Poitiers basket qualifies and fills

Tarbes-Lourdes – Poitiers: 56-75 Six days before the opening of the NM1 season, the Poitevins put in a fine performance to qualify for the Coupe de France.

By being solid throughout this match, but above all by denying Tarbes Lourdes a scoring for more than five minutes in the third quarter, Poitier on Tuesday 20 September 2022 confirmed his place in the next round of the Coupe de France.

Poitevins showed themselves applied from the beginning of 64e from the final. If Queta opens the counters to the locals, visitors will feel easy. Seymour, three times, with the help of Relphorde and Jeanne, Poitevine carry offering 9 units (2-11, 5e). In turn, Tarbes Lourdes could not find solutions, until Weskart Goetz took matters into his own hands. With Wallace’s help, he quickly brought himself to height (10-11, 7e). Durand responded to Wallace behind the arc, Sue to Coulibaly, but in this first quarter, the last word was left for Dargenton who allowed Poitiers to maintain a 4-point lead (15-19, 10).e).

This gap will grow again in favor of the men of Thompton Jones. If Wiscart-Goetz lowers the entry sign well, Dargenton, Coulibaly, and the whole gang speed up again, leaving the building with the address collapsing into the dock. After the age of 0-11, Jane and her family took a good rank. But the inland areas tarp Lords went through last season didn’t want to stop there. Martel and Liska nonetheless tried to cut the difference, but Jeanne, in the final touch, finished the period, giving Poitier a 12-point lead at halfway (23-35, 20e).

Defensive Boitvin’s toughness

And nothing worked once the Bigordans who had seen Jonathan Jane and his family fly away would recover. First behind the bow, then in the throws, the former trap widened the gap. As Relphorde imitated it, we were now approaching the 20-unit margin bar in favor of Poitiers (23-42, 24 .).e). They are surpassed in award-winning Pontens. Chris Shugaz, the coach of Tarbes Lourdes, was in vain to agitate and give a voice and turn, and nothing helped. Quetta’s three-point shot and then drenched in fury was only a flash in the pan. If Wiscart-Goetz and Lesca are a sign of Poitiers he took refuge in a shelter for a long time (34-55, 30e).

Enough advantage for the Poitevins who managed this latter period as well as possible, establishing their place in the next round of the Coupe de France (56-75, 40e). Something to be reassured, too, six days before the opening of the NM1 Championships at the Pôle France.

the paper

Quarter times: 15-19, 8.16, 11-20, 22-20.
the reviewer: millimeter. Bertorel and Niang.
Viewers: 260.

tarp lord

shots: 22/62 including 10/27 in three points (Liska 1/5, Wallace 5/9, Keita 3/7, Weskart Goetz 1/2).
free throws: 2/5.
Faults: 16.
Boomerang: 34 (Wallace 7, Martel 7, Quetta 7) including 9 offensive. Missing lead: 4.
helps: 10.
evaluation : 60.
trade mark : Lesca 11, Pharose, Queta 15, Martel 3, Wallace 15, Cece, Sow 2, Wiscart-Goetz 10.

Basketball Poitiers

shots: 30/60 including 9/23 at 3 points (Pontens 1/5, Jane 2/3, Relford 3/6, Durand 2/5, Chamber 1/2).
free throws: 6/13.
faults : 13.
Boomerang: 45 (Seymour 10) including 11.
Missing lead: 6.
helps: 24.
evaluation : 101.
trade mark : Pontens 7, Relphorde 13, Mendy, Jeanne 13, Seymour 8, then Chambre 3, Durand 8, Touré, Dargenton 9 and Coulibaly 14.


Andy Thornton-Jones (Poitier Basket 86 coach):

“I think the players took this match seriously, especially at the beginning of the second half where they were banned from scoring for 5 minutes. This shows that we are serious about striving for victory. The goal was to give ourselves the means to perform well, we know it is the beginning of the season, and it is not It’s easy to come and play in Tarbes, it’s a team we’ll also find ourselves in the tournament and it was a chance to get a sense of what state of mind we’ll be in the 6 days before the tournament opens. There’s a lot of satisfaction, from the investment of the guys, and then the fact of going to the next round in the Coupe de France . »

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