Women’s Basketball World Cup – France / Australia

France was introduced to the host country at the opening of the 2022 Women’s Basketball World Cup.

Les Bleues beat Australia on Thursday 22nd September in Sydney (57-70). Unbelievable pregnancy Gabe Williams (23 points), outperform the vice world champion despite a workforce decimated by injuries.

The Seattle Storm player started the game by scoring 12 of his first 14 tricolor points. It showed the way for a French group that grew in strength.

Les Bleues put up a fierce defense that limited Australia’s success to 26%. They were never behind after the first half, but rather led by ten points in the last minute.

“We had a full match with intensity in defence. Not everything was perfect, but the intentions were there. We had Gabe from the great days leading us to victory. We tried to get the attitudes and the intent and put the intensity where it was needed,” Reaction Sarah MichaelThe French captain, on a microphone be in sports.

France made a perfect entry in the Women’s Basketball World Cup. Although there are no specific frameworks like Sandrine Groda where johannes navyJean-Amy Taupan’s players have proven to be counted on.

“This team has heart and qualities. You just have to show them and succeed in playing as a team. We knew it was an important pressure for this Australian team playing at home. Sarah Michelle analyzed in be in sports.

France will try to follow up against Canada on Friday, September 23rd. A second success in a row will bring the French women closer to the quarter-finals, with the first four groups qualifying.

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Summary of the match between Australia and France in the Women’s Basketball World Cup

Even if Australia scores the first points in the match, France runs the start of the match. Les Bleues takes the lead after 2 minutes 30 seconds (5-7).

Gabe Williams He made a great start to the game. The Seattle Storm player carries the blues by scoring 12 of the first 14 tri-color points (14-10).

His exit coincides with a three-minute period without registration. While the legend Lauren Jackson Giving preference to the host country, France finds its way to the basket thanks to Eliana RobertThe last WNBA champion.

Despite three-point shots from the host country, France finished the first ten minutes by one point (17-18). But Jean-Amy Taupan’s players started the second quarter by conceding 0-6.

The Vice World Champion’s lead reached five points, the largest gap at this point in the match.

Alexia Chartro He reduced him with his first basket of game in the match and Gabe Williams continued his amazing attacking number (22-23). After a very rhythmic first quarter, the game crashed due to bugs. The French score the penalty and the Australians take the opportunity to score points from the free-throw line. At two minutes and 28 seconds after the end of the first half, the two teams are tied: 28-28.

It was France who finally joined the locker room at the front thanks to the counter-attack basket Maminan Toure (31-32).

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France plays without complication. her captain Sarah Michael Score the first basket of the third quarter. This action shoots an 8-2 in favor of Habs.

For the first time in the game the gap reached seven units (33-40). The French defense is getting tougher and causing losses to Australian football. Allen’s mouthpiece It reaches 14 points and allows Sandy Brundello to keep in touch, but Sarah Michelle scored three points on a serve from Gabe Williams (40-45).

Australia dominates the bounce. Mariana Tolo He succeeds in playing from three points on a second chance. Mamenan Toure responds with a three-point shot (43-48). The Tokyo 2020 bronze medalists kept their possessions. Lisa Berkani And the Samantha Whitcombe Shine in the last moments of the third quarter. With a better title, France starts the last ten minutes with a five-point lead (47-52).

Gabe Williams is the first player to reach 20 points and France is eight points ahead six minutes from the bell (50-58). The end of the match was marked with a defensive halt. The score does not move for nearly two minutes (55-61).

Gabe Williams found the goal with a very long three-point shot and gave the Habs a nine-point lead at the start of the last minute. anise mariam Then put a mark. 38 seconds from the bell, the gap for the first time in the game increases above ten points (57-68). one tenth of a second left, Fouthoux Navy He crosses the ten point bar and seals the success of the tricolor from the free throw line (58-70).

Results of Thursday, September 22nd, Women’s Basketball World Cup

Group A

  • Bosnia and Herzegovina – Puerto Rico: 58-82
  • United States – Belgium: 87-72
  • Republic of Korea – People’s Republic of China: 44-107

group b

  • Canada – Serbia: 67-60
  • Japan – Mali: 89-56
  • Australia – France: 57-70

France women’s basketball world cup schedule

  • Thursday, September 22nd: Australia – France: 57-70
  • Friday 23 September: France – Canada (6:00 pm local time / 10:00 am CET)
  • Sunday 25 September: Mali – France (2:30 pm local time / 6:30 am CET)
  • Monday 26 September: France – Japan (4:00 pm local time / 8:00 am CET)
  • Tuesday 27 September: Serbia – France (5:30 pm local time / 9:30 am CET)
  • Thursday 29 September: Quarter-finals (if you qualify)
  • Friday 30 September: Semi-finals (if you qualify)
  • Saturday 1 October: Final or third-place play-off (if you qualify)

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