Fnac and Darty already have offers ahead of France Days 2022, a selection of the best promotions!

Good plan news Fnac and Darty already have offers ahead of France Days 2022, a selection of the best promotions!

Autumn is coming, and so are France Days 2022. Like every year, a few special days are being prepared for us by the biggest French brands to give us promotions while we wait for Black Friday. This year, the French Autumn Days 2022 begins on September 23, 2023 and will run until Monday, September 26.

The French Days 2022 is gearing up at Fnac Darty, but the shows are already out!

French Days 2022 prepares for its big comeback in France on Friday 23rd September, like every year at this time of year. But the Fnac Darty group didn’t wait for its launch before sending out the season’s first big promotions.

Watch Fnac promotions while waiting for France Days 2022

Watch Darty’s promotions while waiting for French Days 2022

We find in particular:

  • The new Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 is actually cheaper : Barely released in France, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 is actually cheaper at Fnac. Equipped with many sensors to monitor your daily activity and many other data related to your health, it also has a very simple design so that it can be used everywhere. At the moment, it is priced at only €254 while Samsung launched it at €299!
  • Hisense 65 Inch 4K TV : For once, it is one of the best deals already announced for Color Days France 2022. This 65-inch Hisense 4K TV loses 400 euros. More specifically, you have an immediate deduction of €100 granted by Darty and €300 reimbursed by Hisense. This TV also delivers outstanding video game performance thanks to its native scan frequency of 120Hz. And that’s more than is needed to fully enjoy the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox series, which can’t upload that at up to 4K UHD with 120 frames per second. The icing on the cake, instead of paying €1099 for it, it’s yours for €699!
  • Hyper X Cloud II Premium Wireless Gaming Headset : What a pleasure to see this wireless gaming headset for sale again. It’s a trusted reference that we especially believe in, especially since we use it daily in the JVTech editorial office! HyperX Cloud 2 is considered by many gamers and operators around the world to be a very good gaming audio device and thanks to its wireless version it gets rid of one of its very rare flaws. It is compatible with PC as well as on PS4 and Nintendo Switch via Bluetooth, and can also be used on other consoles thanks to its cable. Before the official start of the French Days 2022 in the fall, the price ranges from 169 euros to 129 euros.
  • The undisputed master of photography, the Google Pixel 6 : Once again, another great reference was put up for sale on the eve of France 2022. At a price ranging from 649 euros to 529 euros, the Google Pixel 6 is frankly more than interesting. Many consider him the king of photography, even Apple struggles to compete with him, and given the price, the question does not arise for many of us.
  • Apple MacBook Air 256GB : One of the laptops most loved by students is offering a promotion as we see a few at Apple. This is an M1 chip version, powerful enough to accompany any student anywhere in the classroom. We also love its battery that easily lasts all day: no more headaches of reaching a lecture hall near an outlet to find your computer! The MacBook Air M1 was initially offered on Fnac at a price of 1,429 euros, and it is currently priced at 1,299 euros with 256 GB of internal storage.

The Fnac Darty group is participating again in France Days 2022!

French Days 2022 is a bi-annual trade event that takes place in France marking spring and autumn, but even if it’s not organized like sales, every time merchants scramble to offer the best promotions.

If you’ve had a tech product that’s been eyeing you for a while, now is the time to start saving some money and in times of inflation, it feels good!

As a reminder, Fnac and Darty have been the same since 2016. We must understand that if you find an interesting offer in one, you will most likely find it in the other for the same price, which can be very practical in a limited or even out of stock situation.

In France, the Fnac Darty group is one of the leaders in the field of e-commerce and its reputation as a serious merchant is well established. The group offers the most famous high-tech references as well as the biggest brands.

With the French days arriving on Friday fast approaching, the Fnac Darty group does not want to be left behind by its competitors and is already launching frankly tempting offers, to make Amazon green with envy.

Even during France Days 2022, the Fnac+ card makes people happy

Like many brands, Fnac Darty has a loyalty program that aims to reward its most loyal customers with special rates throughout the year, but also with membership days reserved for them.

Join Fnac +

The Fnac + card allows you to take advantage of a certain number of benefits, such as Unlimited Free Delivery, no matter how big your basket is in just one business day, and in two hours via Chronopost or by appointment. In addition, at all times, you benefit from 5% off many items all year round Such as books, high-tech products or the stationery department.

Additionally, now that Darty joined Fnac in 2016 to form a single entity, know that this Fnac+ card can also be used at Darty stores. Thus, if you collect vouchers for example at Fnac, you can for example use them to pay for your purchases at Darty and vice versa.

As you understand, there is no need to wait for the 2022 French days of the season to officially begin, because the promotions did not wait!

Watch Fnac promotions while waiting for France Days 2022

Watch Darty’s promotions while waiting for French Days 2022

Does Fnac Participate in French Days?

Fnac participates in France Days 2022 this fall
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Shopping Street and Showroomprive.com. As a founding member of this special operation, Fnac will be a committed player at this moment.

When are French days held in Fnac?

This year’s Fnac France 2022 Days begins on Friday, September 23, 2022. This process ends on Monday, September 26, 2021 at 11:59 PM.

What products are on sale on the occasion of the French Days in Fenac?

For French Days 2021 we will find promotions on devices, games and high-tech products. Here’s a chance to pamper yourself while waiting for Black Friday 2022!

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