Who is Ileana Robert, the new leader of Lee Blue?

Inside is the type of hurried woman, who has no time to waste. At just 21 years old, the 1.94m player will join the France group just hours after winning the WNBA title, the Women’s Basketball Tournament and the most popular club in the world, with the Las Vegas Aces. Only two French players (Sabrina Bali in 2006 and Sandrine Groda in 2016) have achieved such a performance before. Robert arrives Wednesday morning in Australia to find the national team the conclusion of a season that lives at a speed of one hundred miles per hour. Which can end with apotheosis.

After the European silver and Olympic bronze, the French women’s team is heading to the other side of the globe to complete its collection of medals. Les Bleues will try to live up to their standing in Australia during the World Cup, which they haven’t finished on the podium since the first edition, nearly 70 years ago (the third in 1953).

Their combination of experienced players in major competitions and a new wave of talent sealed with the Paris 2024 seal made them natural contenders for magic. But successive sets upset the plans of coach Jean-Aimee Toubani, who had to lay off the majority of his key players.

This year, Ileana Robert did not miss a thing. French champion and European Cup winner – her second European Cup – with Borg, who was elected player of the two competitions, then WNBA champion, here she goes without the slightest day of break to complete a little more than an already big record. And, as with Tangos berruyères, Robert is now expected to serve as a manager, not just as a little girl getting up.

Because at the end of a highly successful practice individually (13.8 points, 6.5 rebounds in the Women’s League), the powerful winger found himself propelled as one of France’s main offensive options. Sandrine Groda, Indy Meim, Alex Duchette, then Marin Johannes since Tuesday morning: These are four of the top five scorers in the Blue League in Tokyo who have lost due to injury. Only naturalized Gabe Williams, who is also emerging from a long season between Europe (the winner of the Euroleague, the main competition on the continent, was named the best player in the fourth final) and the United States, remains. And Robert, it was brought in earlier than expected to take on a new dimension.

Progressing ahead of schedule has become a norm for future Italian club player Virtus Bologna. We don’t go without reason from being the LFB’s Young Player of the Year to the Player of the Tournament in a single season. Eliana Robert has some experience with Blue when it comes to winning earlier than expected. In 2016, I participated in Euro U16 with a year in advance. This upgrade is a revelation. “I had a leadership role, especially at the offensive level, I entered the Big Fivethen summoned to West of France. In my situation, you want to outdo yourself and give everything for your team.“A year later, this competition crushed itself, this time it was the same age as its opponents, and the double took place: gold and the title of best player of the tournament.

Eliana walks in the family’s footsteps. His mother is Ilham, who is also a basketball player. But above all from his father, Thierry, the former French international of the 2000s (35 picks), who died suddenly of a heart attack in 2013, at the age of just 35. She inherited from her father obvious physical inclinations and a taste for indoor games. It adds to former Mansu’s innate sense of defence, a natural talent for attacking, and a facility more impressive than ever.

Eliana Robert was just 13 years old when Sarthe’s regional committee offered her to do a flogging with her club Collins’ first team, at national level 3, level 4 in France. She in particular scored a peak at 38 points, along with those who would then be her racquet friend in Bourg and in the France team, Alexia Chartreau.

“She is very young and very smart. She understands the game very well. She can become as good as she wants.”

Kelsey Bloom, American international and Ileana Robert’s Las Vegas ICE teammate

In a report on Canal +

Among the “adults”, her early maturity does not prevent her from being patient, working to develop potentials whose limits we have not yet seen. In the WNBA, she’s still just taking turns making aces, with which she’s thus far spent more time working on cardio than walking the floors. What leaves him with a bit of energy for this World Cup.

She’s been called into the Bleues since she was 18, and she had the right to a crumb (average 10.8 minutes) last year at the Tokyo Olympics, behind steady duo Endy Miyem – Sandrine Gruda. The Joker role she was very well accustomed to dropping 11 points in particular in 14 minutes in the United States, which is the women’s basketball standard. “Next game? I’ll play maybe 40 minutes or a secondIt will undoubtedly be very different during the World Cup, and that is from Thursday against Australia (12:30pm).

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