“I am not retired,” Nando de Colo confirmed on his return to the French championship

It is back. Nando de Colo (35 years old) is the new attraction of the French Basketball Tournament, which begins on Friday 23 September. Thirteen years after his passing, the 2013 European champion and 2021 Olympic vice-champion returned to his homeland, in the colors of Asphalt Lyon Villeurbanne for the next two seasons. Before the start of the season against his former club, Chollet (Sunday at 7pm), the double winner and best player in the Euroleague with CSKA Moscow confirmed he will not be here. “retired و”.

Franceinfo: Sports: Are you happy to be back in France?

Yes, of course, I am happy to be able to return to France even if, as I said earlier, my priority was to stay at a club that plays in the Euroleague. The fact that this club is developing in the French championship is an added advantage, to find rooms I have known for more than thirteen years and even for my family life. We are glad to be able to come to France.

Was Asvel clear to you?

honestly no. I was in contact with Valencia, in Spain, a club I went through. It was an interesting project, somewhat similar to the Asvel project. The only catch was that they were one year in the Euroleague and didn’t know exactly where they would be the next. I couldn’t see myself going there for a year and then having to leave if there was no Europa League, because that’s my personal goal.

I had contacts with Monaco and Fenerbahce in Turkey, then I was stationed in Asfail. Tony [Parker] Explain the project to me. After some thought, especially with my wife, I decided to sign. The project is very interesting with the goal of reaching the top eight in the European League. It is a club that wants to develop. I’m here to present my experience, and to present what I can do on the pitch. I am not retired. I spent at least two years doing my best in training and in matches.

Did the fact that Asvel president Tony Parker make things easier?

No, frankly, not at all. Of course I know Tony [Parker], happens to be the president of Asvel, but whoever the boss is, the project is what matters to me. I explained to Tony that the project was fun but I needed to talk to TJ Parker [l’entraîneur de l’Asvel] To find out what would be his philosophy. I know him but I don’t know exactly how he is on a daily basis. know each other. When we spoke on the phone, we said things to each other: He knew what I could give the team and what he could expect from me in return.

Nando de Colo in training with Asvel, in Villeurbanne, August 25, 2022. (MAXPPP)

Have the French championship progressed since your departure in 2009?

Regarding the French championship, I could have answered it in a few months. Today, I can’t locate myself yet. I’m back at a club that plays in the Euroleague, and that’s the first goal, but I’ve never left the local leagues aside. I’ve never done that, I’m a professional person. I know it’s a tournament that plays fast and sporty. What has developed is that more and more young people are coming to the fore.

At 35 and have won almost everything, how do you stay motivated?

The body is developing, you have to care about what may happen in the end, but it is not complicated in terms of motivation. The day I’m tired of going to the gym is it’s time to hang up my running shoes. It would be a shame to stop if I still had the ability to continue. Today I am excited. I won’t give you my daily schedule, but if I don’t arrive an hour or an hour and a half before training, there’s a problem. Know that through sacrifice comes success.

Do you regret not playing Eurobasket for France?

I am not someone who lives with regret or I try, at least to the fullest, not to have any regrets. I know why I left France this summer, because I’ve been there since 2008 and I haven’t missed a single summer. I needed to breathe, to spend time with my wife and three daughters. I also think about my entire career. I didn’t say no: I took a break to be able to start stronger from 2023 at the World Cup and finish at the Paris Olympics. Not just to bid farewell to the France team but to achieve results and contribute to this team.

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