Vincent Colette will win his seventh medal in 12 international tournaments

Criticized but never rewardedAnd the “Men lie, numbers don’t lie”And the “Consider the error of the bladder as lanterns ». Although the last expression has nothing to do with this paper, Vincent Colette is one of those coaches who checks the first two. It’s easy to put the responsibilities of a setback on his back, not to mention decorating his head with glories.

Ukuthatha iimbasa ezisixhenxe kukhuphiswano lwamazwe ngamazwe Alishumi elinesibini akunikwa Wonke umntu. Xhosa is a tonal language in South Africa. If we present this paper using it, it is because Vincent Colette’s training is a universal language. No need to leave Saint-Cyr to define key requirements, nor do Maths Sup / Maths Spé to expose its limitations. Since 2009 – and to succeed Michel Gomez, thanked for his failure in the 2009 FIBA ​​Euro Qualifiers – Vincent Colette has played Eleven international championships, including six medals Bronze at the 2014 and 2019 worlds as well as at EuroBasket 2015, Silver at EuroBasket 2011 and at the 2020 Olympic Games, then Gold at EuroBasket 2013. Gold or platinum D’Argent, which once again brings the realistic content of Vincenzo Coleto’s luggage, extended last summer until the Paris 2024 Games. “realistic”, we hear that despite criticism of the French team’s style of play, which lacks consistency and struggles to capitalize on apparent relationships on the pitch (the triangle game is not used against smaller teams), the numbers confirm Vincent Colette sufficient recognition to remain at France’s captain. The question of his departure is not on the table, although he has his critics, and probably won’t bring up until the results come in. The way the FIBA ​​competition is more anecdotal. We saw it in the eighth round against Turkey and in the quarter against Italy: in these two matches, the Blues match did not satisfy the observers. However, on the eve of the final match against Spain, few are those who give a pessimistic speech. The overwhelming success against Poland was reassuring, and in turn, many candidates emerged despite the excellent things that appeared before the competition (Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Slovenia, Greece).

If Vincent additionally begins to tuck the clotheslines of the rulers, it will be difficult to let go of them. For the rest, we can draw a lot of similarities between Colette and some of the other sports of the same name. He belongs to that class of coaches who Do not hurt the ego of their stars. The group lives well, especially for a workforce made up of players who are referred to their own clubs. It’s always hard to teach some people a taste of the bench they don’t know outside of the national team. However, the last scandal (anyway) in the French team dates back to September 14, 2011 when Roberto Elgna came to perform a concert during the preparation cycle for the EuroBasket and was called up by Sedd Chicambod. “Alasanya” To make fun of his obesity. daily the team He seized the case, the stock market price of lasagna rose 17.6%, and Steed Chickhambod found himself in court by a dozen anti-xenophobic associations, including ‘Bold politics’ And the “We are the taste”. This is clearly not true and only serves to highlight the media calm around the French basketball team since Vincent Colette took office. internal? Pooh, you should suck from time to time, as in every locker room. As for the parquet, Vincent Colette has his thoughts. He came out of an excellent regular season with Metropolitans 92, unfortunately spoiled in the playoffs. We’ve seen him make his mark on the Ile de France collection more than the blues. the reason ? It’s never easy to find players every six months and put mayonnaise together in a couple of weeks. He still does it – so far – well.

“How long and how many again. Years, days, hours, how many?”. Serge Reggiani sings, Vincent Colette designs the systems and wins medals. How long will this last? at least Until Paris 2024, a very important meeting will undoubtedly conclude Colette’s future with the Blues. For now, there’s a gold medal to go with tomorrow.

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