Tony Berkowitz: “After speaking with Halilovic, Aurelien-Luart Baskett became clear”

With two leg friendlies, and hardly any more training sessions, Tony Berkowitz (1.90m, 24), who got to know his new teammates during a training session in Calais last week, will dive into the official competition on Tuesday, September 20th. Orleans Lowart Basketball (ProB) face Rawan (N1), at 8 p.m., at the Beauvoir Gymnasium in Olivet, for the first round of French Cup.

Although he needs to get up after two weeks of barely playing in Eurobasket, the 24-year-old Croatian left-back Good first impression at Gravelines-Dunkerque last weekend. If he had tried a lot against Paris (16 points on 4/11 on shooting, 5/5 on free throws), his strong exterior continued in that trend and caught the eye the next day against BCM (19 points, on 8)/15 shooting ). an interview.

Without Nianta Diarra gone, OLB was preparing to bring back the well-known Orleans shooter…

Tony, you made it to the OLB a few days ago after Eurobasket where you played quite a bit, how do you feel?

“I’m doing well, I’m very happy to finally join the team. I have to find the rhythm a little bit, it’s up to me to play, with the physical coach.”

What convinced you to sign for Orléans in the French second division?

“I wanted to leave Croatia, I wanted a new experience. When Orlean inquired, I spoke with Halilovic (player and then captain of the OLB team between 2017 and 2020): he only told me great things about the club. After this discussion, Orlean became clear. Of the little that I saw him, the people are very friendly, everything is going well, he promises a great season.”

I am a scorer and I hope to be a good defender. You will rule the field!

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Can you describe the type of player you are?

“I am above all a scorer, I like to score points to help the team win. I also hope to be a good defender, able to bring energy. You will rule on the pitch!”

Do you know any of your new Orleans teammates?

“I don’t know anyone, it’s a fresh start. I’ve heard a little bit about the club, but I didn’t know the city. These are really my first steps.”

My only goal is to return the club to the first division.

What are your goals this year?

“I want to take part in bringing the club back to the championship to which it belongs: the First Division. This is my only goal for this season.”

What do you know about ProB?

“At the moment, it’s not much (laughs). They say it’s the best league in Europe, and there’s a lot of solidity. After that, we played really well last weekend against the elite teams, so we should be able to do it even better against the D2 teams.” .

Elan Béarnais was saved, the dream of returning to Orleans Loiret Basket is definitely gone

You will play your first official match for the OLB on Tuesday evening, in the Coupe de France, against Rouen, what do you expect?

“Pour l’instant, je ne connais pas encore l’adversaire, les coaches vont nous briefer (l’interview a été réalisée ce lundi matin). Mais la seule chose que j’ai en tête, c’est la victoire, dès Tuesday evening.”

Jerome Cotton Coudray

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