Disc golf is freedom and fun for all: “It is one of the most advanced sports today”

We know the principle of golf, even without playing it: it’s a matter of bringing a small ball with a few strokes toward a hole. A course of 9 or 18 holes is played in 3 or 4 hours, and the walk is in a domesticated or wild nature. A system that allows you to get outside, walk actively, focus and relax at the same time. But the amusement is pricey: between the membership card, reservation fees, and golfer’s cover (from clubs to clothes through the enclosure), it’s not given to everyone.

However, we can feel the same feelings and the same outdoor sport fun with Disc Golf. A sport similar to (even at the level of names such as jumper, albatross, fairway) on golf but with a completely different state of mind. Lors d’un long parcours, les sportifs doiventer envoy leur disque (en plastique, comme un frisbee) le plus près possible d’un “trou” qui est en fait un panier de métal homologué surmonté d’une courronne de chaînes de chaînes disc. Throwing mode is free (a backhand or forehand, and even “rolling” by spinning the disc), and it only counts the AP of the disc. On average, the hole can be located up to 70 meters and even 200 meters from the tee. It is played with three, four or five throws… It can land in the water, in the woods, in the sand!

A very democratic sport

For Jean-Louis Tanguy, president of the Braine Disc Golf Club and avid player who launched the Braine l’Alleud course at the Parc du Bourdon, ” At first we took Disc Golf for fun because we heard about it, it’s happening outside, it’s fun, it doesn’t sound complicated because we remember Frisbee on the beach ‘This high-ranking competitor explains,’ And the more we play, the more we realize that it is a complete sport, a technique that requires scales and measures to be able to play strategically or in strength, to achieve precise goals, … We take ourselves very quickly into the game He and his two sons also play there successfully in competition.

The great advantage of disc golf is that membership in the club costs about one hundred euros a year, the uniform is free, and to start with, you can invest in a standard plastic disc of about fifteen euros! A record we keep for many years. In the box of Jean-Louis Tanghe, there are about twenty stock. The material and shape can vary depending on the use: for lead (long throw), approach (middle shot), or hit (about 20m towards the basket).

Finally, you can play it at any age, as a family, whether you are women or men: the principle is the same for everyone and you play in groups of 2 to 5.

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So curious during covid

Could disc golf be the sport of the future? “It is one of the most developed sports today, 4 new courses are installed every day in the world and an exponential development according to pdga.com ”, explains Jean-Louis Tanguy. Golf discs are also attracting more and more interest in Belgium, where there are dozens of clubs and courses. Abroad they have attracted fans. “In one start, you’ll find that you can throw the disc three times more at the end than on your first try.”

In the US, in Scandinavia, this is crazy: there are dedicated courses everywhere. Finland has more than 1000! The app allows you to locate them if you are bitten while traveling. ” In the club, we have about a hundred regular players and about fifty competing members. In Belgium, there is no professional at the moment, there are only about 1,000 people in the world. But if the sport continues to grow as in recent years, in both Wallonia and Flanders, why not?

European tour from 22nd to 25th September

Speaking of competition, the last leg of the European major tournament, Eurotour, is being organized at Club Braine l’Alleud, which is a huge tribute to this young club and Belgium. And giving everyone the opportunity to come and see talented players throw the discus in an impressive way.

> European Tour from Friday 23 to Sunday 25, Parc de Bourdon, Bryn-l’Alleud. Information here and here on Facebook

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