Basketball – Amiens: For Frederic Dumont, “everyone was efficient and effective”

After defeating him on the road during the first day, Chauny was greeted by ASCBB at La Hotoie. The opportunity to launch the NM3 season in front of its supporters.

While his team showed indiscipline last week in Lampersart, Amiens coach Frederic Dumont had warned : ” If we are not more disciplined In front of them (Choni), it will be a butcher shop ! One must be More consistent, especially in defense. » It seems that his players got the message because since the start of the match, Locals choke Chaunois. The defense in place leaves very few open shots for the visitors who are also not very skilled, while on the other side of the field the Samaritans execute well and find good shooting positions. After two minutes of playingChauny’s coach seeks to stop the bleeding by asking for a time-out, after his team has just cashed a 10-0.

Coming back from the time-out, Choney managed to score his first point in a free throw but that doesn’t stop Amiens and in particular Jorgio Aprelon who never gave a gift to his former team. It is necessary to wait half a quarter time to see Axonais score points again but again on free throws (18-4). The visitors understood this: they will have to fight to survive in this match, but this does not frighten them. So Chunyi insists on provoking flaws and connecting the lanes on the free-throw line. While they were 17 points ahead at one point, Only Amiens 4 is left at the end of Chapter One (23-19).

Chunyi, who finally appears to be entering his game, will see himself continue his momentum (23-21) but that’s without relying on the outside title and a good defense of Locals 12-0 in 3 minutes (35-21). Once again, visitors are forced to bet on free throws to stay alive. The people of Amiens continue to march forward with defense as their base, like Benjamin Reinert Which, after being answered, sees Chunwa go on the counterattack. So he makes an effort to come back and tear himself up to come in and set a counter too! The Samaritans, who had just had a very good first half, went back to the locker room with them 9 points ahead (41-32).

The third term is not different from the first two, at first glance: Chauny being after the score And the Amiens maintains its leadership. But after 5 minutes of play, Chauny seems more skilled and reduces the gap a bit, even managing to return to a small unit (63-62). However, it was again the ASCBB who finished the season before the third quarter. Chunyi, who had been chasing the score from the start, closed the gap enough to allow himself to hope for the dawn of the final chapter (74-67).
But unfortunately for visitors, the last quarter is similar to the first. Chauny made an effort to come back, causing a lot of fouls, but Amiens remained focused and serious on both sides of the field, not letting Axonais move on. Chauny seems to save money By driving with only one point with 2 minutes and 30 remaining, But Amiens managed the match perfectly and won 93-87.

Good performance contrasted with the first match

Lack of discipline, lack of respect for instructions, lack of seriousness in defense … a lot of blame that we can find in the coach’s speech after the defeat on the first day. One thing is for sure: Frederic Dumont’s speech was completely different after this great victory : “There is no secret, when you want to reach a good level, you have to be disciplined and strict and that’s how it was. Respect the instructions and what has been worked on in training. Work pays off.

Frederic Dumont giving his instructions during a break.

Amiens quickly took control of the match by inflicting damage 4-18 in 5 minutes. The lead that then quickly faded without the coach having to worry about it: “The lead is melting because key players are affected by mistakes and there is a spin. But even if the rotation hasn’t tested the key players’ experience yet, they can do the job because Chauny has never been able to pass.”

There’s no pretension in what I’m about to tell you, but I never thought for a moment that we might lose.

Frederic Dumont after defeating Chaney

many times, Visitors closed the gap without taking the initiative. The Samaritans never seemed to worry even two minutes and 30 past the end when their opponents were only one point behind. The details perfectly illustrate this mastery: coach position. Often very expressive on his seat, Amiens coach looked calm that evening. A sense of mastery returned to him after the match: “There’s no pretentiousness in what I’m going to tell you, but I never thought for a moment that we might lose. I wasn’t as excited as I can sometimes be. We got perfected. I don’t know how we could lose. I didn’t panic. It took the time in the end to get the ball back into The basket is far from the basket. Without it, I wouldn’t have taken it.”

with Scored 93 points, Amiens went in the attack. In particular, they were able to rely on New Captain Emilian Pointauthor of 15 points, on youth Benjamin Reinert And 19 points and on New Amiens by Giorgio Aprilon Who again finished top scorer with 25 points. A special match for the latter who spent 3 seasons at Chauny before joining the ASCBB this summer.

But beyond that The trio who collected 59 pointsthat it’The whole team that Frederic Dumont insisted on highlighting : “There was a little questioning on Monday, we had to put things right and they did the job well. The nine players who came back did the job, everyone was efficient and effective.” In fact, of the nine players that were used, all nine scored.
A group to reinforce in the coming weeks, according to the coach: “What makes me happy is to be able to count on this group. We know that Salman Deco will be back in a very short time, it is possible that we will have another player who will arrive soon. And I think when we are complete we can only be stronger.”

So it will be necessary to see if ASCBB will have an additional player for its trip to Longwy next week. And if the players will be able to take it as seriously as it was during the premiere at home.

Day Two NM3:
ASCBB – Chunyi
93-87 (23-19; 46-37; 74-67; 93-87)

ASCBB workforce: Goubet M; point E; Nadima Moussa C.; Reinert b well t; Aprelon J; Jaguar C revive b. Noah b Mindy I

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Image credit: Kevin Devigne – Gazette Sports

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