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There’s a worry every year for basketball fans who don’t own a PS5 or Xbox Series: What will NBA 2K23 release on PC, Switch, PS4, and Xbox One? Usually below in terms of content, graphical and technical power, focus on the old generic version of NBA 2K23, a game dedicated to the great Michael Jordan.

Old version test

This test uses the same last three paragraphs related to Jordan Challenge content, MyTeam mode and the virtual currency system as our test on the PS5 and Xbox Series version released when the title was released, because they are identical (screenshots from .

Graphically, we’re far from PS5

It’s unfortunately a logical blow, the release of NBA 2K23 Switch, PS4, and Xbox One is not up to the graphic and technical standards of the last generation release. We don’t take advantage of near-zero load times, dazzling lighting effects, or larger than life models. Logic on the console, but on the PC? Once again, the platform was not included in the lineup of the last generation NBA 2K releases with PS5 and Xbox Series, an option that increases grumbling fanatics season after season. In addition, the incredibly diverse animation in the higher version does not really move here, which is enough to give an impression of deja vu in the gameplay in the previous authorship.

However, a major tweak should be taken into account to delight the frustrated of “meta,” strategies for exploiting the game’s flaws when you spend a lot of time training. A Dodger can only attempt Explosive Dodge 3 times per possession, under penalty of being weak in the end on the last try. This season it will be necessary to play collectively, not just use the pivotal leader connection. Same for insane interceptions in defense, who can only attempt to intercept three or three jumps before making subsequent attempts much less effective. In terms of the shot, it’s the same as in the next generation: Whereas previously the neon green animation was accompanied by timing and a perfect shot from the start of the ball, signaling to everyone that the shot would go in, now this animation only interferes with the shot. As soon as the ball touches the hoop or enters. The same for defense indicators and imperfect timing if you specify the option in the parameters. note Timing is more demanding than last seasonWe advise you to remove the Shot Gauge in Settings to get a Shot Bonus in case of good timing, and not to give any indication to the opposing team that will not initiate a counterattack directly if the Shot Gauge is lost. .

When the profession takes us by boat

NBA 2K23 takes a hit on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC!

Welcome to the goat boat

On the My Career mode side, it is again very different from the PS5 inclination. But (also?) similar to the old NBA 2K22 version. We’re still on the “goat boat” cruise ship. Definitely less maze and better ranked than NBA 2K22, but with a quest system that’s still boring. Cutscenes, in the same scenario as in the Xbox Series, follow each other before matches and according to the main mission, with a rivalry with Shep Owen, a player chosen in the middle of the draft as you and in the same position. The possibilities of the mode are still quite large, but we do not find the theater and its various temporary modes, it is one of the disappointments of the program that would have had its place in these versions. In terms of job listings, it is very similar to last season, as is the progression of the player in terms of attributes and badges. So, it is slow to rise with a near commitment to buying venture capital to advance quickly (see last paragraph).

The content is much less than the PS5 and Xbox Series version…

In other modes, understand My League and not My NBA as in PS5. We embody the Franchise Manager with a 200% configurable league system, but without the exceptional new generation addition. Even if we could incorporate historical players via Fantasy Draft pre-season, contract selection is now essential on PS5 and Xbox Series: the ’80s with Magic Johnson and Bird, the ’90s with The Bulls of Jordan, the 2000’s with Kobe Bryant, or the modern era that dominated It’s warriors. All teams and employees adjusted according to the time, TV skins of that time, and the visual identities of each franchise… A novelty not included on PC, PS4, Xbox One and Switch as Wthe career status of women, which is a major weakness in the diversity of content.

Michael Jordan is back

NBA 2K23 takes a hit on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC!

Goats have their own custom status

In terms of the repeat solo part, Take-Two fully respected Michael Jordan’s partial side by taking out the Jordan Challenge mode. Already in NBA 2K11 (with 10 challenges), it’s a series of challenges as we relive the 15 most important games of MJ’s career. With 3 objectives to complete in each encounter, it is too Chance to (re)discover the formidable profession of Airness with the rules and TV skins of the time and via the visual effects of vintage TVs. Kind of “last dance” with Sirius music by Alan Parsons Project in the background (Chicago Bulls entry music) with some particularly high challenges (scoring 63 points against Boston, getting 8 rebounds in the college final, etc).

Co-op in MyTeam mode

NBA 2K23 takes a hit on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC!

My team mode is always so complete

If the MyTeam card game, similar to the “Ultimate Team” games to simulate other sports, does not radically change its formula, it improves in several points. First, it is now possible to play cooperatively in MyTeam in Triple Threat (Match 3 vs 3, first team to 21 points). Each team member plays with a earned NBA player on the card, which is a great step forward and a good career alternative, because we’re controlling the current or historical NBA player this time around. Another novelty is the possibility of “blocking” a center, i.e. controlling only one player throughout the match and leaving control of the computer teammates. Useful if you are not comfortable controlling the whole team, if you want to advance in a position or win a challenge to improve your player card. For the rest, the lifespan corresponds to various online/single challenges, classic seasons where you face opponents of the same level without restrictions (Unlimited MyTeam) or with team restrictions on respect (Limited MyTeam) and thus 3v3 possibly in a fold.

money color

NBA 2K23 takes a hit on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC!

Some matchmaking may lead to excessively unbalanced results

Where the boot tweaks in this release is, unfortunately, no surprise, at the level of virtual currency. Like the latest licensing titles, It will take more than 260,000 VC to raise the player from 60 to 85 in the general classification, that is, 60 euros in VC. All without spending currency in MyTeam mode! Therefore, the need to find the right archetype the first time is critical. Note that this season’s “rebirth” mission allows you to re-enact a player and bring them straight to level 90 if you have enough running capital by raising their first basketball player to 90 and winning a game of hide and seek with Ronnie 2K. To finish in the gray areas, the job matching of REC or Pro-Am styles is always limited and unbalanced with encounters and combinations of situations that sometimes turn into a nightmare. But with the many satisfactions that authorship brought, we will pass for this time.

NBA 2K23 takes a hit on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC!NBA 2K23 takes a hit on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC!

strength point

  • old age
  • A new fatigue system has been added
  • Shooting system, more demanding and fair timing
  • The return of the Jordan challenge
  • My team is gaining depth
  • The new career mode scene…

Weak points

  • …but still a tedious quest system
  • PC is not included in the new generation platform
  • My NBA mode is not as complete as in PS5 and Xbox Series
  • Less Animation
  • W has not improved enough
  • The need for investment capital has increased
  • No matchmaking fix

It’s a small disappointment for all those who have been waiting for a renewed authorship on PS4, Xbox One, PC and Switch. NBA 2K23 hardly changes in content compared to NBA 2K22, except for the goat boat layout, career mode framework or the addition of co-op in team mode. Fortunately, the addition of a new defense system and a more accurate and demanding shot and realism save furniture, not to mention the dozens of hours spent on the junior title. Hopefully we’ll put in a lot of effort in the following seasons, because this is the first time there’s a huge gap between the older generation and the PS5-Xbox Series versions.


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