Relive the defeat of the Blues in the European League final…

10:35 PM : Statistics newspaper

The three-point difference is outrageous…the ball loses too. In short, the numbers are largely invoked in favor of Spain who did not steal anything this evening.

Forty: It’s over! Spain is the European champion

39th place: Fournier scores from 3 points, takes care of his stats but that’s it, 76-88.

39 : In addition to bad judgment, like we need to…

39 : 85-70 Thank you, bye, Brown bends the match with a perfect three-point shot

38 : Time’s up, 2’06 left to play. Pray for a miracle

37th place: 20 points for Fournier, who passes a beautiful hat-trick. However, what happened to us is a natural fact of the opponent. 3 points also for the Spaniards and therefore for the status quo. The blues in ten points.

36 : Build the double step to go back to +12. I can’t believe it anymore, I want to sleep and cry.

thirty-five: : He must count the number of balloons given to them. The match is almost on this day

34 : Good foray from Thomas Heurtel for his return to the field. But we stay at -10 because the Spaniards don’t wait for the basket to close themselves

33 : J.Herngomez who brought us back to -10, planted 23 rascal points.

33 : Another stupidly missing ball, it’s an early birthday present at this level.

33 : Well, suddenly this is a throw to France as expected, we are wasting time for nothing. -7, Fournier does not shiver

33 : Hey, Spaniards who walk out of the game on their own. Their coach is angry. And the referees contradict themselves, they go to watch the video when they said no, in short, this is not spontaneous

XXXII: Here Ivan! Three good points and back to -8

31 We didn’t succeed on three points, we missed a lot, while we defended a little better.

30:66-57 Spain, end of the third quarter

29 : But Fernandez stopped, enough for now. Three points for Spain and +9 for La Roja.

29 : Bruuuuuh Poirier’s dipping!!

27 : Bosley extends his arm to go back to -9 and the Spaniards begin to repeat the mistakes of fatigue. this is good

27 : We gave them a lot of space again, they have time to prepare their shots and that’s +13 for Spain…

26 : On the other hand, we will avoid walking, blues…

26 : Nice foray from Fournier who got it wrong.

26 : The Autocratic Immersion of Vincent Poirier, -10.

25th: -12, it’s French time to break the Spanish rhythm. Give it a layer. 48-56.

25 : Return of the Spanish triple shots… and we immediately go back to -10.

24 : Bad defense from Tarpey, Spain takes the air. 46-51

XXIV: Spanish timeout, incredible blues!!! The intensities that have been put in place since the middle of the second quarter make a difference. 46-49

XXIV: Hertle Yes! France is back at -5!

twenty third : Yes it hurts me for YABUSELE! The Frenchman scored two more points which Brown immediately canceled.

XXII: Yes, YABUSELE! Basket + Throw! -7

21 : Ah bah once he defends better on Brown, he spends more of his shots by three points.

21 : Ah, the ugly Heurtel air ball…

Twenty-first: The beginning of the third quarter!

9:27 PM : small stats. Between them, Hernangomes scored 28 points. Absolutely crazy these two.

9:23 pm : If it’s going to be epic, it is now!

9:15 p.m.: Half time. Let’s take a break. I have a feeling the ending is going to be crazy.

Twenty: Yes mr. four! Sneak under the basket and score two points before the end of the first half. This -10 was unexpected at the intermission.

20th: OUIIII EVAN IT’S CAAAAA WE WANT!!!! -12!! Then maybe? I return my jacket like Yannick Jadot but I don’t care.

19 : -15th! Tarby criticizes the two pitches after committing a foul.

19 : 30-47, we have little flashes of genius that allow us to nibble on five points from time to time.

18 : We are miserable and they are in the shape of their lives, congratulations to them Euro, it is well deserved. There is still half to play but it is hopeless.

17 : Even free throws are tough. 1/2, while the Spaniards continue to grab everything in their path.

sixteen : Okobo by three points, over -16… It would take a crazy scenario to do anything in this final.

16th: But stop with your three-point shots backed by Charles Quint… 41-22 It pissed us off.

15th : Hernangomez at 4/5 at three points right now, the pig…

fourteenth : 35-20! Then maybe? Two throws by Joubert, a three-point shot, we’re back to … -15. Spain should shiver (no).

13: +16 What is happening here is insulting…

XII: But they can’t put all their 3-point shots in. I’m tired of the Spanish curry…

eleventh : Ruhlala, but how do we give them the balls.. and the punishment is left behind. -12 points, we’re not there at all.

Eleventh: Beginning of the second quarter

Tenth: But it is not possible for the shepherd to respond to the shepherd, the Spaniards pass a three-point shot by step. She is 23-14 at the end of the first quarter. Don’t let the train pass, guys.

Tenth: Thomas, give me your shoes! 3 points for the blues, finally!

9 : Fournier 100% in the moment throw, this is already taken. 11-20.

9 : rudeness from the success of the Spaniards + we are behind defensively. not forgive. It’s not the same story on Roja’s side. 9-20…

Eighth: Two throws to the man who does not shiver. 18-9, is still 9 points behind the French.

VIII : It’s a little better but we don’t feel it in the score, 18-7 for the Spaniards. Defensively, the Blues are still very lenient

Seventh: BRUUUUUH THE YABUSELE DUNK! Huge objection from Heurtel at the start of the event.

Sixth: -9, Vincent asks Colette for a lead time, we’re next to our pumps.

VI : Oh, a three-point shot hurts a lot… +7 for the Spaniards, we’re full.

Sixth: Fournier fails by three points, but Tarpey snatches the rebounding ball and the two points associated with it. 9-5 for Spaniards.

Fifth : 9-3 Empire of Spain.

Fifth : We miss very early and make a lot of mistakes, the first of which is for Joubert. It will be about being less anticipated.

the fourth : A very quiet start for the Spaniards, -4 … Fournier reacts quickly with two points in the bag. 5-3.

the fourth : Another French mistake while Heurtel is already off the bench. Get to work, big man.

Third : Nooooo Yabusele had to put that on… Luckily La Roja made an offensive foul in a move.

Second : Brown plasters his three breeds, 3-1 for the Spaniards. It is clean and dirty.

Second : An unsuccessful attempt by Brown, but a French mistake. Fournier tried his luck a little earlier, but to no avail. Don’t harvest…

The first: the first throw passes … and the second does not pass. Arf. 1-0 to France

the first : First Spanish foul on Joubert, things are going well.

First: It’s GOIIIIII Come on guys, we’re giving it our all. Evan, now or not launching advanced classes at all.

8:25 p.m.: Collet, on M6: “We have to be better than them.” Yes, this is a BG project.

8:20 pm : make room for hymns!

8:15 p.m.: A little reading before you set off

8:15 pm : They’re here!

8:05 p.m.: With less than half an hour left until kick-off, we’re hungry! I hope you will, too. At worst, we make sure to turn up the temperature by 8:30pm.

9:30 am: Challenges

The track was chaotic, but the French basketball team is where it promised two weeks ago: in this Eurobasket 2022 final. A prodigy against Turkey in eighth and Italy in the quarter, she found her iron defense and offensive leadership on Friday to beat the Poles in the half. But everything has been reset today, as the final against the eternal rivals of Spain will take place. It’s no longer the same generations on every side, but this showdown remains a separate game, a must when talking about basketball. As for the Blues, it would be nicer if they got their second Euro in their history against these annoying neighbours…

>> Let’s gather here a little after 8:00 PM to warm up properly before this grand final begins…

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