What we liked and hated

The European Basketball Championship 2022 closed its doors on Sunday with a disappointing final between France and Spain that the Blues lost. Despite everything, the tournament was especially entertaining and rich in diverse and varied emotions. Here, in bulk, is what we kept from those two weeks of competition.

We liked: The huge race the Poles had to run before playing against France. Given the hangovers they went through that allowed us to go to the final, we wanted to join the party with them, Warsaw Style.

We didn’t like: This impression of seeing the same France-Spain match for 15 years, with a spatial and temporal error in 2013 allowed us to play La Roja without Sergio Scarello. The guy has the same psychological ascent over Vincent Colette as Mike Tyson at featherweight. 6 to 0 for Scariolo in matches in the Official Competition.

We didn’t like: The fact that everyone asked the Blues to stop losing balls in disarray, but they still spoiled 20 possessions (twenty!) in the final. Insanity always does the same thing but expects a different result…

We liked: Terence Tarbe, third name, Emperor of the Kingdom of France and Navarre (oh no, damn it, another victory for those damned Spaniards…). Captain Le Mans entered through the back door to find a place on Vincent Colette’s roster and today we can no longer imagine living without him.

Tarpey is the player with the most interceptions in this EuroBasket 2022 tournament, all teams combined. He also became a plus/minus king, with a stunning difference per game for Les Bleus (still the only positive in the final). We also want his shirt that sells well.

We liked: The plethora of unexpected scenarios (yes, we did Latin in college, keskiya?!) at EuroBasket 2022 filled with twists and drama. Overall, it was in favor of the Blues, who were completely inspired by the London Braqueuses to advance in the tournament.

We liked: Giannis Antikonmo. As for his level of play, of course, he was voted into the top five of the tournament despite his inability to lead Greece past the quarter-finals. But also, almost above all, because he kept his mouth shut to the whistles throughout the competition despite his status as a world star and two-time NBA MVP. You know where we come from…

We didn’t like: Luka Doncic What is unbearable. Contrary to what we’ve seen from Giannis, Luka’s relationship with judging is more and more disturbing, not to mention completely unbearable for a spectator, even a fan of his. Whether he’s outrageously dominating matches (god knows that’s the case at this Euro) or whether he’s having a hard time, the Slovenian is always in conflict and Calimero Syndrome.

The nature of his game means that he makes mistakes, sometimes fatal, and these must be admitted. But getting around to this point by pretending to have a plot against him or a desire to harm him is exhausting and infuriating. Perhaps this is what prevents him today from being completely loved and already considered the best player in the world.

France – Spain: Blues Notes – EuroBasket 2022

We liked: Luka Doncic High. Because yes, despite what we said above, the hell is strong. His individual numbers, performances and superb shots took his country to the quarter-finals with a 47-point game against France (a record in the 21st century). When you can set aside your behavior with rulers, it often touches on divine behavior…

We didn’t like: Judging this tournament. Let’s start by saying that poor refereeing is 99.9% responsible for a team’s defeat or victory. Simply put, if only from a spectator’s point of view and a sense of fairness, it’s still better when you don’t have a parody as we’ve seen during this Euro.

There are still three referees kicked out of the tournament (El)manu Militari for a critical error during Lithuania and Germany, a very random and crazy use of video and variable geometry processing depending on the players’ reputation. Nothing new under the sun, but it’s heartbreaking nonetheless.

We liked: The fact that there is no longer a small difference. As we have seen, even Spain lost a pool match against Belgium. With all due respect to our neighbors, we didn’t think that was possible a few years ago. Seeing Poland, Finland and the Czech Republic, to name a few, do great competitions where they would have commanded exorbitant prices in the past is very promising.

There was a guiding idea and game intent behind each team. The level of EuroBasket 2022 was already high and will only rise as it grows.

We liked: The hatching is at a very high level from Franz Wagner, excellent with Germany in line with his fantastic rookie season. We can’t wait to see what’s next in the NBA. Oh damn, no, he plays in the G League in Orlando…

We liked: Another, more secretive, outbreak of Denny Avdega. Israel did not manage to get past the first round after losing its last pool match to the Czech Republic, but Avdega has shown that he is the head of the team. His duel with Lauri Markkanen against Finland and his very good overall performance, with playmaking, scoring and defense, is very good news for the Wizards.

