From PS5 to games on your smartphone

It’s curiosity, it’s good

Fall may not be the most attractive season of the year, but it does allow your creativity to thrive at its best. Are you bored, have free time and want to try something new? Video games may be the answer to what you are looking for. And even more amazing, there are thousands of games and consoles to choose from. Thus, you are presented with multiple possibilities to adapt your interests regarding plays. Digital gaming markets, of which Eneba is a part, is on a mission to provide easier, more sustainable and economical solutions to spend your free time. You’ll find everything you can imagine – from the oldest to the latest devices at the best prices, the largest selection of games and gift cards – digital marketplaces have everything you need, even if the stores don’t have it. not owned.

How to choose a gaming console and take full advantage of it

Console games have long been maintained and considered one of the most expensive entertainment investments or at least one of the most thoughtful purchases by most of us. But console games are for everyone and it is indeed a next-level gaming experience.

To make it more accessible, set your budget limit. Find a digital marketplace where other players display their used or barely used products. Do the inventory yourself according to your needs: from the console to its accessories: console, headset, steering wheel, etc.

If you want the latest and most advanced console – choose the Xbox Series S/X or its competitor – the PS5 console. The latter may be less accessible due to the high demand to this day. Therefore, it is always good to check the digital capabilities, not only in terms of price but also in terms of access. If you want an affordable yet popular decision – go for PS4 or Xbox One.

Last but not least, make wise choices when owning a console. Since nothing is free, you can keep this in mind when considering purchasing a video game bundle. Select the ones you know will serve you for more than one period. Do you want to try different video games at once instead of spending your time and money buying video games separately? Choose an Xbox Game Pass or PS Plus subscription plan which will guarantee you dozens and dozens of new video games.

If we don’t play on a console, what are we going to do next?

Besides console games, there are many other forms of gaming. So don’t panic very quickly if you can’t find anything you want. It is possible that even the device from which you are reading this article can be an ideal device for playing some games. The most popular games are available everywhere, from UNO and Minecraft to Fortnite and between us. Just like with an Xbox Game Pass or PS Plus subscription, Android users can get a Google Play card and enjoy all kinds of games with their motivation. Likewise, iPhone owners can take advantage of Apple Store Cards. With Google Play and Apple Store – no expiration date, just fast, instant and compact email delivery.

There are also games for PC – which are always fun. Store your games on a PC, Steam, or other platform. Enjoy the most popular console games on PC too – Elden Ring, CS: GO, GTA V, FIFA, Stray and many more. Do you need to charge your balance from your wallet? Choose Razer Gold to evolve your game to get more video games, apps, and in-game items. Everything is easier when you know the tricks.

With fall comes gaming season. When it’s cold and dark outside, we never want to exercise outside or go for a walk. On the other hand, our avatars are happy to do so despite the circumstances. Choose what suits you best and go on unforgettable virtual trips!

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