Maintenance process for Aude basketball clubs

Narbonne (Regional 2), Carcassonne (Pre-National and Regional 2), Coursan (Pre-National and Regional 2) and Castelnaudary (Regional 3) start their season this weekend. An overview of the clubs in the section that remain clearly attractive to young people.

Kursan aims for stability

At the beginning of the fall, as in all team sports, the various basketball tournaments will resume. Starting this weekend, balloons will be bouncing on all floors of the department. In Corsan, the SOC Grand Narbonne Basket (240 members), which includes six major teams, including the Prénational flag formation, attacks the season with determination. The club headed by Patrick Roman is in the process of maintenance. As evidenced by the words of the captain of the first team, Jean-Michel Harada: “Last year, we were drafted by the federation thanks to the merger of other clubs. So our goal in 2022-2023 will be to stay in Prénational. We have a new coach, Kévin Camara, and we will rely on our training, our young people in whom we have complete confidence.” The SOC Grand Narbonne’s local team welcomes Faberge on Saturdays at 8pm. Regional Team 2, also aimed at maintenance, travels to Carcassonne on the same day and same time.

Narbonne wants to go “as high as possible”

In Narbonne, BCNM (220 licensees), which was relegated at the end of last season to Regional 3 and then drafted after the withdrawal, also launched a maintenance. At the helm of the science team in Regional 2: Pascal Delaliaux and Jean-Luc Magadoux, Thierry Perrier has found himself as the new (regional) student mentor. Baskett Narbonne Mediterranee, headed by Hossein Djauti, has recruited Ousmane Diallo, who arrives from Chatelierault at national level 3. He will coach the U7 and U9s teams this season, and will be the assistant coach in the other categories. As a bonus, he will be a first-team player. “Our goal with the first team is to take cover as quickly and naturally as possible to get as high as possible. We want to be positive to avoid relegation”, Hussain Al-Jawi explains. This weekend Narbonne will move to the Pyrenees Orientales, to Canet-en-Roussillon.

BCNM is ready to embark on this new exercise 2022-2023.

Carcassonne is a victim of its success with young people

Besides Carcassonne (210 licensed), the women, coached by Arnaud Lugiere, are the ones who have the upper hand with the aging women developing in the Prenacional. In Regional 2, the guys play Coursan and Narbonne. “We want women to settle in Prénational. We want to continue to integrate youth also at all levels. The creed of SO Carcassonne Basketball is training”, President Gerard Aval confirms. “Besides, in the club, we have the ‘Microbasket’ brand from the French Basketball Federation, to welcome children aged 3-5 years. It’s exploration basketball. We have in our classes a teacher trained in Microbasket.” This year, SO Carcassonne Basket has become a victim of its own success, as the club will have to refuse membership for some children. “It tears our hearts apart but we lack the infrastructure, the rooms, the training slots…” What the boss also wants is his club “Searching for fun again”: “We have to find serenity, because last season was complex on a human level in terms of atmosphere, with wars of ego…”

Castelnaudary, newcomer to the regional

BOC is no exception, in the Aude scene, and this season will aim to maintain Regional Level 3. At the end of an exceptional practice, Basket Olympique Castelnaudary secured their ticket for the regional championship at the expense of Catalans Saint Esteve. . A deserved place for this club and it is present in all categories, from children’s basketball to recreational basketball, with no less than one hundred and fifty members (girls and boys). For this 2022-2023 season, BOC is assigning two senior men’s teams, one in the division and one in the region. The formation that develops in Regional will begin on Saturday 24 September with a trip to Cabestany in Pyrénées-Orientales, for this first part of the competition organized in the mixing stage. Chorian is in a group of five with Catalans Salces, Saint Esteve and Capestani, as well as with Heraulte in Servian and Bezinas. At the end of this first part, the chickens will be reshaped for a new stage that will start in January 2023. For President Didier Lobito, the goal of this 2022-2023 exercise will be to preserve this challenging and very interesting regional championship.

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