“Proud to be a part of this adventure”

The new captain of the Monaco Basketball club, who arrived this summer from Anadolu Efes, gives us an interview with the approaching start of the season, which will start on Saturday 24 September at the Nanterre Stadium.

What are your impressions since you arrived at the club?

I am happy to join the Monaco Basketball club, who have set themselves big goals. This season is a new challenge for me, within a high-quality team. Little by little, we started to find bots among the new recruits and players that were already there last season. It’s a positive, we’re all moving forward together.

What do you remember from pre-season camp in Bormio?

Everything went fine. The team has been gaining momentum for a few weeks now and we saw that during our last friendlies (5 wins in total vs 2 losses). We focus on the goals of the coach and the different playing systems, to be aggressive in defence.

How is your team integration process going?

I think I’m coping well. The coach explains to me how it goes, it’s not always easy after four years at the same club. Everything is new to me, discovering a new club. But it’s easier with five players who were there last year.

On an organizational level, I am very impressed. This is similar to the work of big clubs like FC Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid or Anadolou Efes

Adrian Moorman

How do you judge the development of Roca team over several seasons?

The club is gradually growing, and we have seen it for several seasons. On an organizational level, I am very impressed. This is similar to the work of big clubs like FC Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid or Anadolou Efes. With the means at his disposal, the club will continue to advance.

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Why this choice to leave Anadolu Efes to join AS Monaco Basket?

My goal was to get out of my comfort zone, after four years with the same team. I wanted to go back somewhere, give myself a new challenge, and go back to France too. I want to pass on my experience to Monaco. I am proud to be a part of this adventure and try to write more of the club’s history.

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I came out of four whole years with the European champion…

It is true that I won everything in Turkey (two-time Euroleague winner, two-time Turkish Championship winner and Turkey Cup winner). These are the best four years of my career. But I’m still hungry for titles. I want to help Monaco add to its record.

Is this new captain’s role a source of pride?

Over the years, it has become a leader in this field. I carry my energy and fighting spirit. This is a new challenge for me that I take very seriously. My role is to coach the youngsters, give them advice and make sure the team has a winning mentality.

The tournament has improved a lot. French basketball is progressing and I’m proud of it

Adrian Moorman

How do you see the young players in the team?

They are workers who want progress. Matthew (Strazill) already has a lot of experience in the Euroleague despite his young age. He knows how to win. It will bring us its efficiency. Johann (Macondo) will discover the Euroleague. This is a new step in his career. I also experienced this early in my career. One thing is for sure, they are all excited. It is now up to us, the adults, to help them reach the highest level.

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What are your relationships with your new partners?

Finally, we all know each other, having met several times in the Euroleague. We know the qualities of each of them. We are all going in the same direction. Mike (James), Eli (Okubo), Jordan (Lloyd) and Alpha (Dialo) will be our attacking leaders this season. It is up to us to be there to support them as best we can.

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What do you think of the French championship that you left at the end of the 2014-2015 season after you left Limoges?

The tournament has improved a lot. With the Spanish championship, which we can put on top, the French championship is the highest in Europe. It’s a challenge for me to develop in this physical and athletic tournament. Many of the players who developed in Jeep Elite subsequently joined the NBA. French basketball is progressing and I am very proud of it.

What are your ambitions with Roca this season?

We will not hide it. We are trying to win the title of champion of France. At the Euroleague, we want to do something big. We have capabilities. If no one gets hurt and if we find the right rhythm, we can aim for the fourth final.

In what position will you be fixed, rather than the strong axle or wing?

As I told the coach, whatever role he wants to use me in, I just want to play it. I’m a big competitor and as long as I’m in the field, I intend to make the most.

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