Americans strongly preferred to win the Presidents Cup

Charlotte | This is certainly not an open secret. Americans greatly prefer winning the Presidents Cup. After their landslide victory in the Ryder Cup a year ago, the internationals haven’t been given much skin this year. Even if the team’s face changes slightly, the machine is still just as dangerous on the starting line.

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The majority of stats favor the United States in this contest, which begins Thursday afternoon in Quail Hollow, North Carolina.

More experience, more golfers in the world’s top 20, more power, better iron players, better strikers. The best in all aspects of the game, on paper.

Now the Americans have to prove that they are the best. And they have a chance to hit the internationals as soon as hostilities begin at 1:05 p.m. Thursday. In the match play mode and in the four-way (alternate shot) mode, they outrageously dominated the record-breaking events of the event, which was founded in 1994.

They have recorded 73 wins, 39 losses and 21 draws. In points, it advances 83.5 to 49.5. nothing less.

The last time internationals won a game was in 2005. Otherwise, you have to go back to 1998 to find a victory in this chapter.

fake recruits

The United States has six freshmen in their ranks, but that’s not quite the truth. Because Colin Morikawa and Scottie Scheffler tasted the Ryder Cup last year, rising among the stars of the big competition. They have tried different game formats.

This rises in alternate shots among the most complex, because it is necessary to take into account the characters, strengths and weaknesses of each one, strategies and equipment. The Americans have become more united since they developed on the same continent, and thus become more efficient.

“There are many factors to consider in order for everything to line up properly. Equipment is a major obstacle to pairs formation in this formula, which he didn’t really play before the American formation was breached, Zander Shaveli explained.

youth and hunger

In the international camp, golfers are well aware of the historical shortcomings of this type of game.

Canadian Cory Connors cautioned that the Canadian “we’re not really used to it, trying not to look too much into the past. Our squad is young and hungry. We weren’t members of these squads that struggled.”

“We have learned to become a more united group,” the 30-year-old Ontario continued. We are not afraid of disappointing our partner if we make a bad move.

But we know it will be a huge challenge. With the formation of the course, everything is possible to increase the pace. ”


However, the surprising news, Wednesday, during the announcement of the opening matches of the championship. Captain Trevor Immelman did not reunite the Canadians. Connors still knows Taylor Pendrith like the back of his hand. Old friends, they complement each other wonderfully.

Pendrith stuns the ball by pushing it impressive distances, while Connors is among the best athletes with an iron in his hand.

The task of the aliens will be more complicated, because the American formation wants to be one of the most powerful that has ever been created. His strong heart wobbled in Europe 12 months ago in Welling Streets.

The group led by a positive captain and organized in Immelmann will seek to sign a page of history. The only international win dates back to 1998 on its track in Royal Melbourne, Australia.

Thursday afternoon duels (Quatuor)

Match 1 | 1:05 pm

  • Patrick It was mine
  • Adam Scott
  • zander Cholily
  • Hideki Matsuyama

Match 2 | 1:17 pm

  • Jordan Spieth
  • Korean Conners
  • Justin Thomas
  • Songjae I

Match 3 | 1:29 pm

  • Collin Morikawa
  • Tom Kim
  • Cameron guy
  • K. Mine

Match 4 | 1:41 pm

  • my silence Scheffler
  • Cameron Davis
  • he sat burns
  • If Woo Kim

Match 5 | 1:53 pm

  • Tony End
  • Taylor Pendrith
  • the above man
  • me too Pereira

Presidents Cup

14e Presentation of the event


  • a trip : quail hollow
  • Architect : George Cobb (1961)
  • Defend the heroes: Americans

›Best comeback in singles history: The United States in 2019 by erasing a two-point deficit

Young teams: United States: 29.6 years (2022) / Int. : 28.8 years (2022)

Most Popular Active Player: Adam Scott (10e44 games have been played

Percentage of matches that never reached 17e knowledge in history: 23.3%

The best golfer in the history of the international team: Ernie Els with 21 points in 8 matches

Biggest gap in victory: The Americans 11 points in a 21.5-10.5 win in 2000

Most Earned Player: Tiger Woods (27)

tiger wood

AFP photo archive

tiger wood

14: Number of golfers among the two teams who witnessed the baptism of fire in this tournament. They are eight on the international training side and six on the American side.

8: The number of American golfers who ranked in the top 15 of the PGA Tour rankings by total hits earned on the board in the 2022 season. International players have only one: Sungjae Im.

Coil Hollow Express

The future of the team


Not long ago, Jordan Spieth He entered the American locker room in shorts and a T-shirt without taking himself seriously. It was October 2013 in Muirfield, Ohio. President Barack Obama was then Honorary President of the competition. Davis Love III served as captain. He narrated the colorful comeback of the 20-year-old at the time.

“I will never forget it. He jumped into the locker room and started throwing ping-pong balls around. Then my wife asked me: “But who is this guy?” Then I replied: “He is the future of this team.” He said with pleasure.

That year, Spieth won two of his four matches, of which he played with Steve Stryker in three of them.

Four years later, he had called to ask his teammates who were taking things easy on the eve of the start of the competition. Since then, he is seen as one of the leaders among Americans.

Returning to the presidential team after missing out in 2019 due to his setbacks in the course, the Texans are determined to excel in all aspects of the period. Especially since he found his faithful companion Justin Thomas.

great weakness


The international team can surprise in many ways if it succeeds in implementing its game plan to the letter. She is skilled and strong from tees…to greens. But once it comes to the surface, on paper, it becomes difficult. According to this season’s data, Trevor Immelman’s men have struggled to excel with their racket. Except Christian Bezuidenhout who finished sixth in number of hits earned on the board (0.653), more than two-thirds of team members appear after 70e Degree. While strength and accuracy are important in Quail Hollow’s long trajectory, magic must work on the greens to eliminate the enemy. He asked them all which golfer they liked in every aspect of the game, and they all stumbled when it came to choosing their star player in the game. state !

Interestingly, at the team meeting in Quail Hollow a few weeks ago, it was KH Lee who stood out from the group by winning the majority of indoor competitions.

Scott prefers his legacy to money


At the age of forty-two and seeing some of his fellow Australians fleeing, Adam Scott He may have been lured with money from LIV Golf for his retirement. But the veteran of the international team prefers to leave his legacy on the PGA Tour, despite growing up worshiping Greg Norman, now a LIV commissioner who would like to bring him into his league.

“I stay in the PGA, because that’s what makes my job. It’s that simple,” said the friendly Aussie who has kept an open mind since the start of this alley battle in the professional golf world.
“What I don’t really want is to leave my entire career behind. I am not ready to do that.”

On his mission, Scott hopes to win the Presidents Cup one day. It would be a dedication, as he has been biting the dust since his debut in 2003. That year, the internationals finished in a tie with the Americans (17-17).

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