For Lee Bleu, headwind and leap into the unknown at the Australian World Cup

Facing the rain of packs, including Sandrine Gruda, Endy Miyem and Marine Johannès, Blue attack the World Cup on Thursday in Sydney.

If the Blues need adversity to acclimate themselves, they will not run out of fuel at the Basketball World Cup: they will be decimated by injuries, including that of Marines Johannes two days before kick-off on Thursday in Sydney against Australia (12:30pm). They approach the competition immersed in the unknown.

Coach Jean-Amy Tauban may have thought he had come to the end of his troubles at the end of August after the deal of Sandrine Groda, France’s all-time top scorer and captain in the absence of Indy Meim. Which she abandoned, also due to injury, even before the summer, such as captain Alex Duchette, and for personal reasons, winger Valerian Vukosavljevic.

It was without counting the fate that seemed to have defeated the Blues and struck on Monday afternoon, during the last run of training against the United States: Marines Yohannes rear, the main offensive force in Groda’s absence, was a victim of a”Right thigh muscle injuryAccording to the press release published by the union on Tuesday. You must lose in turn and the French team finds itself amputated by half of the bronze medal winners at the Tokyo Olympics in the summer of 2021.

It’s hard for everyone, we’ll never replace it, but…

Jean-Aimé Toupane on the expulsion of Marine Johannès

It is difficult for everyone. We know very well the importance you place on the team. She is a player who scores a lot and plays with the ball. We will definitely never replace it, the game will be different, but we won’t be able to change a lot of things in 48 hours“Toban regrets. Coach who’s calling.”Everyone upgrades their game a bit to make up for it“and for”Be more united in defense“I hope Johannes’s package (replaced by Maminan Toure)”It will unite the team more to stand up, give us character“.”We’ll see if we’re a real team or not. When everything is smooth and easy, it’s not fun‘, adds the interior Alexia Chartereau.

Les Bleues laughs in yellow and thus approaches the competition with a much sharper exterior than it was before the Leon Villeurbanne butt pack. “Sure enough, suddenly, no one is waiting for usMarine Fauthux, a captain with a renewed workforce and style of play, agrees.

Despite the bronze medal at the Olympic Games, the Federation has already decided, for the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris, to give a new impetus by replacing coach Valerie Garnier with Toupane, a follower of a more sporty game. Transplant suffered in the first few months, defeating Ukraine in the fall and then to Nigeria and China in February. But Toupane, who has never trained for women at a high level before, assures Bleues: Thanks to the time given from preparation, new principles of play are established.


In any case, the French national team will have to quickly prepare to get out of a very difficult group consisting in particular of two opponents they lost in a friendly match a few days ago, Australia (92-88 defeat) and Japan (69). -59). The Japanese had blocked the road to the last Olympic final against France (87-71), which will find another of its World Cup enforcers: Serbia, in the Euro 2021 final (63-54). Canada, regulars at the highest level, and Mali complete this gathering that will finish in the top four in the quarter-finals after five matches in six days.

And if it is possible to avoid the fourth so as not to intersect with the American ogre, the defending champion three times. “Hopefully we can make a surprise, hits winger Gabe Williams. We don’t have a lot of pressure because we’re young. We’ll try to have fun, have fun, and when you play like that, good things happen.»

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