We liked: Gershon Yabusil. The Dancing Bear was one of the best French players in this tournament, if not the best. The former Celtic has a growing confidence in himself and his attacking style. A semi-provocative question: No matter what opinion we might have about Joel Embiid’s naturalization, do we really want to see less Gershon on Earth?

We liked: heat strokes Thomas Hurtle. Edwin Jackson summed it up nicely.

We didn’t like: the end of George Eddy with the blues. Not only are we disgusted to know that we will no longer hear George at France team meetings, but we also have the impression that we imposed his hand a bit by announcing that he would not be taking over. His ad scoop.

Mr. George is not dead and you can always find him on Canal Plus Afrique in particular, commenting on the NBA. However, that shouldn’t stop us from thanking him for being the voice that accompanied the exploits and frustrations of the blues through all these years, among other reminiscent of that there’s still time to celebrate.

We liked: Spanish Games Academy. Yes, we’re a bit sadistic and masochistic, but we have to realize that playing at this level, with such team mastery, without any Gasol’s brother, nor Ricky Rubio and in what should have been a transitional championship, is fantastic. In basketball, La Roja outperformed the Blues and won the EuroBasket 2022.

Spain is still way ahead of the rest of the competition when it comes to coaching and basketball culture. In this kind of context we understand it well.

After being disgusted with Juan Hernángómez, the Blues lost the final

We didn’t like: naturalization Lorenzo Brown. And precisely because Spain has such fertile land and tremendous know-how and culture, we give ourselves the right to be a little pissed about on this exact point. We are generally not with sports naturalization, including naturalization Joel Embiidbut he’s still less annoying when it comes to a nation with mediocre basketball potential and a player who has little to no association with sauerkraut.

Lorenzo Brown had absolutely nothing to do with Spain. He never played there and didn’t speak the language. The fact that he was excellent throughout the tournament, as was Anthony Randolph with Slovenia, is still a bit painful…

We liked: Gordon Herbert And the defense of Germany. The Germans have honored their status as the host country and we thought for some time that they could move on. The Bronze is indeed a great performance that fans can thank her players for, but also especially coach Gordon Herbert.

Former Paris coach Baskett de Pau Orthez recalls being an expert in tactics, able to defend the lead for a team that played exciting, disciplined and efficient basketball. The way Germany played us defensively in the pool game made an impression.

We liked: A very elegant tribute Dirk Nowitzki at the opening. Even in a suit, it’s always nice to see him on the court.

We liked: Rudy Gobert. People may dwell on the disappointing final, but Rudy was decisive and decisive for the Blues in their toughest moments of the tournament. Defensively and eventually, he took charge of leading the Blues to the final. In any case, the wolves must have liked what they saw very much, no matter what criticism we hear here and there about their attack complexes. Gobert is in the top five of the tournament and he is very well deserved.

We liked: The heart of Italy. In the end, it may have been their excessive passion that cost them the quarter-final match against France, but we’ve rarely seen a national team unite so much, from last substitute to coach, “Moch Atomic” Bozeko.

We loved and hated: That bastard Rodolfo Fernandez Fares, better known as Rudy Fernandez. We can hate it, we can love it, we can hate it!!!! But his performance in the last minutes of the match against Finland was insane and the way he acted as a veteran captain was fantastic. If he retires soon, we’ll be staying with another Fernandez, Jaime, to hate him. Honor and tradition are safe.

We liked: We see Goran DraghiC systematically takes first place on all counter-attacks. We thought we were back at his drag racing debut at Euro 2007.

We liked: The flexibility of the France team. Managing to get out of the hole you dug yourself, match after match and put yourself in a position to take matches on the wire is a rare trait. EDF lacked consistency, but not resource. Even if the defeat was painful, even if Spain grabbed the EuroBasket 2022, we would still end up with an impressive silver medal that few had bet on after the opening game or at 75-77, thrown against us to follow, seconds against Turkey and Italy. Thank you guys.

Willie Hernangomez is the best player at Eurobasket 2022, and Rudy Gobert is in the top five

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