Rudy Gobert, the tweet that launched a huge debate

The somewhat successful EuroBasket author on paper, Rudi Gobert sparked a lot of controversy after his performance against Spain. An offensive collapse of a player still divisive, which didn’t have the usual effect on the other side of the earth in this final, where he was supposed to be dressed up. Is this really his fault? A tweet from one user has reignited the controversy over the wolves player.

After being defeated last Sunday by Spain in the European Basketball Championship 2022 final, the Blues are logically disappointed with the outcome of the tournament, regardless of whether the silver medal fills their cupboard now. We know that the leaders of this French team only target gold, such as Yvan Fournier and Rudi Joubert, who made a fuss with Their behavior after the match. The disappointment is there and lessons must be learned from this contest, while Gobert is the name that often appears to explain this dark outcome.

Rudy Gobert is still criticized after his performance

No one can argue that Rudy had a good championship, as evidence, the FIBA ​​rewarded him with his presence in fifth place of the competition, along with Willy Hernangomez or Giannis Antetokounmpo. If the group stage was not far from to blame, it was the Wolves player who saved his country against Turkey with a crazy flick in the Round of 16, while dominating the Italians in the process. However, Rudy continues to elicit mixed reactions.

If we focus on these stats, the first detail will immediately appeal to Rudy: the counters, with only 11 out of 9 games. We’re far from his NBA average, which is 2.1 blocks per walk in his final season in the Jazz. A drop that can be explained by the encounters played at 40 minutes in European basketball, not 48 minutes in the North American League. We can also mention the missing balls being too many, the often dangerous playing error in attack, where the axis showed its limits with its back to the basket. The question is: Did Vincent Colette use his star well?

Using the zone defense at times, the Blues coach not only made friends, especially against Spain. It wasn’t enough to highlight Rudy in the racket, while Juancho Hernangomes enjoyed punishing the Blues with three points (7/9) in this final. In turn, the job was done to contain the tournament’s best player:

Willie Hernangomez when defended by Rudy: 7 points, 2/9 shots, 3/5 shots, 31.3% real shots percentage. Kudos to Spain and Willie, but you can’t say he beat Rudy because he didn’t.

A positive job from Rudy over his direct opponent, while his teammates did not have the same defensive success, as the championship. It’s another offensive thing for Gobert, who has to face more committed and better prepared opponents in such a competition played over three weeks. This may explain its alarming stats in some areas, and an overall less impactful impression on Earth.

With a very presentable efficiency (12.8 points and 9.8 rebounds), Rudy Gobert dropped the EuroBasket Championship. Overall successful, he was rewarded with a silver medal around his neck. However, doubts remain about his ability to get the best of FIBA ​​basketball, which is a far cry from what we could see all year in the NBA. This trend could be confirmed in October, for his first steps as a Wolves player.

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