‘She weeps over her fate,’ according to a royal biographer

Meghan Markle cries at Elizabeth II’s funeral: ‘She’s crying over her fate,’ according to a royal biographer. (Reuters/Toby Melville)

Meghan Markle’s tears at the Queen of England’s funeral apparently did not move her critics. The Duchess of Sussex has been heavily criticized by a royal biographer who regularly attacks her, and has received massive support from netizens, who have denounced harassment similar to that of Mrs Dee 25 years ago.

There have always been many comparisons between Lady Di and Meghan Markle. However, there is not much in common between the two women, except that they found themselves in the heart of the British royal family without really planning it, as well as the love without measure that she brought to Prince Harry. However, supporters of the Duchess of Sussex point to a similar treatment between the latter, which Diana Spencer suffered after her divorce from Prince Charles.

“Crocodile Tears” by Meghan Markle

Queen Elizabeth II died on September 8, 2022 and England has just emerged from a long period of mourning in honor of the King. The festivities followed each other for 12 days, ending on Monday 19 September with the Queen’s funeral and burial: emotional moments for all members of the British royal family, from George and Charlotte, in attendance for the occasion, to Meghan. Markle, who is nonetheless notorious for not being too close to Her Majesty.

video. Meghan Markle cries at Elizabeth II’s funeral, the Duchess is overwhelmed with emotion

It must be said that since the infamous “Megxit”, Prince Harry and his wife have distanced themselves from the royal family: they are no longer considered active members of the monarchy, and many rumors claim that they were in conflict with the rest of the royal family. their relatives. However, Harry was always very close to his grandmother, who paid her a touching tribute. And during the funeral, Meghan Markle wiped her tears several times, under the watchful eyes of paparazzi.

But for royal biographer Tom Power, who gave an interview to GB News, it was no sadness that the Duchess of Sussex shed tears during the ceremony. “She was weeping for her fate,” he says, referring to crocodile tears and the woman more likely to feel sorry for herself than her husband’s grandmother’s death.

Meghan Markle is a ‘good actress’ according to Stefan Bern

In very harsh remarks, the man said, “Was she emotional? I mean, is she really wiping a tear or is it a trick for a Hollywood actress to make it look like she’s crying if she’s crying at that moment, I think it was. It was for her destiny and not for the Queen.” The view is clearly shared by Stefan Bern, who told Madame Figaro: “We hold Meghan Markle’s affection and her little tears. Now, she’s probably also a very good actress.”

In short, there are many voices questioning the sincerity of Meghan Markle, which is far from surprising, given the treatment she has received in recent years. The question now is: Why does the Duchess of Sussex feel sorry for herself? She and her husband made a conscious decision to stay away from the royal family, despite the criticism. A choice that seems to allow them to thrive away from the British tabloids, appearing more than ever during festivities in honor of the Queen, determined to support each other at all costs.

Meghan’s supporters denounce some form of harassment

Critics of the royal family reacted very quickly to these new criticisms of Meghan Markle, remembering that the latter was targeted from the beginning of her relationship with Prince Harry. Prince Harry’s wife has been criticized for her status as a divorced woman and commoner, for her African American ancestry, for her feminism or for her lack of respect for protocol, Prince Harry’s wife has always been singled out as the villain, the one who alienated the young prince. From his surname and family.

The result: Several people came to her defence, starting with Baroness Meral Hussein Ess, a British Liberal Democrat member of the House of Lords who did not hesitate to assert: “Princess Diana was slandered and harassed until her death, which reflects exactly what is happening to her.” Meghan Markle now. This despicable abuse must stop.” An opinion shared by Nazir Afzal, the attorney general for the Prosecution Service in North West England, who believes that “Tom Powers could have taken a “moment of silent reflection” rather than continue to harass Meghan and Harry.”

Meghan Markle and Lady Di, more alike than you think?

Inevitably, this case of harassment created a new point of comparison between the Duchess of Sussex and her mother-in-law she had never known before. Prince Harry has always been very frank about his reasons for leaving the British royal family and England: his mental health no longer supports pressure from tabloids, which he considers responsible for the death of his mother, Diana Spencer. “You all know what the British press can be like,” he told James Corden on the Late Late Show. “It was destroying my mental health, it was toxic. So I did everything any husband and father would do.”

His only will was to protect his wife and their sons, Archie and Lillibet, afraid that they might suffer the same tragic fate as his mother. Moreover, as soon as the official mourning for Queen Elizabeth II and the funeral ended, Prince Harry and his wife have already left Great Britain for the United States. After being separated from their children for two weeks, they now have only one wheel: to find them as soon as possible.

video. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have already left: they left the UK to find Archie and Lillibet!

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