Three reasons to watch the Women’s Basketball World Cup in Australia – Liberation

Les Bleues, decimated by injuries, will advance convincingly in this world championship that begins on Thursday. The Stainless Americans will attempt to snatch the fourth title in a row, and the Australians, at home, reclaim a legendary player.

With 12 teams instead of the 16 in previous editions but almost as many matches, the Women’s Basketball World Championships that opened Thursday in Sydney promises to be dense, with a sacred five-game program in six days in females.

This is just as true for French women as they are placed in group B, known as “the death”, Since it also includes Japan, the silver medalist in Tokyo, Canada remains steady at the top, Serbia, European champions, Australia, on its soil, and Mali. The French women’s team takes on Australia this Thursday at 12:30pm. A quick overview of the three things to consider before the competition begins.

Not blue as a stranger

Believing that basketball players are less polished than their counterparts who just played in the men’s Euro. With Marines Yohannes injured on Monday, one of its most important offensive elements, the French national team arrived at southern ground truncated from half of the bronze medalists at the Tokyo 2021 Games. Breaking their heads to concoct a fleet worthy of that name, after packages Sandrine Groda, the best scorer in Les Bleues history, Indy Mim, has not recovered from an ankle injury, captain Alex Duchette for the same reasons and winger Valerian Vukosavljevic, for personal reasons.

It’s enough to give these blue hues with strength and airy style an exotic status rather than a favourite. The competition will be coach Jean-Amy Tauban’s first real international encounter, a year after he was appointed at the helm of the team. He advocates a more athletic and aggressive basketball, with the ball always moving and the game less stopping. He can count on the young guard led by Interior Ileana Robert, 21, who was crowned WNBA champions the Las Vegas Aces on Sunday, and the Marines Fouthocks and Alexia Chartreau. Despite the chaotic setup, the joint venture “Progressing, Toban said, The girls started understanding things, and we started finding the connection.” How about a good surprise?

The United States without Greiner, with the title?

22. Number of consecutive wins collected by the United States in competition, current series. To find the effects of the Americans’ recent loss at the World Championships, we must go back to the 2006 semi-final against Russia, whose selection was disqualified this year after the invasion of Ukraine. Even with their totems deprived of Sue Bird and now-retired Diana Torassi, the United States, the three-time champions, advanced in Sydney as the favorites, led by winger Aja Wilson, WNBA’s final season player of the year, and strength. Forward Breanna Stewart.

Unknown: The impact of the absence of Britney Grenier, who was sentenced to nine years in prison in Russia after his arrest in February in possession of a cannabis vaporizer. The double Olympic gold medalist, one of the best players in the world, will inevitably miss the floor. Coach Cheryl Reeve admitted Wednesday that the uncertainty surrounding her fate is also affecting her teammates’ morale. “It’s going through their heads every day. It’s heavy. It really is heavy.” The coach, who specified however, said the squad’s players were able to contact Griner via email and send it to him. “Messages of love, support and encouragement” Who will it be? “Attention No. 1”, Even during the tournament.

The Incredible Return of Lauren Jackson

The 2006 edition left by Team USA was won by Australia. Thanks to her star at the time: Loren Jackson, a skinny 1.96-meter player, was named three times the WNBA Female Player of the Year, with an almost endless color palette under the circle, along with a three-point demonic title. Since 2013, a bad series of hamstring, knee, and tendon injuries and then knee injuries once again kept her out of action for nearly three years, before doctors convinced her in 2016 to end her career at the age of 35.

At the start of the year, Australian basketball was shaken up: After a nine-year absence from selection, at 41, LJ aims to don the Opal jersey again, by participating in his fifth World Cup. The triple Olympic vice-champion will get a job to make up for the lack of selection in the inner sector for the other star of the selection, Lise Campage, who was dismissed on disciplinary grounds.

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