Axel Tuban (Paris): “Two competitions, a chance to improve”

The second season of basketball in Paris in the French elite will be busy. In addition to the tournament, the Parisians participate in the European Cup. Big challenge deep spurs Axel Tuban (2.01 m, 30 years old).

Axel Tuban is about to play his second season with the Paris Basketball Team. During the LNB media day, which took place on September 20 in Paris, the winger returned to the two main challenges that await his team this year: to advance in the Betclic Elite with the guarantee of the European Cup. A formidable challenge but unsettling the 2021 NBA champion. At the age of 30, Axel Toban is already a veteran of the young Parisian collegiate group and would be, in his words, an advantage to approach two competitions:

“The workforce is young, and they will be able to recover more quickly. We are happy to play two games a week. That is something that can be done easily these days. The depth of the bench may raise some questions, but I know the club will do what is necessary to restore some energy and new players along The way. If necessary, we will adapt.”

When asked about the controversy over giving a European competition to Paris Basketball instead of another team in a better position in the league, Axel Tuban understands the disappointment of some but sees an opportunity for significant development for his club: “We were more lenient with basketball in Paris. The club has a lot of potential, especially with its new hall. For French basketball, in the end, this is a good thing.”

“Our goal is simple, to do better than last year, when we were very inconsistent. But you have to keep in mind that it is a very small club, it has only been around for four years. We will continue our progress without setting specific goals.”

“Elite Betclic has a complete product”

This year, more so than when he arrived in early 2022, Axel Toban will have a very important role to play. He does not intend to be a simple guide and wishes “Rise as high as you can with Basketball in Paris”. His overall performance matches that of the group (13.2 points and 4.2 rebounds in 25 minutes).

Last season, the bailout was done in the last games and it’s something he doesn’t want to live through again next spring. A tough episode, as the future in the first division was uncertain but he made morale and could bring character to the team. Nothing will be easy for the capital club, which is increasingly expected in a very competitive tournament.

“I am one of those who thought that the French championship was at a good level, which is not to be underestimated. In Europe, he was not necessarily popular and when you play in this tournament, you realize that it is not easy to send big offers. With the return of great players and clubs being made. Organizing her while she is in the Euroleague, I think that makes the whole group look better. We have a complete product.”

Solid foundations and renewal

Requires off season, there has been a movement in basketball in Paris. New coach, new players, but also a solid core to rely on. While preparing, coach Will Weaver, a former NBA assistant and A-League coach, defends modern basketball. A game mode that can recall Axel Toupane’s G-League period, performed with the Warriors of Santa Cruz: “We will run, trying to maximize our athletic qualities and our youth, our passion. It can be very exciting.”

On the incoming side, the son of Bleues coach Jean-Aimee Toubani pointed to the wonderful adaptation of Tyrone Wallace, with whom he had worked on G-League and Prince of Sims, which is a very good surprise for the Frenchman: “In addition to his pre-season performances, he is a great guy with a very good personality, and he has settled down very well. They are very good recruits.”

One of the newest arrivals in the summer is recruiting young Kilian Mallawaya (1.97m, 17 years old) with “enormous potential,” Toban recalls. ” He is one of the best of his generation. He is not afraid, goes fast, has a good sense of basket. Another goal of the club is to help him develop to send these profiles to the NBA. the sky is the only one. »

In Paris.

Photo: Axel Toubani (Thomas Savuga)

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