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First announced in 2011, Cross Duel is a new mobile experience in the Yu-Gi-Oh! After Duel Links and Master Duel, this third title introduces a new way to play the Konami card game with exclusive games for four players. What convinces both beginners and veterans?


  • Cross Duel, a new way to play Yu-Gi-Oh!
  • A more intuitive and dynamic approach on iOS and Android?
  • A variety of constantly renewed gaming fun

Over the years, it has become increasingly difficult to find your way around the Yu-Gi-Oh mobile experience offering! To find you there, a brief brief overview. Yu-Gi-Oh was released in 2017 on iOS and Android. Duel Links is the first game in the group and offers fast-paced game play by following the “Speed ​​Duels” rules, but also by emphasizing the animation aspect of the license where we found the various characters of the series. Recently, we got the treatment in 2021 for Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel which breaks away from the first mentioned title with a complete approach and an impressive number of cards to offer an experience very similar to that of a real backgammon card game, with the rules used in the tournaments. Among all this Yu-Gi-Oh! Cross Duel is Yu-Gi-Oh’s third production for iOS and Android! Which offers a new approach What distinguishes him from his elders.

Cross Duel, a new way to play Yu-Gi-Oh!

Whether you’ve played Yu-Gi-Oh before! Or not in your life, Cross Duel comes to lay all that knowledge flat in an innovative way to play Konami’s card game. to start, Each game has four players who are all linked to their opponents or partners, depending on the game mode, by lines. Thus, you have three links in front of you: one in the direction of your neighbor on the left, one for your neighbor on the right and a central link that connects you to the opposite player and where your opponents also intersect. In classic matches, which see four users competing against each other, the goal is to get the most life points at the end of the game for victory. The match ends either when eight turns have passed or when the player’s hitpoints have reached zero.

Yu-Gi-Oh!  Cross Duel: A new mobile game that can compete with Duel Links and Master Duel?

At the beginning of each round, Players can summon monsters on lines that will attack the opposing opponent if they are in an offensive position, while remaining in place if they are in a defensive position.. When two monsters collide, the one with the most attack or defense points wins, depending on the situation. However, after the fight, the winner sees his strength subtracted from the points of his deceased opponent. When a monster attacks another player’s life bar, the total damage it deals turns into life points for its master. In addition to all of that, there are of course the trap cards that can be played during the summoning phase and that are played under certain certain conditions, while the magic cards are played during the fighting phase.

Yu-Gi-Oh!  Cross Duel: A new mobile game that can compete with Duel Links and Master Duel?

Beyond this way of partying, The great originality of Cross Duel is that you can customize your cards by giving them abilities thanks to the skill tree. And yes, it may sound weird, this new title is Yu-Gi-Oh! Mobile allows you to “evolve” your cards to give them passive bonuses, such as increasing attack points for example. However, you will have to choose, since each card has a limited number of slots to accommodate its abilities. For our favorite monsters from the beginning of the game, they can even receive active skills with different effects, such as destroying another creature for example. It is enough to further customize your deck for a truly unique gameplay.

A more intuitive and dynamic approach on iOS and Android?

Yu-Gi-Oh!  Cross Duel: A new mobile game that can compete with Duel Links and Master Duel?

With this innovative approach, Yu-Gi-Oh! Thus, Cross Duel provides more accessible matches, in a way, and is more dynamic than we traditionally know. Here, the strategy depends above all on knowing when to summon monsters, either to defend yourself, but also to attack. In fact, stay wisely in your corner in the hope that the other is the target of all attention to take second and third place rarely pays off, because by attacking, other players see their life point increase, and thus their place in the ranking goes up. The title pushes you to be active to win, but you also have to be careful not to find yourself defenseless and lose quickly. Thus, in its original concept, Cross Duel offers an experience that is as accessible to new players as it is more dynamic and innovative to veterans.

Yu-Gi-Oh!  Cross Duel: A new mobile game that can compete with Duel Links and Master Duel?

However, the title is impeccable. First, It should be realized that at first glance, the interface during duels is especially loaded with information, which sometimes makes it difficult to read what is happening. This is more the case, since this is a portable experience, the phones screens are not huge, giving that feeling of suffocation at times. Furthermore, if the playing time is not disproportionate, it must be recognized that at certain times, games tend to persist, which is the fault of other players who often forget to validate them to move on to the next round. However, with eight rounds consisting of two phases and times to activate the magic card, some games are often too long when playing multiplayer.

A variety of constantly renewed gaming fun

Yu-Gi-Oh!  Cross Duel: A new mobile game that can compete with Duel Links and Master Duel?

If what we just described to you corresponds to the standard game mode i.e. a confrontation between four people, then Cross Duel offers different types of games to suit all types of players. Thus, after PVP (Player vs. Player), We find cooperation thanks to the raid duel. Say so, it may sound strange, but Cross Duel allows four swordsmen to help each other out defeat a powerful monster in the center of the arena whose goal is obviously to reduce their life points to zero.. To achieve this, you can, as always, summon monsters to attack him directly, but sometimes it will be necessary to destroy the elements on the ground to hit the boss and thus make him more vulnerable. Besides, the location of the enemy is also important, because attacking it from certain sides can do more damage. In general, these raid bosses correspond to the favorite monster of an anime character. Thus, with each victory, you unlock an additional level of difficulty, while throughout the seasons new raids are added.

Yu-Gi-Oh!  Cross Duel: A new mobile game that can compete with Duel Links and Master Duel?

Besides these multiplayer game modes, Cross Duel does not forget to offer a single game for those who do not necessarily want to play with others. Thus, In Tag Duels mode, we team up with cartoon heroes controlled by AI to face characters from the same universe. Good way to practice before you start sorting for example. And after that, we find several well-known series of Yu-Gi-Oh! Both are original and Yu-Gi-Oh! GXAnd the Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D where Yu-Gi-Oh! sevens. In addition, with each victory, you strengthen your bond with your partner, allowing you to open new lines of dialogue for example. Further highlighting the fan service aspect of the experience.


strength point

  • An innovative and more direct way to play Yu-Gi-Oh!
  • Diverse game modes with Single, Versus and Co-op
  • Customize the map through skill trees
  • Monsters are highlighted by elegant 3D models

Weak points

  • Interface too busy for mobile
  • Parts that sometimes tend to stretch

Cross Duel is a new way to play Yu-Gi-Oh! At least successful. By changing the ground rules to offer a direct, dynamic and more accessible approach, the mobile title enables all kinds of players, new and veterans alike, who can take advantage of an innovative and energizing feature with particular card customization. Moreover, the experience is no less generous in the game modes, offering both multiplayer, solo and co-op gameplay. Despite this accessible aspect, we can even blame the title for its slightly busy interface and bits that tend to keep going. It remains to be seen if Cross Duel will manage to find a long-term spot in the Yu-Gi-Oh game show!

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