournier, Gershon Yabuseli, Timothée Loew Caparrot and Vincent Pourier were present to cheer the players and open the new stadium.

“It was really great, with so much atmosphere, we arrived at the best time, cheers Gershon Yabousel, one of the four players on the France team. There was a dip, two point shots, a game winner, you served us! We knew there would be a level. »

Since 3pm, Glory has attended all afternoon games. This enthusiastic young man gave us his analysis with mischief: “There was a lot of competition between teams, a lot of amazing moves, some clumsiness as well and some great exchanges that brought the game back to life.” Aida, Calvin and Mikel, co-stars, agree: “The final was amazing! The level was good, he played well”.

Not far from there, the afternoon players discuss and continue to play basketball. A good surprise awaits them: everyone has secured a spot for France’s match against the Czech Republic on August 24th at the Accor Arena.

After the final, the players of the French national team and the spectators exchanged a few passes and scored a few baskets together.

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