Tomorrow is the date of the start of the Women’s World Cup!

The Women’s World Cup begins on Friday in Sydney, Australia. Here’s what you need to know about the event.

Dates, format:

The tournament runs from September 22 to October 1, with a total of 12 nations competing in two groups. Each team will attempt to qualify for the Round of 16. Quarter-final pairs will be determined by random drawing during the competition. Discover the competition system.

Direct Ticket for Paris 2024 Olympic Games It will also be presented to the World Champion winning team. As the host country, France directly qualifies.

The defending champions USA have dominated the competition throughout its history

USA #1

This is the 19th edition of the World Cup that has been held since 1953. Only four different countries have won the title with the United States winning an astonishing 10 titles. The Soviet Union ranks second with 5 titles after winning everything from 1959 to 1975. The only other winners are Brazil and Australia in 1994 and 2006 respectively. You can also see all-time medal winners here.

Group A: Belgium, China, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Puerto Rico, Korea, United States

Favorite: Defending champions USA will be the favorites given that they currently have a 22-game winning streak in a row in this competition. Their talent and seats are very deep, even if they don’t have as much experience as in previous versions. Sue Bird or even Diana Torassi doesn’t exist anymore. China or Belgium are likely to compete for second place if all goes according to expectations.

underdogs: The Korea has not won a match since 2010 and is without inspirational leader Jisoo Park, so it will be difficult for the Asians. The same can be said of Puerto Rico, who lost all three matches in their 2018 debut and also failed to win the Olympics last year.

Emma Meeseman won an All-Star Five in 2018 with Breanna Stewart.

Players to watch: Emma Meeseman (Belgium), Euro Lee (China), Junkel Jones (Bosnia and Herzegovina), Ariella Gerantis (Bor), Danby Kim (South Korea), Brianna Stewart (USA)

X-Factor players: Hind Bin Abdulkadir (Belgium), Sejing Huang (China), Nikolina Knezevic (Bosnia and Herzegovina), Jennifer O’Neill (Bor), Jihyun Park (South Korea), Sabrina Ionescu (USA)

guys to watch: Maxwella Liswa – Mbaka (Belgium), Yoon Hyo (South Korea)

Group B: France, Serbia, Japan, Mali, Canada, Australia

Favorite: Choose what you want as practically all options are possible in what has been called the “set of death” since the draw. However, Japan should be the favorite based on the fact that they reached the Olympic final last year. Likewise, Australia will have popular support at home behind it and it will be hard to beat. France is very discounted with the packages of many of its leaders.

underdogs: There seems to be a consensus that there is only one underdog in this group and that is Mali. Africans are there to try and compete. It remains to be seen if they can produce a surprise or two. They showed a glimpse of their ability to do so during qualifying in Belgrade. The Blues will have to be careful…

Fouthoux Navy One Young To Follow …

Players to watch: Gabe Williams (France), Yvonne Anderson (SRB), Ramo Tokashiki (Japan), Sika Kone (MLI), Natalie Ashunwa (Canada), Izzy Magbigor (Australia)

X-Factor players: Jovana Nogic (SRB), Monica Okoye (Japan), Totti Gandega (MLI), Bridget Carlton (Canada), Lauren Jackson (Australia)

guys to watch: Eliana Robert (France), Naval Vothox (France), Aika Hirashita (Japan), Maimona Hydara (MLI), Leticia Amher (Canada)

FIBA World Ranking, provided by NIKE

You can see the lists here:

Squad to me : Belgium, China, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Puerto Rico, Korea, USA
group b : France, Serbia, Japan, Mali, Canada, Australia

Photo: Captains, FIBA

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