Pascal Grizot: “We have to stop the damage!”

As always ambitious for the French Open, Pascal Grizot, president of the French Golf Federation, laments that the leaders of the historic circuit are unable to sit around a table to get out of the crisis caused by the arrival of Saudi Arabia on the world golf chessboard.

François Schmica, at Golf National

Pascal Grizzot Hope to take advantage of the arrival Keith Baileypresident DP World Tour This Saturday at the Open de France to continue its brokerage business and in passing gives the Open de France the place it deserves.

“Keith Bailey will be there on Saturday but he does not want to answer questions from reporters because he has no new information to bring regarding the future of the tournament. We had serious hopes that the French Open would be punished by PGA Tour and DP World Tour in 2023 but the product will not be ready before 2025”, Says the union president, somewhat disappointed by the turn of events.

The DP World Tour will be in the 3rd or 4th Circuit category if this continues

Grizzot still dreams of making the French Open a big step on a “global circuit” and regrets that the arrival of the Saudis was seen as a threat rather than an opportunity.

This summer, he had the opportunity to play a round of golf with Yasir Al-Rumayyan, head of the Public Investment Fund of Saudi Arabia, at the National Golf Course, and he still hopes to play the role of mediator.

“We have to get out of this situation by offering a product that aligns with what our historic golf partners, viewers and TV viewers all over the world want. And that means you see the best players in the world in the big leagues on a planet scale. Like the NBA, who doesn’t hesitate to move on. This would serve the development of golf.”

A logical continuation of the Ryder Cup

from the end Ryder Cup 2018The president of the Federation looked forward to a great fate for the French Open. ” with Christopher MunissaWe’ve been wanting to create a jointly approved tournament with the European Tour for several years. A WGC-like tournament. »

Unfortunately, the current situation with the advent of the Saudis frustrated the plans of the French, who found themselves on the sidelines of the talks between Keith Bailey and. Jay Monahaninvolved in their strategic alliance against an opponent with unlimited resources.

We have to stop the damage. You have to think about the general interest of golf. It is not possible that they cannot sit around a table. The DP World Tour will be in the category of the third or fourth circuit if this continues. »

At the beginning of July during GB McManus Pro AmGrizzot had the opportunity to discuss the situation with the principals of the historical circles.

The Asian Tour is ready to land in Europe

Head ffgolf is particularly concerned about a potential new dynamic coming from Asia.

L ‘Asian tourwho passed under the yoke of the Saudis, will already explore the ways of the championships in Europe with the ambassadors who are the players of LIV Golf. Sergio Garcia for Spain, Henrik Stenson for Sweden and Martin Kaymer for Germany.

Never lacking in ideas, Pascal Grisot sees things differently. He imagines France hosting one of the four Grand Slams he brought, in his mind, to replace the now moribund World Golf Championships. “What we are suggesting is that the rings participate in 4 tournaments where they will be the best in the world, one in Asia, one in South Africa, one in Europe, one in Australia, and one final in Jeddah.”

The association, fourth in terms of the number of members, dreams of benefiting from a major international event conducive to the development of golf in France, as is the case with tennis. Roland Garros and ride with Longines Paris Eiffel Jump Which brings together the best riders from all over the world at the end of June in Champ-de-Mars.

Photo © Geoffroy VAN DER HASSELT / AFP

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