They will celebrate the 2022 World Cup

In order not to get too depressed after the end of EuroBasket 2022, we will quickly refocus on the FIFA World Cup 2022 for France girls. Les Bleues are in Australia to compete in the World Cup among the 12 qualifying teams. After 8 years on the orders of Valerie Garnier, French women are now trained by Jean-Amy Taupan and will have a lot to do on the other side of the world.

Deprived of Sandrine GrodaAnd the johannes navyAnd the indie memeAnd the Olivia Ipopa or Valerian Iai – VukosavljevicTricolores will try to skate for silver at the Eurobasket and bronze at the Olympics. Despite the absences and a very high level of competition, the group still has quality and will play its luck boldly in Group B, along with Australia, Serbia (who beat them in the EuroBasket final), Canada and Japan (silver medalist in Group B). Olympic Games) and Mali.

It seems a good opportunity to gradually give more responsibilities to young French talents like Eliana Robertthe only WNBA champion with Las Vegas, Fouthoux Navy where Kendra Cherry And CEOs who slowly enter their boss, like Alexia Chartro. In Australia it is too Sarah Michael Who will be the captain of the blues.

12 players from the France squad for the 2022 World Cup

guards: Marine Vothox, Lisa Berkani, Marie-Yves Paget
Defenders / Wings: Sarah Michelle, Gabe Williams, Mina Toure, Kendra Cherry
Interior: Helena Siak, Alexia Chartreau, Ileana Robert, Anna Tadic, Mariam Badian

The 2022 World Cup will be worth a turn, particularly because of the richness and level of the field. We have selected for you 8 players who should make their mark on the tournament.

Gabe Williams (France)

The team arrived just in time to play Eurobasket 2021, Gabe Williams He completely succeeded in his integration, both relational and mathematical. She was excellent in the campaign up to the silver medal at the Euros, and was once again crucial to winning the bronze medal in Tokyo. Gabe is an elite Swiss military knife whose lead is evident once again with Seattle this season in the WNBA. She’s one of the league’s most active players on defense, but she’s also a great athlete in transition.

Her all-around player side is a great strength for the French team, who can count on her in this World Cup. For those who do not know his story, we repeat, this is not a naturalization of convenience. Gabe’s mother is of French descent, still has family in France, played for BLMA in the French Championship (and soon for ASVEL) and speaks French.

Brianna Stewart (USA)

There is nothing more dangerous than the best player in the world coming out of a season in which she was unable to achieve her club’s goals. Brianna Stewart was knocked out in the semi-finals of the playoffs with Seattle by future champion Las Vegas, and she had to accept that it is possible not to win everything in one season, she is the collective and individual cup machine. As far as I’m telling you, she’s made it to Australia with Team USA to expand her record and remind you who’s the boss.

The storm winger is also the best player in the World Cup, perhaps not intending to allow anyone to deprive her of her back to her back. “Stewie” is the usually untenable player, capable of shooting anyone, while also being an added value in defense. An opponent’s nightmare. If the Blues can avoid crossing Stewart and the Americans before the last four, it will indeed be a victory.

Lauren Jackson (Australia)

Lauren Jackson has always been one of the few names women’s basketball fans could name in the 2000s. Her fights with Lisa Leslie are unforgettable, in the WNBA as well as in international competition, and she has exited 2 WNBA titles and 7 medals including one gold (2006 World) with her country.

Six years after his retirement, the legend is back. She is 41 and having resolved back issues that forced her to say stop sooner than expected (thank you for medical cannabis), the Australian will be flying home for the extraordinary event. The interior is not there to make up numbers or for charity. She returned to play in the Australian D2 to prove herself, crushing the competition with insane stats and holding in her pocket to play again in the Elite next season.

In the absence of Liz Cambage and the drama that surrounds her at all times, other players will be able to hatch among the opals under the unquestioned leadership of “LJ”. Les Bleues will face the very big lady of basketball on Thursday to enter the tournament.

Jonkel Jones (Bosnia)

If you don’t follow the WNBA closely (mistakenly, the level there is awesome), you may not know the “Bahamian Beast”, Jonquil Jones. The Connecticut Sun star (he won the Finals by Las Vegas a few days ago), 2021 MVP is a unique and awesome player. Jones plays indoors due to his height (1.98 m), but with skill and shooting quality worthy of being watched.

Since the Bahamas do not have a competitive team on the international stage, a few years ago they chose to accept a Bosnian passport. In some competitions, the woman nicknamed “Mother of Dragons” (in reference to Game of Thrones and the Bosnian players’ nickname, Dragonnes) beat everyone and put the country on the women’s basketball map.

Jonquel Jones is quite capable of hitting matches at 40 points as he did in the last Eurobasket. Be careful…

Emma Meesemann (Belgium)

Chicago Sky’s Belgian interior is as discreet and quiet as it is downright deadly when you’re walking on the basketball court. Messmann is the centerpiece of the attractive Belgian national team coached by Frenchman Valerie Demouri and one of the most complete players on the planet.

The 2019 Finalist in the WNBA with Washington and then a member of the Ekaterinburg superteam in the pre-war Euroleague in Ukraine, the Flemish is a point forward capable of making others better, taking matters into her own hands if the need arises. . Really feel.

By her presence alone, as well as the presence of the ASVEL’s excellent leader Julie German, she makes the Belgian Cats contenders for a world medal.

Yvonne Anderson (Serbia)

Serbs arrive in Australia frankly absent from CEOs in disarray, particularly the symbolism of Sonia Vasic and “Frenchmen” Anna DaboviΔ‡ and Alexandra Crvendakic. However, Marina Malikovic, one of the best coaches in Europe, if not the most, is always there to make it all work. No one will underestimate European champions Serbia, despite the rifts.

U.S. citizenship was granted Yvonne Anderson ahead of the 2021 European Basketball Championships, and soon she was a huge added value to her new nation in a situation where she lacked both talent and experience. Decisive, especially in the victory over France in the final, will be there once again to provide guarantees for Malikovic in the squad.

Furthermore, Anderson signed with Borg for the next season in the Football League and Euroleague.

Sika Kone (Mali)

Mali is not far from being the little thumb of the 2022 World Cup, which does not detract from the feat of being among the 12 best countries on the planet. Malians are fortunate to have Seka Kone, who is considered the most promising player on the African continent, in their ranks.

Drafted in the third round by New York in 2022, Kony would have been chosen had it not been for an injury that hampered her in the Spanish Championship at the wrong time. Talented on both sides of the field, impressive in intensity, the fourth-choice goalie coached by Joaquin Brizuela will be able to show the world just how capable he is, and why not, making Mali an itchy team in this tournament.

At the U19 World Cup last year, Seka Kone averaged 26.2 points and 14.8 rebounds, just to show you how well she can control her subject.

Ramo Tokashiki (Japan)

We love Mai Yamamoto, the Japanese 3×3 star who was in the group for the World Cup for the first time on the 22nd, but it’s hard to tell when she played. On the other hand, this tournament marks the return of the player who was once the greatest Japanese basketball player, Ramo Tokashiki. The former interior design victim of a cruciate ligament tear the year the Olympics was held will bring her energy and desire to remember that she’s not just anyone.

The Japanese lost important elements of the team that won the silver medal in Tokyo. Roy Machida, the brilliant passer of the Washington Mystics, expressed a desire to breathe, and Tom Hovasi, the coach at the origin of these feats, left to train the boys. Tokashiki’s experience and talent, as well as top scorer Maki Takada in 4th place, will be crucial.

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