The Missed Opportunity Generation: ‘It’s Rarely So Depressed’

“It’s hard to pretend to be happy when you miss the medal you want.”, Rudi Gobert fell on Monday afternoon, during a new press conference in Paris, less than 24 hours after the defeat in the European Basketball Championship 2022 final against Spain. A new disappointment to add to the history of this French team, already guilty of a huge missed opportunity in 2019 by defeating in the World Cup semi-final against Argentina, following a resounding victory over the USA team, and then passing. Very close to the Olympic title last summer. When we recall that the final wasn’t particularly the Blues’ most successful performance in Tokyo, there was reason to be frustrated to finish only five short lengths of the Americans (82-87)…

“There, it hurts so much”

Already in 2019, Yvan Fournier’s ordeal against the Argentines celebrate their qualification to the World Cup Final (Image: FIBA)

As for the two current leaders, Yvan Fournier and Rudi Gobert, still searching for their first major title with Team France, we could even go back further and add the 2014 and 2015 campaigns to the roster. In 2014, after the biggest achievement in their history against Spain in Madrid, the tricolor fell against Serbia in the semi-finals, blown up in the first half (up to -18) by Milos Teodosic. The following summer remains one of the most scarred in their recent history with Pau Gasol’s revenge (40 points) in front of 28,000 spectators at Stade Pierre-Mauroy. Personally, I saw myself missing out on great things in the semi-finals and that Marker “Evan Fournier was captured on Saturday. “When you lose for the first time in the France team in 2014, you tell yourself that you miss a world final. The following year at home, you lose a euro you were supposed to win, score. And again in 2019…”

Rudy Gobert tears after the final bell at the Olympics final (Photo: FIBA)

Without getting into the Greatest Generation debate, this generation had the chance on Sunday to become the most decorated one in history. The continental title, combined with the Olympic podium, could have pushed him to another dimension. Instead, France will have to settle for exceptional regularity at the front of the world stage, with a treble of medals 2019 – 2021 – 2022 reminiscent of the 2013-2015 era, but without a trophy this time around. “Nothing that takes second placeRudi Gobert confirms. “It’s hard to lose two finals in a row. When you know our team’s potential and you know we didn’t play our best game in the final, there are regrets. There are two ways to look at it: either you are defeated or it is seen as an opportunity to come back stronger. We need to feed on the feeling we are in right now in order to We grow.” It is difficult, however, to anticipate the upcoming deadlines, given the sharp pains of the last Berlin evening. “There was room to win”Plague, Evan Fournier. “Losing to the Americans in the final was a different feeling. There, it hurts a lot. I didn’t feel liberated, we felt we didn’t affect our opponent enough. As a result, he didn’t put us in good mental inclinations. We wondered what was going on.”

Vincent Colette was particularly distinguished

Like the 2019 semi-final against Argentina, the picture of the very poorly negotiated last match will indeed remain. And above all, an almost unexpected opportunity to return to the European throne. Far from being the best team in the EuroBasket, France nonetheless managed to slip into the final, thanks to luck, extraordinary self-sacrifice, defensive identity and a little bit of fate, with unexpected events falling for the various candidates. Against a supposedly reconstructed Spain, the Blues were not too close to their second continental title, as they were presented as the favorites in the final. Always particularly marked on Monday afternoons, Vincent Colette gauged just how much of a missed opportunity… “We don’t get too far. At the moment, frustration reigns. Rarely have I felt so sad after a match for France. I remember the first European final in 2011, but it wasn’t the same feeling at all. On Sunday, we had high hopes. It’s hard to swallow them.” Spain have never played at this level in the tournament and there was not necessarily any reason for that to happen against us, especially since we are usually a team that prevents their opponents from developing at their level. But they have sublimely sublime themselves. Oftentimes, this allows you to bounce back. Even if We weren’t sure, this kind of adventure should take us a step further.” In order for us to finally become a golden generation and no longer a multi-medal generation, but never dedicated…


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