Basketball/Elite: Healing after trauma for Elan Béarnais

The field of ruin left by the Americans at CSG, feet more nickel-plated than licensed crooks, could have plunged the club to the bottom permanently.

Among the Baroque appointments, for example the energy specialist, the extensive use of paid advisers …

The field of ruin left by the Americans at CSG, feet more nickel-plated than licensed crooks, could have plunged the club to the bottom permanently.

Among the Baroque appointments, for example from the energetic, the heavy use of the advisors paid heavily for a satirical show, and the temperature of the printing press on the side of the palace caught fire! Except that, the cash inflows haven’t kept pace with the 64% increase in the budget!

Twice, in first instance and then on appeal, NACA made no mistake, refuting the “imaginary” interim budget that die-hard David Otto offered to members of a case that shocked many amateurs.

Titanic and magic

The ambitions of the Americans in Seattle, who arrived as saviors for a club that had just avoided filing for bankruptcy in the spring of 2020 only thanks to government aid linked to the health crisis, were dashed on economic realities and local mentalities. This model, which is based primarily on the sale of tokens, digital tokens that allow each buyer to become a minority shareholder in the club, has only attracted a few hundred supporters. The most enthusiastic. Not enough anyway to water the money as hoped.

While over the weeks the Bearn was flying the Titanic, the athlete introduced music, bass drum and percussion, and proudly staged the course with two powerful emotional outbursts. We think of the Sunday in April at the jubilant Percy that saw Aylan win the Coupe de France, his first major motto since 2007. There was also a qualifying semi-final, the first since 2006, that was played head-on. With the beast of Monaco in a magical atmosphere that everyone dreams of one day returning…


The summer has passed. In this month of recovery, the 2023 qualifiers went live from an inaccessible summit, the Climatic Park project joined the trusts it was never meant to leave, and CSG folded the seedlings after reaching an agreement to resell their shares (72% of the shares) At Eat4Good is headed up by Biarrot Sébastien Ménard, 43, who became the new head of SASP in early August.

Saving in the bell has the huge advantage of allowing Ilan to maintain his seat in the elite. Not all problems are resolved. Financial indicators always flash in orange.

The new management is rolling up its sleeves to restore the confidence of partners who have been traumatized in the past few seasons. A daunting task like the one that awaits Ilan on Earth.

Eric Particci, described as a miracle worker with three out of three potential matches at Berne, plus a superb save in 2021, saw his lease extended until the summer of 2025. He pledged confidence in a coach who saw five of his squad leave. Seven of the most profitable players (Jefferson, Pepins, Hrovat, Ndiaye, Lellop) this summer.

maintenance or nothing

The coach, after two months of competition and a “scarce” budget, about 25% of which is for Chikoku’s salary alone, set out to build a group as cohesive and competitive as possible.

In addition to last season’s survivor yard Giovan Onyang, Vitalis Shikoko, Gerald Ayai and Landing Sane, Particci will be able to handle the recruits who have arrived in dribbles and dribbles in recent weeks: Americans Michael Stockton and Garrett Sim, two championship drivers, and Markeith Cummings, tonic Unknown internal, relegated from the Hungarian Championship. Two new professionals, Fabio Milanese and Enzo Schahrvin complete a workforce reduced to the simplest expression.

Reason encourages action, and Elan can only fuel one goal: leaving two teams behind to ensure maintenance. There will always be time to come and sniff out louder if the magic works.

The calendar will quickly reveal the core of this team. After a challenge proposed by a vengeful and subtly enhanced SIG this Saturday, he will have to negotiate a full meet on Tuesday in Levallois, five days before the climax of the regular season, the first Clasico against Limoges. Buckle up, take off is brutal.

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