French international gymnastics

Edgar Bullitt He returned to the French Open for Gymnastics on September 24 and 25. After 2017 and 2018, the French public will find what they consider “the most beautiful competition on the track”.

This choice is special for him. Like everyone he had since the start of 2022, moreover, when he was reintegrated into the French gymnastics team.

“Every time, I have the impression that it is the first time that I have been selected to join the France team, when I am not selected at all. Each selection has a very important place because it is also the result of a great journey I have been through”, admitted Edgar Polit

Its path is unique. After taking the team’s bronze medal at the European Championship 2018 and after participating in two World Cup finals, he announced his retirement from the sport in the spring of 2020, at the age of 24. When the world was under lockdown due to Covid-19, the Bergerac native was a victim of depression.

“A lot of things happened. France did not qualify for Tokyo Olympics 2020 I think that was one of the triggers. To see all these hours and months and years of work and to tell ourselves that we’re finally not going to do the games, it’s a very difficult situation. I asked myself a lot of questions, specifically what I should do, what I was going to do. I didn’t really get an answer at the time. I think there was a part of me that was a little disgusted. Internal and personal problems also weigh in the scale. At one point, I said to myself, I don’t want that anymore, I don’t want to do that anymore. I wasn’t really happy and I really thought it was the gym that made me unhappy. »

Three months of training to lose 13 extra pounds

Edgar Bullitt found himself isolated from his questions due to the health context. This situation locked him in his negative thoughts and doubled his questions. Alcohol was first found as a solution.

“I started drinking so I could sleep at night. I drank so I could stop thinking.”

He did not miss gymnastics. The French continued to watch certain events, but not to the point of imagining a return to training. His mind moved. his body too. He gained ten pounds.

Edgar Boulet believed gymnastics was the source of his problems. But he was wrong. He understood that his rebuilding passed by returning to the gym.

“I realized that it was gymnastics that made me happy. I did a lot of work on myself. After declaring the end of my career, I said to myself that it is not possible.”

The gymnast in Orleans accepted outside help to accompany him. Thanks to the support and giving of his loved ones, as well as thanks to his club for life and especially his coach Thomas Buhelsilver medalist in horse jumping in Beijing Games 2008He decided to go ahead.

His club gave him the means to resume training in a calm manner. Edgar Poulet felt like starting from scratch after six months without doing gymnastics. Despite his experience, his body had to get used to the limitations of gymnastics. In particular, he had 13 pounds to lose. A task he accomplished by spending his daily training.

“From the moment I decided to go back to the gym and start training again, I trained seven days a week for three months. I literally lived in the gym. I loved being in the gym, I needed to do the gym, I needed To touch the machine, the smell of chalk, the smell of the gym. It also allowed me to do things differently and above all to realize the importance of taking your time.”

This rhythm did not make him forget his reasons for doing gymnastics: he loves this sport and is happy when he does it.

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The events increased Edgar Pole’s passion for gymnastics tenfold

This homecoming also manifested itself with the time he spent with his club’s children. Sharing his experience with the youngest helped him rebuild it.

“Sharing our experience and care with young people allows us, older athletes, to remember the basics, what a high level, and sports, as well as life in general, because sports, is a school of life. It allows you to remember these basics and move forward calmly.”

The difficulty of the tests that were necessarily crossed had an effect on Edgar Pole’s relationship with gymnastics. Positive effect. his passion gymnastics It was ‘discharged’. Today, Edgar Boulet is driven by the process that must be followed to achieve his goals. It’s also driven by “being in a gymnasium, doing gymnastics, being able to run all over the place, jump all over the place, do somersaults, and be on the machine.”

His rediscovered love for gymnastics even prompted him to return to competition. He understands that this is the most important moment in his rebuilding.

“Rediscovering the desire to do high-level gymnastics was an amazing realization. It allowed me to run a course in my head.”

Today, the 2018 European team medalist started dreaming of the heights of planetary gymnastics once again.

And he can count on his unique background, several hours of training alone, without a coach or partner, to gain extra strength.

Paris 2024 It became one of its main goals. But before he can fill it, Edgar Boulet will be able to compete in front of the Parisian public in the framework of the Internationaux de France.

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