The EuroBasket final will be George Eddy’s last game on the microphone

Another big event can sometimes hide… Yes, the EuroBasket Final between France and Spain (8:30pm) on September 18, 2022 also marks the end of legend George Eddy in the Blues comments. After Canal+ lost the rights to broadcast France national football matches to beIn Sports, the commentator with the most famous French accent will make us shake one last time tonight.

What a gentleman anyway, George Eddy. First congratulations and then thank you. Thank you for the evenings we spent thrilling the Blues, thank you for the actions of such a legend who lived together, thank you for passing on your passion for basketball to more than one of us. After 37 years of kind and loyal service to Canal +, “Mr. George” gives up his apron and says goodbye to the French team. Fortunately, it’s not a farewell to basketball as the French-American will continue to run across Canal + Africa antennas, but this final still marked the end of an era. For those who missed an episode, the channel is losing the rights to broadcast EdF matches to beIn Sports. Thus, the EuroBasket 2022 final will be the last for George Eddy as commentator for the Blues. As a symbol, France also faces Spain (8:30 pm), an opportunity for the master to leave in the most beautiful way.

Before George Eddy became an exceptional commentator, he is first and foremost a basketball player and an amazing shooter. For those who don’t know, the Alabama native played in the First Division under Caen’s colors. Ah yes, George was clearly not there to mess around. Here, as evidence, this guy planted 46 pawns including 9 from the parking lot at National 2 (equivalent to a Pro B at the time). Really serious, we tell you. After his career on the court, the now-former basketball player turned behind a microphone to make us live matches with the voice, accent, and expressions we know all too well. Thirty-seven years later, Georges Eddy has become a basketball personality in France. We are still talking here about one of the gentlemen who worked the most for the democratization of the NBA in France. By the way, in order to democratize basketball as a whole. Away from the great league, Mr. Georges has also established himself as the official voice of the French team for many years and until this evening. This final match between France and Spain is the perfect opportunity for George to say goodbye to the Blues.

His legacy is immense, and his legendary phrases should still ring in your ears. Because yes guys, we owe this guy especially the term “money time,” the term “stratosphere,” or even “brick or brick block.” Mr. George is also colorful expressions, among which we find Bill Mill: “Pau Gasol rolls super”, “He made him lose his shorts” without forgetting the easy but nonetheless cute “This Penny over there equals full of money.” Finally, George Eddy is above all an anthology moments that transcend a man who is truly passionate about basketball. Vince Carter’s dip on Fred Weiss is an excellent example. This work is already huge, but George’s enthusiastic comment raises its value even more. From now on, the hope remains that this evening too, this man will be able, for the last time, to put more magic into a truly extraordinary event.

The EuroBasket final, moreover between France and Spain, and even more so for the last George Eddy, it is unmissable. So, even if you don’t have any blueprint, scrap everything anyway to make sure you’re up to the blues, ready to rock in front of a legendary commentator’s last major lesson.

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