N1F Basketball. Flying start for USBD Alençon girls

At this meeting, Cassandra Vêtu’s team members knew how to make it easier by applying the tactics identified during the week of preparing for the meeting, to the speech. © Lauren Abdo – Archive

The reality of friendly matches is not necessarily the reality of an official opposition. Just like certainty. Potential surprises can happen.

By imposing itself largely against Franconville (Val d’Oise)) at the opening of the tournament, Saturday 17 September 2022, players USBD Alincon N1F Avoid them (Orney), especially the bad ones, by continuing to provide preparation services.

The first games are never easy. Everyone is looking for their marks.

Frank Hamon, General Manager of Alençon.

real game plan

This meeting, team members Cassandra clothed I knew how to make it easy by applying the tactics outlined during the week of meeting prep to the letter.

“What we appreciated is that we outlined a real game plan to really hurt them in the paint. And that is what we did as the meeting progressed.”

We have complied with the instructions for targeted defensive choices. All players affected. And offensively, we passed the ball well, taking turns. We took advantage of their defensive disorganization to punish them.

Fayçal Raynal, expert in ducal tactics.

8-0 in less than two minutes

If the start was difficult due to several punishable fouls, the Blacks quickly took their opponents’ measure of dominance, taking a distance (5-15, 6) and not giving it up afterwards, in favor of significant racquet dominance at both ends of the field. “We knew we were superior in the domestic sector and we showed it.”

The progression that continued to grow over the course of the match and the fate of the match that was finally decided, at the start of the second half, when Lisa Clouseau He managed a great offensive lane, always pressing where it hurt.

“We put them 8-0 (27-38, 20 then 27-46, 22) in less than two minutes after they came back from the indoor sector locker room without taking a bullet. Behind us, we create a gap that we own and manage.”

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Without forgetting to add a layer in the paint by Brenda Aghblem crazy At the end of the quarter with 5 consecutive points (41-58, 28 then 41-63, 29).

Also the chance to come back beyond the 20 point lead after hitting it for the first time thanks to an award winning shot from Jade Phillips (34-57, 26′).

Get them out of their comfort zone.

The success, which also resulted from the positive attitude of the players: “The girls were very serious, supportive, participatory and persevering. Apart from the first minutes, there were not many mistakes. »

We wanted to force a real rhythm and took them out of their comfort zone by defending their three point line. It worked. I would like to congratulate the girls who were really united and involved in this first match.

Faisal Raynam.

The first success eased because the unknowns are still numerous. We must not get carried away and remain humble. Each team will be new. However, by letting go of such a performance, we gain confidence. The new deadline will allow us to have more standards and enhance certainty about the team. We know our strengths and we know what we still have to improve,” concludes the coach.

after the next number, Saturday 24 September 2022at home, against La Glacerie (Manche), in a meeting that promises to be exciting.


Francoville-Alcon: 58-85 (27-38).

Alençon’s team (and points): Vêtu (8), Cluzeau (4), Agblemagnon (9), Baudet, Bounou, Martingoulet (7), Sarr (18), Phillips (39). Coach: Faisal Renam

N1F, Saturday 24th September at 8pm at Louvrier Gymnasium in Alençon: USBD Alençon/La Glacerie. Opening at 5 p.m.: USBD Alençon / Caen Sud in the Men’s Pre-National.

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