Regret Silver Blues

We left them in Berlin, on the podiumEuroBasketWith their fallen faces and their “bitter-tasting” silver medals around their necks.

But, only a few hours after he was badly beaten (88-76) bySpain In the final, the blues are back Franceand specifically in Paris, to close this European chapter with a press briefing that sounds like a life-size report.

In the end, in Nike House of Innovation The Champs ElyseesAnd the This balance sheet was not entirely one because, for Vincent Colette eager to “ Take a step back “, he is “ It’s still a bit early ‘ to do.

At the moment, frustration prevails “Tricolor coach captivated.” I rarely felt so sad after a match for the French team. For example, in our first European final in 2011, the feeling was not the same at all. There, we had high hopes. especially that Spain had never played at this level in the tournament, and there was no reason for that to happen at this time, especially since we are known to prevent our opponents from playing at their level. But [les Espagnols] They sublimate themselves, they annoy us. Difficult to swallow, we couldn’t do what we wanted to do. But that’s part of the sport… It’s also what allows you to step back and maybe level up a little bit. »

On the other hand, what Vincent Colette is convinced of is that his team should not be shy about finishing second at Euro 2022, which will certainly remain one of the most competitive teams in history.

[L’EuroBasket] It was especially strong this year and we’re still in second place, ahead of countries that could claim better, like Serbia and Slovenia. We knew how to pass through the drops “He specifically remembers.” The last two of the best player in the NBA [Giannis Antetokounmpo et Nikola Jokic, ndlr] I was eliminated in the eighth and quarter finals. Shows the intensity of the competition. Of the 24 teams, about fifteen were a real threat. Everyone present at eight had a good standard. Basketball is still on the rise in Europe. The level was clearly higher than it was in 2017. »

A missed opportunity but a third medal in a row

on the side of theEvan Fournierauthor of 23 points against Roja (at 7/14), the letter in any case remains notable – like his coach – with this new setback in the final. A little over a year after the Tokyo Olympics, against Team USA…

Clarification when asking if it is possible to estimate the results of the French team since 2019 (bronze at the World Cup, silver at the Olympics and then at the Euro) at this very moment.

no. It’s hard, we stay disappointed, it’s not easy. the game [de dimanche soir] Really hurts. It’s hard to do analyzes right away, but as much as we really appreciated our silver medal last year [aux Jeux olympiques]Lots of different flavors [cette année] The French captain admitted.

Same story with the vice captain Rudy Gobert (6 points and 6 rebounds in the final), who wanted to take responsibility for this countless defeat against Spain, at the end of the match.

It’s hard to be happy because we miss the coveted medal. […] It’s hard to miss this opportunity, but you have to learn and grow from there ’, sums up the person who was elected in the top five of the competition.

Yvan Fournier as Rudi Joubert also agreed that French basketball continues to move in the right direction, two years after Paris 2024…

We’ve been on the podium in the last three major competitions, including two world championships, so we’re putting French basketball in good shape, and we’ve got results. ‘ said Captain Fournier in this regard. This medal means something to the standing of French basketball and what we stand for ‘, supported Vice Captain Joubert.

Lead losses “Chick”

The duo Evan Fournier – Rudi Joubert, during this EuroBasket tournament, was called to take over from Nicolas Batum and Nando de Colo, who wanted to take a break this summer.

We’ll review the matches, but we’ve seen that [Nicolas Batum et Nando de Colo] miss us ‘Confessed on the subject Vincent Colette.’ We knew that before we started, but we’re still trying to find our own identity. It was tough, but we advanced and that allowed us to qualify for the final. Not everything is positive, but not everything is negative either. »

As for those who criticized the lack of intensity of the French team in the final match, the French coach insisted on defending his players at a press conference.

The inconsistency in performance yes, but not in its severity reaction after that. ” On the other hand, we had some air pockets. Especially in terms of lead losses, where [l’absence de Nicolas Batum et Nando de Colo] Visions… »

Then Vincent Colette responded, specifically, against (too much) ball losses to his players: ” Seven minutes after the end we got to -7 [71-63 en réalité, ndlr] And we lost several balloons like chicks. Chicks cause the same losses as lead. When that happens in the final, it’s hard to win. I went to the group stage [puis en phase finale] Against opponents that are less powerful and less organized, but this is not possible against Spain [de perdre 18 à 20 ballons dans un match]. »

The Spaniards simply “stronger”

Tactically and technically, a flawless Spanish team lost only 9 balls in this match for the gold medal, which, above all, knew how to take advantage of 19 losses from the three-color balls. Scoring 35 points thanks to these missed balls, as well as shooting 48% with three points and providing 24 assists…

We played against a much more integrated and organized team, which is certainly the smartest in Europe in the game, in its way of beating maneuvering and imposing its own style of play. ‘This is how Vincent Colette judged.’ In the final, you play against another best team in the tournament and all lights must be green. It is not enough to be completely “fair” to beat an opponent who is playing an exceptional game. So let’s salute him. […] We must realize that Spain was exceptional: they gave their best game in the competition on D-Day, unlike us. There are regrets, but you have to accept the loss against those who are stronger than you, [dimanche soir]The Spaniards were stronger. »

The last word of the President of the Federation, Jean-Pierre Ciutatwho still wants to be optimistic about upcoming international events: the 2023 World Cup in Asia, and then the 2024 Olympics at home.

We’re proud of this result: it’s our third medal in a row and not something two years into the Olympics where we’d have big ambitions. “He threw in the thread.” What we saw from this tournament reassures us. We knew we had lost two tires and some players took the opportunity to reveal themselves. It is very positive for the future of French basketball. »

Interview in Paris, September 19, 2022
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