Old-school Pokémon-Like Souls-platformer… Nintendo Switch version to watch this week

game news Old-school Pokémon-Like Souls-platformer… Nintendo Switch version to watch this week Posted on 03/28/2022 at 11:00 A new week begins and brings with it new experiences for players around the world. After the release of Kirby last Friday, it’s hard to hit hard on Nintendo’s side. Besides, there are no big games planned for … Read more

Alfred Hitchcock’s Test: Vertigo by jeuxvideo.com

A free adaptation of the work of suspense master, Alfred Hitchcock: Vertigo is the latest proposal from the veteran creators at Pendulo Studios. This second adventure published by Microids delves into the turbulent vortex of psychological thrillers. Runaway, The Next BIG Thing: These two two-dimensional point-to-click standards (understand pointer adventure game) have a distinct signature: … Read more

Advanced Statistics: Lexicon

condition identification Player Proficiency Rating (PER) Statistics invented by John HollingerESPN Which makes it possible to standardize each player’s production compared to others and according to their playing time, thanks to an overall average that is always fixed at 15. This statistic (although subject to some criticism), is today the reference in the Atlantic for … Read more

Alec Burkes, Executioner of the Pistons

The Knicks no longer have the right to make mistakes if they want to snatch a place in the “play-in” and thus potentially play the playoffs, in which case they move to Detroit. Despite a very good third Marvin Bagley, New York is still in the lead, and the Pistons are struggling for the trigger, … Read more

Football, rugby, basketball, handball, volleyball, gymnastics: Cher teams results

Women’s League (18th day) Saint-Amand / Le Hainaut – Bourges Basket: 56-74. Pre-National Women (19th day) Bourges Basket C – Fondettes: postponed to 04/24. Two Provincial Women (16th day) Saint-Pierre-des-Corps – C.S. Bourges: 30-63. Two Territorial Men (19th day) US Vierzon – Saint-Cyr-sur-Loire: 104-61. 3 men’s regional (day 17) A.S.J. Onzain – Saint-Doulchard: 76-52.Duels B-Bourges: … Read more